Follow her fertility through PC software

Recall : This article is part of a series dealing with methods of identifying ovulation to maximize the chances of conception or switch contraception ecological, contraception respectful and fully reversible…

Why know the date of ovulation ?

To design

To get pregnant, requires that the D-Day at H, sperm from Mr. Dad can meet the ovum of Mrs Mom. Each has a limited life : sperm 3 to 5 days and the egg about 20 hours.

The ideal is that the sperm is already in position, ready to come to seduce the beautiful egg (X) and become its half (Y and X for a boy for a girl) when it arrives in the trunk ! This is the whole point of the fertile period followed to design ...

To switch to natural contraception and ecological

Know the date of ovulation can also switch to natural contraception, contraceptive ecological : just avoid intercourse or to protect the fertile period. Many morning-after pills taken during infertility and therefore unnecessary and could be avoided !

But the vast majority of PC software are established on the basis of the calendar method or a method of temperature very simplified, even rudimentary, therefore unreliable.

Recall that this method is known to “Gauss rhythm method "and that its failure rate or index of Pearl (corresponding to the number of unwanted pregnancies in 100 women 1 an) is around 15%. In France, it also happens that the name "rhythm method" means the method of false temperature.


Wringing the neck preconceptions ...

couIn this method the calendar, the cycle is divided into 2 equal parts : ovulatory period and a period progestational. In a cycle of 28 days, So ovulation would occur J14 : reports could be fertilizing from J11 to J15. Beautiful theory !

But in reality, cycle a woman has many more variations ! A cold, stress, fatigue, a "mega teuf", an excess of estrogen, will move the date of ovulation : ovulation may take place 2/3 cycle, even before the rules.

Otherwise, it also happens that the cycle "yoyote" : ovulation can not be triggered, classic after years of hormonal contraception or peri-menopausal. Prepares the body and blocks ovulation before, remaining in preovulatory : After a few weeks of this regime, uterine bleeding is a sign of "overflow" that can pass for rules. Ovulation has still not taken place, it can now occur at any time, during bleeding, the end of their day or a few days after.

And as the months go by without resembling, what is true can become false one month next month. The calendar method is not reliable !


Good software to avoid !

I'll spare you a long list of descriptive software based on this method Ogino.

Presentations vary, interfaces are more or less graphically pleasing and original ; prices around € 29 are logically far too high for the service they can render !

My opinion is the same for all : go your way ...

Among the market offers, I spotted while browsing internet :

  • ovulation calendar calculator : gadgets like the zodiac sign of the baby or a calorie counter embellish interface. I like the calendar that asks for the duration of the luteal phase (post-ovulatoire) to better provide fertile period but offers no tool for determining this famous stage ! Last point, Software available in English.
  • Ovulation calendar Pro : other software English, whose sales page has been automatically translated with many mistakes, is again based on the calendar method, with the ability to change the length of the luteal phase ... which is not always as stable, as explained above.
  • Advanced Women Calendar : a real calendar and the claims ! D’ailleurs, it is even possible to get a small online calendar on the previous rules to check ...
  • Lady’s calendar : another software Ogino with gadgets, this time a sort of diary checklist interface and baby blue ...
  • JX Ovulation Calendar : déjà vu intense between setting, GUI and speech ...
  • Ovulation Calculator : originality of it is not in the software but in the sales page that allows you to view a video where he works ! The art of making a (almost) with nine (well) old ...
  • 4womenonly : only a few original software, designed by Russian, It is designed for Windows versions earlier than Windows 7 : I had to content myself with peeling sales literature ... The settings during installation corresponds to that of the rhythm method : it is planned to enter the various symptoms of fertility, such as changing the temperature or the mucus, but nowhere it is stated how the software manages its data. As at month end, it is for the user to manually change the duration of the luteal phase for future cycle, it seems logical to infer that the software does anything useful evidence seized ...

One acceptable, the DAFRA !

The DAFRA is THE software developed by the French Association of Natural Family Planning, of obedience many Roman Catholic, CLER. It facilitates the application of methods taught by Auto Observation monitors CLER and Emmanuel Community.

