Vitamins and minerals involved in fertility

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Vitamin or trace element
What's the point ?
B8 or biotin

It is involved in the action of testosterone on protein synthesis in the testes.
The average daily intake is 3 to 6 micrograms

· Biotin is commonly prescribed (with vitamin B5) to slow hair loss.
· It would have a positive effect on brittle nails.

B9 or folic acid

It stimulates the fertility in men and women.

Some gynécos (especially in the United States) recommend that all women of childbearing age to take at least 400 mcg / day continuously, and especially at least 2 months before conception. This would reduce 50% the risk of spina bifida baby. Dosage increases to 600 mcg / min during the first day trimester. For women who have had the misfortune of having had a child with this pb doses pass 1000 mcg / day before and during pregnancy.

B3 or niacin

It is involved in the repair mechanism of DNA damaged by radiation, pollutants, of toxic, drugs, free radicals.


B12 rid folic acid (methyl-tetrahydrofolate) its methyl and turns it into tetrahydrofolate (THF), or the THF is used by cells to obtain DNA, B12 in the absence of THF is scarce, DNA synthesis slows down and the cells are blocked in the middle of the replication. This phenomenon is particularly sensitive to red blood cells



Vitamin B5 boost fertility.


B6 or pyridoxine

Pregnant and lactating : the increase in estrogen leads to excessive consumption of vitamin B6, over the fetus pump for the benefit pyridoxal phosphate. Children born to mothers deficient in vitamin B6 non-breastfed and enriched B6 :
– have a birth weight greater than that of children born to mothers deficient
– their blood has a greater ability to use oxygen
– they are less irritable, cry less time and less frequently, are less prone to seizures than children born to mothers deficient : Vitamin B6 appears to be the factor that most influences the child's behavior in terms of consolabilité, speed the transition to cry and respond to adverse stimuli.

Vitamin B6 is handled with care · Its overuse can cause a prolonged distal polyneuropathy with abolition of tendon reflexes, paresthesia, pain, vasomotor and muscular

Vitamin E

Is sometimes used to boost fertility and fecundity

Vitamin E is not toxic, even at high dose.· The few reported side effects of too much vitamin E is increased créatinurie (presence of creatine in urine), minor digestive disorders.

Vitamin E should be avoided in the case of vitamin K deficiency· Vitamin E may counteract the desired effects in a cancer chemotherapy.

C or Ascorbic Acid

It reduces the harmful effects of toxic metals such as lead, nickel, cadmium by encouraging their elimination.
It increases the action potential of folic acid (white. B9) : Vitamin C prevents the THC (active form of the B9) to be oxidized and to be rejected by the body.
She continues to maintain its active form glutathione, Senior guard the body against pollutants.

The main side effect of excess vitamin C is diarrhea. Vitamin C is not toxic.


In addition vitamin B2 has an anti- oxidant and contributes to the regeneration of glutathione, the major detoxifying the body.



It is essential in everything that involves a duplication of cells : fertility, growth, immunity, cicatrisation…
Zinc appears to be a protective antioxidant and fight against toxic metals (cadmium).

The overdose of zinc results in :

– difficulty walking
– of slurred speech
– tremors
– decreased immunity associated with copper deficiency in doses above 150 mg

Decreased fertility in men


Iodine is essential for the production of thyroid hormones, These hormones are essential for brain development and play an important role in the regulation of cellular metabolism.


Trace elements playing the role of antioxidant. This enzyme works with vitamin E to protect cell membranes against oxidation caused by free radicals.
It is commonly used in fighting certain cancers (prostates, colorectal, of non-melanoma skin, the lungs ...)

However, selenosis (Selenium poisoning) only show up after an extended contribution 1 000 g / day. The events are : hair and nails become brittle and may fall, the skin becomes sensitive to inflammation, breath is responsible for the smell of garlic and the intoxicated person feels tired, irritable and nauseous.

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  1. Left by : Valà© rie le20/05/2006 at 20:49


    my husband is OATS. He had a tt a andrologist which enabled progress but it was very headache. After the doc has a radio to his pituitary gland had grown.

    Now it is tribulus terretsris and Betaselen since qques weeks and again headache!!! What can we do?
    Thank you


    • Hello Valerie,

      The wisest course is to stop everything and go see the doctor, by specifying the doses of tribulus and swallowed bétasélen (I advise you to go to print the passeportsanté Record of tribulus and bring him…) With the sensitivity of your husband, it would be wiser in future to take nothing without medical advice.

      Moreover, Most supplements should be taken as a treatment in accordance with the doses because their effect is cumulative : 20 days per month followed by 10 days to eliminate the superfluous before starting. And it is also good to alternate products in accordance with the rest.

      Finally, tribulus better form a partnership with the schizandra. This is one of adaptogenic plants, that is to say that it is a general tonic non-targeted organism whose work will adapt to the specific needs of the moment and will not act where there is no need to stimulate… Again, it's best to work with cure 20 days/30 or 3 months / 4.

      Good Sunday. Keep me informed…

  2. Hello Fabienne,

    I received the food guide for vitamins and trace design”. My first pregnancy, even if it went well, ended badly due to a placental abruption.
    After a year break, I decided to start from the “fishing” au bébé 🙂
    Visit to the gynecologist, a first session with a osteopath followed by other, review of what is “good” to design the program are.
    This summary of vitamins gives a better idea of ​​the power have to design.

    • Hi Florence,
      Thank you for sharing.
      Actually a healthy diet (with a healthy lifestyle and plants / supplements carefully selected) seem to help much in a successful pregnancy to term that facilitate the design !
      Merci de l’avoir rappelé à toutes 😀
      Good luck for the future, Fabienne

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