Remain calm in front of infertility and PMA with flower essences

You feel that your ideas turn loop.

The round bellies of pregnant women you obsess, you are ready(and) removing the first lonely stroller and its contents, or, on the contrary, you can not stand other people's children because, exactly, they are not yours ?

Hormonal treatment you completely Dizzy : your moods change from white to black, from laughter to tears in a second ?

Flower essences will come to your aid to weight your emotions exacerbated.

Flower Essences for design challenges

  • Emergency or Rescue, also called "the Remedy 5 flowers " (Bach Flower) This combination of five Bach flowers can find comfort and not to get overwhelmed by emotions. This remedy is versatile in all cases of emergency, after physical or emotional shock ...
  • Borage Borage or in French, (Bloesems remedies, Netherlands) By helping women to connect to the unborn child, Sometimes it facilitates the design.
  • She Oak – Casuarina Glauca, female flower (Elixir du Bush, Australia) This flower plays on hormonal balance, helps the blood supply to the uterus, increases fertility and helps to detach emotionally from the negative of infertility. Associated with Flannel Flower (Elixir of Bush), it would eliminate the problems of a previous life on a spiritual level that block the ability to design.
  • Flannel Flower (Elixir du Bush, Australia)Used by a man, it will enable it to better use its energy in the production of its seed.
  • Candystick (Pacific Essence, Canada) After a miscarriage, it allows to find the page because it can honor the free will of the soul of the fetus. Also after abortion, it helps to learn to live with this choice.
  • Pomegranate – Grenade- (South Africa) It supports the actions related to the female reproductive force whether creativity (artistic ...) or reproduction.
  • Alba Rosa - White Rose (Findhorn, Grande Bretagne) This rose can abandon the need to control everything. It is also used to strengthen virility and sexual stamina.
  • Sea horse - Seahorse (Animal essence, Canada) He plays on the lack of vitality and working to support male fertility, as the animal that has permeated the elixir mother.


These essences are a energy footprint : they capture the "essence" of the plant vibratory level and not at the material composition. They are totally different essential oils that concentrate the active ingredients of a plant. More, their development requires the operator of his intentions not to print and keep a neutral mind so as not to influence the production.

Their manufacturing process is particularly simple : the flowers are picked in an environment as possible, preserved, then macerated in a pure spring water in the sun for several hours or, when overcast, put to boil. The method is then filtered and stabilized by the addition of organic cognac. Some brands are starting to offer alcohol-free stabilized elixirs but unfortunately, it is usually in the range of Bach Flowers, or rare flowers. This manufacturing process is inherited from the druids.

Similarly elixirs animals do not contain any animal parcel : they are obtained by invoking the spirit totem animal in a ritual in a wilderness of Virginia, in the Indian tradition animist (explanations in English here.)

The procedure of flower essences

Their action is closer to that of homeopathy medicine.
They act first on the mind and then it will act on the physical body by a somatization reverse of that usually makes sick. Therefore, some therapists have mapped the action elixirs over energy centers of Oriental Medicine, the "chakras", considering that each elixir to restore the flow of vital energy in a "chakra" blocked.

The same flower can have many properties : one that suits you speak to curb your progress in the direction of its action, if you want to profoundly change. These properties may vary depending on the environment, the country where it grew and the spirit of the preparer.

For more information

  • The memory of water : Masaru Emoto's books at Guy Trédaniel Publisher, article Wikipedia
  • "The healing properties of flowers" by Nikki Bradford, Vega editions
  • "Healing with Australian Bush Flower" by Ian White
  • comprehensive English site
  • Books on Bach Flowers are not lacking but you will find the minimum information on the website of the dealer “Flowers, essences and harmonies” (2 stores in Paris)

Manufacturers :

Photo Credit : "Borage in the garden", Fabienne Goddyn

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