Recovery of ovarian failure by DHEA and acupuncture

Response to treatment to stimulate ovulation will vary depending on the stock oocyte mobilized.

Food supplements, l’ostéopathie, acupuncture and other techniques presented are intended to help preserve this reserve.

A case recently reported (Fertility & Sterility, Seven 2005 volume 84, p 256) seems to prove that the association of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) and acupuncture can alleviate the problems of age and help rebuild the reserve oocyte. The woman in this example, old almost 43 years, obtained in 9 treatment 66 embryos whereas initially it was in pre-menopausal.

The free preview section (English) be seen Elsevier ( with the following reference : doi:10.1016/j.fertnstert.2005.02.049

Pubmed or other similar articles :

Celine thank you to B sent me the following translation :

Report case study

Increased oocyte production after treatment with DHEA

David H. Barad, Doctor, Researcher, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women's Health College of Medicine Albert Eistein New York

Norbert Same, Doctor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.

Received 30/11/2004
Modified 21/2/2005
Approved 21/2/2005
Posted on 16/9/2005


Report a case of significant improvement in the ovarian reserve of a woman 42,7 years using the dietary supplement DHEA as well as acupuncture.


Case Study


Private IVF center


Woman 42,7 years initially with a significant decrease in the ovarian reserve.


Series of stimulation of ovulation with a concomitant use of DHEA as a dietary supplement and acupuncture.

Main measures after treatment:

E2 peak concentration, oocytes retrieved and embryos can be preserved by freezing.


During her first treatment cycle, peak E2 was 1.211 pmol / mL. After seven months of DHEA, cycle peak E2 8 exceeded 18,000 pmol/mL. To the extent that we feared hyperstimulation, we reduced 25% gonadotropin stimulation of the patient. 9th cycle, peak E2 was 9,178 pmol / ml which results in recovery 17 oocytes (16 embryos). During the 11 months, the patient began 9 cycles of treatment during which she has continuously and significantly, improved the ovarian response and produced 66 embryos at all.


This case illustrates the possibility of recovering ovarian function, even in the case of women in a state of advanced reproductive age.

DHEA is a product of our body… and there is a test to measure his blood in your body that will allow your doctor to prescribe appropriately in adequate dosage !

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  1. Hello,
    With complete information about ovarian failure and the remedies proposed, I'm going home tomorrow for gygy Doudou that I prescribe what he considers useful for me !
    Thank you for this great site,

  2. Hello,

    I just read your comments about the IVF.

    Since 1 year we are monitored by physicians, I have already attempted IVF unfortunately failed, next month we start for the second time.

    I have a great girl 14 years, you will ask me why but a second baby??? Just as my companion with whom I live for 10 years has no children and our dearest wish is to have one alone we! Unfortunately after my birth (ago 14 years) I had complications and I became sterile. There 1 year when we finally decided to start the cycle for IVF, upon examination we discovered approffondi an incurable disease to my partner, and the only way for us to have this baby, this little angel, As we wanted to have to go through it. Because the disease is not dangerous my companion or me and the baby, but the risk 0 does not exist and therefore the doctors are part of their first thorough cleaning of his sperm in order to avoid.

    So your idea of ​​bio looks very interesting, but for couples who are in our case (because we are not alone) you have an adviser who could give us a hope for more???

    Thank you for your response.


    Jojo (the 08/02/2006 at 3:47 p.m.)

    • Hello Jojo, I'll just say :

      – for hope,

      – to do what it takes to get there and

      – find a doctor you trust and with whom you can exchange.

      Other tips you can find on this blog will all fall into one of these 3 categories ! Different plants or food supplements, homeopath or medical techniques of acupuncture are not intended to replace treatment justified in LDCs but simply to help you live, prepare and support the best.

      To me, we hope to make a fifth attempt at IVF-ICSI, IMSI. This will tell you whether we agree with the PMA…

      Good luck, Frenchfabi

    • j’ai 43 years 2 month. baby from being tested 2 and a half years, 2 miscarriages. I have an AMH, which rose from 2.4 to 0.7 and 1 an. I try IVF. for now only 2 follicles on 4 which take the road. If this IVF does not work I would try DHEA for 3 months and wanted to ask VENUS what his doctor told him and if any of you have had feedback or testimony on the contribution of DHEA for women decreased oocyte quality and if you know of any specialists in this area. thank you for your answers

      • Hello
        J’ai 40 recently and we are testing baby2. I had my first baby in July 2009 after IVF ICSI worked the first time (hehe) ( I took the proselem + I did 2 acupuncture sessions immediately prior to the IVF) but even then, my gynecologist told me I had very few follicles and that the stimulation would be complicated. (High FSH)
        I saw her a month ago and she prescribed DHEA + new hormonal balance to make… Results FSH before DHEA are at almost 18, hormone is anti mülerienne it rise for 3…
        Do you have other studies showing that FSH may be reduced by taking CONTROLLED (I do not order online, except that I proselem prescribed by gynecologists) DHEA?
        thank you for your information.
        Good day

