Identify the ovulation from his mobile phone

I remind you that this article is part of a series to help determine the time of ovulation. Depending on your goal, so you can use these tools in ecological contraception or to accelerate the design of your child.

An application on phone can belong either to the Android world, iPhone is the world. Obviously, some publishers have created a version for each ...


The selection criteria

The golden rule of a successful implementation is not based on the calendar method : the fertile period is not statistically !

But the calendar method will give you a systematic ovulation 14 days before menstruation. This is the rule of the famous Ogino ...

If you have a progesterone deficiency or an excess of estrogen, ovulation can be close to menstruation. And besides if anovulatory phase (So without ovulation), there may be bleeding that rules are not followed by ovulation ...

Serious and reliable application indicate therefore that its algorithm guarantees mode contraceptive.

Applications without interest

Period (iPhone)

Mobile phoneA small application that shows me immediately after entering the beginning of my cycle the expected date of my next period ... A tour on the calendar and I realize that my ovulation was there 3-5 days as it. And not, I know my fertility signs, my mucus,ma libido : I would say yesterday or today !

Application brief yet like so many others who only works on statistics and has a nice page "disclaimer" saying (English) it is not referred to medical advice but just organization.


Womanlog (sur iPhone/iPad ou Android)

Cà bad start : Software wonder the average length of my cycles ! Here and continue in the spirit of a calendar application. It is true that I downloaded the free version that accepts without kicking a peak of fever in the middle of the pre ovulatory (a nasty bronchitis ...) and I just can not grasp the texture of the mucus. Anyway, it is not intended to note the position of the cervix that could refine the interpretation.

But how is it that such an application so successful on iPhone as Android ?


Menstrual calendar (old version) ou Fertility Friend Mobile (new version)

Another application "calendar" which is simply to note the dates of rules and reports ... It has a function "temperature curve" to synchronize its data with the website "Fertility Friend" : algorithm is that we find on all websites, with an approximation of the ovulation date. In design mode, this is acceptable but not contraceptive method !


Applications Natural Family Planning

OvuView (Android only)

Android application in the world that I do not know since I am equipped with an iPhone ! The description indicates that the application has integrated all the ways to calculate the symptothermie and can help prevent pregnancy. If it really helps, it can assist in the design and if this is the case, it interests us !Clignement d'œil

I went to see the exchange (English) on Google group programmer and there, j'ai halluciné. Of messages indicate that the software indicates infertile days while the mucus of women is maximum fertility and the developer responded that the algorithm will evolve in the next version. He even advised to go take lessons from an instructor of Natural Family Planning ! Surpris

The Billings method is not (yet) integrated software : Yet it is integrated into the Symptothermie, so why not the application ?

And finally, reading all these posts makes me feel complicated application (almost impossible) to set ... As we read that the developer claims to have integrated all schools symptothermal the world as they are sometimes contradictory, there is something not to understand anything and especially never know the set properly ! A l’usage, So you may find yourself on a pure method to schedule some seizures Symptothermal it will be unable to operate.

Brief, this seems like a great project that met commercial success before being finalized and be ready.

Conclusion : to formally advise contraception for ecological !



At the time of this writing, this is 37 consecutive cycles I use this free application. Before, I've used 6 cycles via phone before the iPhone era on wap (My dear old Nokia !)

The data are on a secure web server : if you want to have your data with you, just any print or save the PDF to your hard drive, until the next application (pay this time) that will store the data on your Android.

I tested to see if the recorded data corresponded to my feelings : I had the chance to have a Terminal Professor of Natural Sciences versed in the female cycle that we have formed self-observation (mucus and temperature only, worry !)

J'ai mis symptoms a fashion Billings, mucus-temperature mode, I have noted 80% some data cycles (out daily capture of menstruation) and 10 maximum data other months.

Never, never, I did faulted ! She has even learned !

It is designed to avoid hormonal contraception and can choose the period of abstinence or safer sex (according to the religious beliefs of users.)

Attached to the sphere of Natural Family Planning, method is used according to the formula Symptothermal Doring-Rötzer : the first sign of mucus "elixir of life" opens the fertile period, high temperature in the third 4 days with the transformation of the farm for the mucus cycle.

Reliable contraception ecological, it is just as reliable desire for children.

And what is more, it is free with Smartphone 15 days after registration offered advice on site Sympto and more 1 month access to your data via the internet. Beyond, application is accessible only by free Smartphone. It can be used on a plain reading of the manual and will be guided by the machine ...

However, I advise you to buy 1 months followed by a counselor : so you can better understand the techniques of observation and the counselor will be able to monitor the temperature shifts (chill guy / blow stress) which will inevitably disrupt the reading of "cyclogramme."