The interface is quite nice compared to other, the grip relatively easy. It crosses the data of the temperature and the evolution of the mucus and the position of the cervix for determining the fertile period. The proposed 1 line automatic interpretation and 1 line of interpretation by the user.

I bought 2010 and I just tested a few cycles, in parallel with another application available online and Smartphone. I realized that DAFRA closes the window of fertility 3 days after the day when the fertility rates are at their optimum : ovulation happens most of the time that day, for others the day before or after.

It therefore adds 2 days fertile period for safety :

  • In desire for children, the second is already completely infertile and can therefore hope for nothing,
  • Contraceptive ecological, il va à obliger 1 additional day of abstinence (since it is the Roman Catholic software, there will be no board of condom use, Embarrassé obviously)

More, DAFRA uses a single criterion to open the window where fertility planning methods use two rules and a rise in temperature so drastic that many women can not use, despite ovulatory cycles.

Brief, DAFRA be used for a desire for children but much less suitable for contraception safe and environmentally responsible, not accepting defeat.


Dafra standard

If you really want to have your data on your personal computer (in PC), DAFRA the software is the only purchasable in my opinion. Personally, I prefer another solution : you will discover in the next section !


And for those who do not want to mess with all that stuff for baby design, I remind you that there are portable microscopes as salivary lenses that track the preparation of ovulation with just 1 drop of saliva : to read the first article in the series !

And you, Have you tried any of these products ? What do you think ?


  1. Hello Fabienne!
    Personally, this is 9 months I used the curve tempétature a public site and therefore free and I find that it helps me to understand my cycle! But your article nonetheless interesting! I love all that you did for us and I thank you!!! I hope I can soon tell you that Baby 2 is started!!! 🙂

    • Bonsoir Catherine,
      It is true that the cycle track learns a lot about self : here reconnects the body and even the psyche !
      The problem of public sites is that the algorithm they use mainly to calculate ovulation is not completely reliable and has a tendency to shift, to delay. This is what I have seen repeatedly. This is the value of combining indices : we have a double or even triple check.
      Have you made the same observation as me ?
      and yes, They j'attends Nious ! 😉

  2. Hello Fabienne! I d,agree with you about the temperature curves public, but they detect ovulation after it passes… c’est après en avoir fait quelques-unes et en fesant des recherches sur le net que j’ai appris à les déchiffrer 😉 Mais mon meilleur indicateur d’ovulation reste ma glaire cervicale!!! So my temperature curve allows me longer whether ovulation has occurred…
    Thank you again for all the attention that you give us doors!!! You're doing a great job!!! 🙂

    • Bonsoir Catherine,
      Thank you for this new confirmation. I ended up asking me if worked here for some, saw the craze these sites and their curves seem…
      Yes, you function by combining indices : temperatures + symptoms = sympto-thermal approach.
      This will be the subject of 2 Future articles, an audience and an exclusive. 😉
      Thank you for the compliment and soon, Fabienne

  3. Hello Fabienne,

    Thank you for this very interesting article once more ! I personally have made temperature curves just to make sure of ovulation and luteal phase time. I used the system a forum. By cons I used the ovulation test the famous blue mark and what is not reliable at least for me, J9 and ovulation detected no tangible sign. By observing mucus and taking my temperature ovulation took place that month the 14th day, confirmed by the rules 14 as days after which nothing is the natural !
    Baby 2 slow in coming but we believe and your website helps me a lot

    • Maya thank you for this new confirmation confirming the danger of relying on a poorly configured !
      I present to you the following article in another system, all this time to completely reliable, to follow the cycle.
      And I, I believe your baby 2, I repeat once more in public.

  4. goodnight and merçi for this information, I have a question regarding my husband has a astheno Teratospermia what to do to increase his sperm merçi

  5. Hello,
    Pour info, l’application Android du logiciel Dafra est sortie fin janvier. Elle est donc disponible sur le Google play store.

    • Merci pour l’information. Si elle a la même fiabilité que le Dafra PC, elle peut convenir en conception. Après le choix de l’ergonomie reste personnel…

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