        • Hi Marie,
          For the time being, I confess I am not very close medical news. You can search the site to access the scientific literature. But your gynecologist follows you obviously with great care and attention.
          On the other hand, I had several returns of the effectiveness of osteopathy in some FSH, I explained my bone and she could work on the hormonal and irrigation of the lower abdomen to improve.
          You can also ensure that absorb at least 1 tablespoon of oil rich in omega 3 at each meal : oils provide a good synthesis of sex hormones.
          Good luck,

  3. Hello I read the content of your comment I have a question that will interest the world tt: What is the treatment with DHEA in particular to recover depleted ovarian reserve?
    I hope to have a clear answer thank you in advance

    • DHEA is a “pre-hormone” that can secrete testosterone, which decreases over time. Testosterone is present in humans but also in women to a lesser extent since then degrades women female hormone. External input is therefore intended to go back in sex hormone levels and somewhere “rejuvenate” l’organisme. Occurrence and l', it would refresh the ovarian reserve mobilized. Notice that in the example of DHEA was taken in conjunction with acupuncture, to help the flow of energy in the body. Other massage techniques have similar effects or complementary acupuncture. Homeopathy is also on the energy flow and stimulation of the organs.

      I remind you that DHEA is not counter. And buy on the internet abroad is not an intelligent solution. Tests exist to adjust the level of DHEA supplementation and identify whether a useful : the right dosage will be prescribed by an endocrinologist or PMA.

      The same is true for growth hormone which is also used to reduce the fragmentation of DNA in humans (dixit my gynecologist)… (growth hormone available as a vegetable in gemmotherapy or sprouts !)

      I repeat once again : we do not play with fire ! Self-medication has its limits, both in the doses, in the time or the type of product. It can do more harm than good. The purpose of this blog is to feed your dialogue with your doctor : use it wisely. And if your doctor does not want to talk and explain their treatment options, you can ask another expert opinion or change.

      I wish you good luck and good luck with your project breast,


      PS : thank you kindly for the future post your comments on the articles to which they refer !

  4. 36 years, diagnosed with ovarian failure 4 IVF ICSI failures ( inadequate response) could you give me “homeopathic recipe” and the dosage of my DHEA has taken to promote the recovery of the ovarian reserve.
    For 4 treatment, change in FSH is 15, 11, 12,6.
    Ach only to stimulation 3 or 4 follicles that have trouble di ripen at the same time.
    My last day of stimulation 15 January, 2th day of menstruation, to be deprogrammed the 25. Return of the rules 27 January when I was in my 14th day of the cycle is in full ovulation.
    I do not get it;
    What does this bleeding;
    Currently, the clinic or followed I no longer wish to follow me and I wish before I turn to egg donation try something else because I can not feel my body has the inability to procreate.
    It's as if my body dictated not to believe the only rational and Cartesian dignostique what the medical diagnosis.
    (the 02/02/2009 at 2:25 p.m.)

    • Good evening Manon, delicate and painful.

      I remind you that I am not a doctor or a biologist (pharmacist or elsewhere…) The assay for DHEA must be requested by a doctor, for you I will speak to an endocrinologist. Ovarian reserve can not be reconstructed, it is fixed for every woman, DHEA, but will avoid a further deterioration after the recruitment and oocyte maturation.

      For FSH, Have you thought about seeing an osteopath or posturologist ?
      Sometimes, movement of the skeleton breaks the flow of energy and interacts in places we never suspected to be influenced by this movement.

      And for the rest, I will begin by removing residues of the latter hormone treatment !
      I suggest you a course of detoxification :
      – course of late winter-based leeks (soup, steam, vinaigrette), or
      – treatment of birch sap (late February / March in organic stores), or
      – cure gemmotherapy (Rosemary G. 5 drops / day for liver and cassis sphere MG 10 drops / day in expanding the work and support energy, source “best detox cures”, Gigon and Dr P. Bareau, éd.Rustica)
      coupled with activated carbon to trap waste. Starting immediately, of course.
      Wash the whole lot of pure water (Mont Roucous, Dew of the Queen or distilled) at room temperature or better still at body temperature (warm water with nothing is a great remedy of Ayurvedic medicine Hindu.)
      A naturopath can help you in this process.

      You need to get back together with your body and love, whatever the result of your journey on the path to motherhood. So listen to it and get well.

      Good luck, and keep me informed.

  5. Fabienne hello and thank you for the first blog!!
    Témoigner voulais pour la JE et l'DHEA have :

    An acupuncturist doc gives me a few weeks of DHEA, and it is 1 session per month needles (J10-J12 in… Be specific!)
    FSH levels, LH and E2 were before “normal” but are now well balanced. I was too too low AMH… it rose slightly (the 0,9 to 1,4) now I'm waiting to see if the echoes are more follicle.
    Super gygy totally agree with DHEA supplementation, and considering the results he wanted IVF retried while the latter had become IAC…. and we already saw from Spain.
    I'll keep you posted… maybe give fiv3bis BB?…
    (the 15/02/2010 at 8:57)

  6. Left by : le23/04/2010 married to 8:17 p.m.

    Good evening
    A quick question to all those who have tested DHEA including Diane : what is the prescription used ?
    With my gygy we decided to try DHEA, but he does not know them well and we have started at least be Decided 20 mg. Given what I read everywhere, I wonder if we should not increase the dosage. Thank you for your answers. It is certainly our last attempt.

