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  • In the prayer time : the rhythm of the calendar, Prepare the feast of St. Nicolas, after writing your wishes for the year to St. Therese, made a novena to the Lord and ask the intercession of a saint recognized effective fertility ...
  • A example recipe / menu to put into practice the advice of the guide : depending on the season, I propose a pie with seasonal vegetables Navy and how to integrate it into a balanced meal, detox day to give you holiday.
  • A "therapeutic plug with case study, history of fertility” : after the first story a little connotation "psy", I'm talking about the actual effects of the interactions of plants with self-medication treatments IVF, hypnosis or other therapies or true stories.
  • Coming soon : perhaps a "FAQ" issue mails we exchanged and also messages left on the online consultation. Your suggestions are appreciated !

Attention, Release time, updates and even pages are accessible fluctuating ! Monitor the Facebook page to see come from the update is essential.

Words of members

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  • very good site. keep it up. you need advice… Solemn 29 years. Brittany.
  • The blog is very nice since it is above all very human. Realistic multiple and varied situations around pregnancy… pregnancy or non. We feel that someone is interested in women in difficulty and forth it feels good. Merci Marie, 43 years, Brussels
  • Thank you for your involvement in the complexity of our lives Nathalie, 37 years, Brest
  • good initiative. ca's nice to know that one is not alone facing our difficulties. Welcome, 37 years
  • j'aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime Idrissi


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Publication initiale du 29 December 2012


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  2. hello I want to register on this forum how-? thank you

    • Good evening,
      This is not a forum but a blog with private pages, members only.
      You have a form in the right column to complete.
      Soon, Fabienne

  3. Hello ,
    J have received the code’ access email , but when I put it in the box Site , I said it does no good st …
    How can I do ?
    Thank you
    A bientot

    • Good evening,
      The access code consists of uppercase, sensitive, alpha characters and / or digital, spaces and punctuation : everything should be respected !
      The easiest way is to make a “copier / coller” from the mail received.
      Happy surfing !

  4. Hello I signed up I received the confirmation email with the password but the question is: but I put it or the access code ? What do ? ^ ^ If someone’ just answer me, m'aider… ^^

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