In desire for children, 1 months 30 Swiss francs (just over 20 €) enough for many women to understand how. And it is more ethical vis-à-vis the Foundation will store your data all the time use on its servers (server has a cost, must know how to play win-win !)

Contraceptive ecological, Foundation ensures the reliability of the method on monitoring 6 months by a consultant.

Symptomatic is currently tracking means the best I can offer you because it includes a learning phase !

To download the application, go here.

If you do not have a Smartphone, you still have 3 opportunities to use :

  • via internet and there, access is paid beyond the first month of test connection (whose 15 days of advice)
  • everything at hand with cyclogramme downloaded from the website Sympto (here) and instructions (is) or Dr. Book Store Rötzer available Sympto (pointing coming from me, you will help me cover the costs of the site !) or with 1 training day by a certified counselor
  • find your old Nokia and load application "standalone", downloaded by SMS.

And to be honest, I enjoyed the Symptothermie I ended up training in the use of back-office and that I joined the ranks of councilors, to keep women in line or to explain face to face how to manage their fertility (I monitors subscription.)

Last point count for some, Symptothermal Foundation is a Swiss Protestant country- and has no link with the Vatican ...

And you, What have you tried as a method ?

Image Credit : “Calendar”, Visual and Manual from Sympto courtesy of the Foundation Symptotherm

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  1. I wonder what interesting application to locate the date of ovulation with irregular cycles ?

    • Hello Soumia,
      Symptomatic most Android or iPhone in Sympto. Il va falloir t’observer régulièrement et noter tes observations 😉
      Friendships, Fabienne

  2. Bonjour 🙂

    My partner and I even use OvuView recent months.
    Unlike a bit harsh above description, we really find exceptional both in terms of ergonomics (interface worked very well), at the level of the analysis of the symptoms : all y est (Billings compris 😉 ).
    Each method is explained (en français!), thereby understand the results they give.
    The free version is perfectly usable. The paid version allows when it has to exclude certain methods (if necessary) and change colors (gadget but very nice to the appropriate daily).
    We have not tried other software, but this one, nous en sommes vraiment tombé amoureux 🙂
    Je pense qu’il mérite un petit nouveau test de votre part si vous parvenez à mettre la main sur un android 🙂

    • Thank you for that long Phinous lighting.
      I wrote, comments on the Google group scared me : the developer are advised women contraception and told them to form the symptothermie… App is reliable and correctly interpret, and the Board does not make sense, whether…

      I'll end up getting your hands on an android to test myself !

      You can also grab a few cycles Sympto to compare interpretations of 2 Software ?
      This is what I do whenever I test…

      Cordially, Fabienne
      Ps : sur Sympto, sometimes the cycles are too weird and it takes a human supervision for “deparasiter” curves.

  3. I,I did none of these methods ,pourai how I track my ovulation day in a primitive way

    • These resources are especially noteworthy !
      You can do that by hand with a pencil and cyclogram.
      There you will also need a good thermometer and sense of observation…
      We are enough counselors so that you find one that you explain how the signs of fertility change (face to face or via the internet.) You will find the list on – I also form via Skype internet service.

  4. j’ai 41 years, I have a daughter 12 and I desire to have another child, but so far nothing, and 2011, I was operated on a large fibroid, Date the last rule 2 December 2013, so far irregular rules, what to do?

    • Bonjour Amy, sorry for the delay: I was burgled and my computer went, the house upside down…
      To your question, you can already use to track your Sympto ovulation and increase your chances of conception. As long as there ovulation, there may fertilization !
      I remind you that I am consultant and can Sympto, as such, follow you (service payant).

  5. Hello,
    Pour info, l’application Android du logiciel Dafra ( est sortie fin janvier. Elle est disponible sur le Google play store.

    • Merci pour l’information. Sa fiabilité, si elle est comparable au logiciel PC, est suffisante pour une conception bien qu’elle donne un fenêtre fertile un peu plus longue que la réalité observée chez moi. Autre point, je préfère l’ergonomie de Sympto Plus ou Sympto Free mais çà c’est personnel…

  6. Je ne vous trouve pas très objective sur certaines applications.
    Mais en tant que conseillère sympto c’est normal que vous vouliez vendre votre buisness.
    Moi aussi j’ai essayé OvuView et j’avais bien aimé malheureusement il n’existe pas sur Windows store (j’ai changé de téléphone il n’y a pas longtemps)
    J’ai voulu essayé sympto mais dès que j’ai vu qu’il fallait avoir une connexion internet ça m’a refroidi et je l’ai désinstallée

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