Sterility and infertility, how to unlock the psychological barriers that impede fertility

sterilite_infertilite_blocage_feconditeDr. Martine Depondt is physician-acupuncturist Gadet homeopath, with a degree in obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound and experience of hospital births.
Trained in NLP, to hypnosis, it is also known for her use of EFT to remove emotional blocks in infertility. Sinologist informed, I particularly appreciate her his lifestyle in line with traditional Chinese medicine she practices as professional.

This book is both a testimony of a therapist guide and support offered by traditional Chinese medicine in the West.

The endurest en carried 3 types of content after a fairly typical presentation of the challenges and responses offered by allopathic medicine :

  1. acupuncture, which allows to resolve blockages in the flow of vital energy, with detailed diagrams of the meridians, the location and significance of the points to stimulate for each case of infertility, whether of male or female,
  2. The Qi Gong, this traditional gymnastics, for finding the fluidity in the flow of vital energy, with a few key postures for Women (Martine Depondt-Gadet another book devoted solely to the wife of Qi Gong)
  3. the Emotionnal Freedom Technique "EFT" which Deputy tapping on acupuncture meridians in the verbalization to erase and reprogram the negative into a positive mental.

This is complemented by real stories of patients and patients, with the result.

It is a true operational guide that each couple questions the role of acupuncture in infertility consult with profit.


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