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When comes the result of laboratory, often the recipient, his wife-or both- grabs the envelope and feverishly trying to understand the content ... And there, everything becomes complicated and impressive !

Attention, it takes several spermiograms for a reliable diagnosis : an air of flu can negatively influence especially timely for 3 months a semen analysis…

A diagnosis of infertility in a well placed medical jargon, that understand and can do medicine ?

You will frequently see below, after all parameters examined, the conclusion in a language combining Greek and Latin… I tell you the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO) the 2010 and 1999 to allow you to relativize.

Fertilité ou infertilité masculine

Diagnosis of masculine infertility

Seuil the normality

(WHO 2010)



(with WHO standards 1999)

Conventional treatment

Anticorps anti sperme
The woman's body produces antibodies that destroy sperm Insémination intra-utérine, which according to the results may lead to In Vitro Fertilization (FIV)

(du grec “asthenos” = faible)

Total mobility> 40% * Motility is below 40% but the other sperm parameters are normal IVF or artificial insemination, according to the parameters.


(two Latin "a" privatif)

Absence of sperm in the ejaculate, or because it has a mechanical locking issuance (excretory), because there is no manufacturing (secretory) Collection surgically if the absence is due to a blockage of the ejaculatory ducts (excretory azoospermia)Sperm if no manufacturing ( secretory azoospermia)


(Greek crypto = hidden)

Numération15 million / mlet 40 millionspar éjaculat Oligospermia thrust, there is less 100 000 sperm in the ejaculate. However there is no mechanical obstacle to the issuance. IVF with Sperm ICSIou according sperm quality observed

(du grec necros = mort)

Vitality> 58% Abnormal number of deaths spermatozoïdes Search causes bacterial, environmental parameters and to improve IVF with ICSI.


Less 4,8 million / ml sperm with low motility and many abnormal FIV avec ICSI, IMSI ou IAC, according to the parameters

(Greek oligo = little)

Numération15 million / mlet 40 millionspar éjaculat Less 20 million / ml sperm with low motility, (WHO 1999) FIV avec ICSI
Syndrome the Kallmann

or dysplasie olfacto-génitale

Low hormone levels (FSH et LH) deficit and smell, touching 1 man 10 000 Injections hormonales, with a prospective IVF with ICSI
Syndrome de Klinefelter
XY Anomalie chromosomique (multiple sex chromosomes XXY or XXYY guy ...) resulting in a lack of production of healthy sperm No medical technology : use of donor or adoption necessary.

(du Grec teratos = monstreux)

4% the normal shape Less 60% sperm are normal but motility and count are correct FIV avec ICSI
Kind of varices on the side of the scrotum and bringing an influx of heat near spermatogenesis. Embolization, and new assessment of fertility.

* motilité : physiological ability to perform movements through the flagellum


Inspiré par le “Quick Guide to Male Infertility Problems” de l’Infertility Network UK

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