A carnival of articles on the prevention

“La Prévention”.

What does this term can mean many ? Fertility and how to do prevention ?

Carnaval d'articles sur la Santé

Between bloggers writing about health and wellness, we started the challenge to write each article related to our blog theme to explore this topic of prevention and offer a comprehensive view of prevention. We regularly organize other "visions cross"To facilitate a global information.

Then, you will find a collection of articles as "carnival" to help you make prevention !

A brief summary of articles related to prevention in alphabetical order of authors

Daniele offers to make "Prevention through Yoga."She explains that yoga can treat various ailments related to our lifestyle (stress, sleep disorders, surpoids…) working through the breathing and relaxation.

Didier will teach you "3 basic principles to avoid gaining weight."You will identify risk situations for your weight and will be able to implement the actions necessary for risk management and correction of overweight.

Hervé, Blog overcome anxiety and depression includes the prevention from the perspective of psychological barriers that hinder the implementation of health behaviors in everyday. He mentions the difficulty of motivating more than just their appearance in the face of entrenched habits, but also the more complex case of fear to face any real risk. Concrete ways to take effective action are of course detailed

Ludivine, our medical student, explore “Is it really better than cure ?” With its particular vision, you will discover that a doctor who made the prevention knows a shortfall, in short it is losing money ! But he is also concerned about the problem you because this neglect prevention feeds the consumer society that surrounds us. It concludes that you are the best actor of your health to enjoy life.

Philippe, our gourmet vegetarian, tackled the topic of "Vegetarianism, prevention and health. It explains what prevention in general, and especially the nutritional prevention in particular before we explain the well-managed in vegetarian nutrition can allow us to escape from various diseases such as cancer of civilization, cardiovascular, Diabetes…

Sylviane you details in "Preventing stress at work"How stress may develop but also how you can turn stress (negative) motivational (positive).

As for this blog, l’article “Fertility, pregnancy prevention"Will allow you to develop prevention strategies to escape the dangers that undermine fertility desire from the front of baby, through the design period, to pregnancy.



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