    • Good evening,

      Even thought the comment for Salma.

      Body, which is not used degenerate. So give it a ready DHEA encouraged to produce less. You have to go fast but not too strong so as not to “the plant layoffs”.

      Your gynecologist has access to adequate scientific literature and can send you a endocrine see. It would be good as you make sure that your diet brings you the essential nutrients for the production of DHEA and other hormones.

      Good luck,


  7. Left by : salma le30/05/2010 at 8:03 p.m.

    good evening, I am woman 42 years, soon 43 years, amh is my 0.1, very low, is what can be improved by DHEA?knowing that some women had their amh increase over time?

    • Bonsoir Salma,

      I reply on the blog while we have discussed in private mail.

      DHEA Pharmacy (not that the Internet can be forged and be ineffective or dangerous) will require a strict medical supervision. Indeed, the body is in favor of least resistance : give it a ready product will be encouraged not to produce it himself. The more he gets, unless he makes.

      And that's especially true with the hormones it produces a trickle !

      So it is possible that the WHA is changing with taking DHEA. But this effect may be transient and it may well be that we should give him more to offset the decline in production.

      Hence the obligation monitored by an endocrinologist and a temporary supplementation.

      Personally, Rather, I give notice of all the raw materials it needs to make itself a diverse and healthy food.

      Good luck to all our readers and to you Salma,


  8. Left by : le28/07/2010 marie at 19:52

    Good evening to all
    First a little hope : after 5 IAC, then 4 IVF without tranfer, last attempt scheduled for June (CF. my post of June). Change gygy, new protocol, DHEA pdt a month and a bit of acupuncture : result 6 beautiful embryos, 3 transferred, 3 frozen. A CF 3 SG. But failed miracle compared to all previous attempts and a diagnosis very pessimistic !!!
    Alrosa now, I continue my DHEA 20 mg : failed to find doctors who really know the dose, then it is at least. Is this what has worked or not, we will never know, but “last attempt” becomes the first of a new series !!!
    Small question for Fabienne : what you think in terms of food ?
    On this, we keep our fingers crossed, nothing is returned but hope.
    Good luck to all

    • Oup ! I had not seen your comment : I was on vacation when you posted…

      Food, we need a plan “rich” in all : trace elements and vitamins and of course low in pesticides, Trans Fat, saturated fatty acids, refined sugar.

      Brief, fruit, vegetables, Seafood, Fish (rather small), white meat instead (the red 1 times / week), vegetable oils of good quality (1 cs / meals)… We forget the drink, pastries, ready meals, cans. And you go back in the kitchen and the market (bio) : is, we control what you put in your diet…

      You send me a photo of your baby and bidou soon as baby is on the way ?

      Good luck between now and then,


  9. Left by : vd le23/09/2010 at 10:49

    I thought the body was not producing more or less DHEA was from 30 years?
    for pesticides have protocols in place ,after that go buy fruit and vegetables with pesticides? BIO say it will be understood.
    Jai paper certifying that DHEA DHEA is the,certe internet is bad but good,
    As for the analysis,You do not have to go to a endocrino,go directly to a lab for DHEA ,It pays not reimburse, without a prescription;least one visit for safety

    • Good evening,

      We are not all equal before the aging.

      No I do not say “bio” willingly : vegetables from my garden will never be certified, and those from the small market garden down at me either, the cost of the label is not justified. And I'm not talking about some wild plants are protected pick in the wild (it's time for mushrooms…) Better to eat local, knowing where and what we provide…

      For DHEA, a medical practitioner is authorized to diagnose : it is not enough to have a balance, still need to know what to do. In addition, has a learning curve that a single individual can not have, especially when it is too involved to step back… The visit for the analysis can possibly be saved but not of limitation : it's called self-medication and is playing the sorcerer's apprentice.

      I have nothing against internet, I'm just careful to avoid swallowing bleach instead of a drug…

  10. Good evening I received the gift you sent me thank you so much I download if not my problem is that I have a delay of almost two months that show two test two related foce one and the other very I remade a clear THIRD pregnancy test was negative now I think I go into a critical period of menopause or perimenopause short depresses me enormously want to cry every time especially as I get pregnant I n 't have any children yet I became pregnant in 2005 miscarriage during the third month in failed IVF 2006 and from there I just do I can not understand my case when my last period was the 05 the July 10 July I took two weeks of evening primrose oil in the J25 I had a relationship with my husband but I had no signs of mucus or ovulation in recent days I have pelvic pain from time to time I sweating my age 44 years I feel I have no hope if I would not have my rules please help me is that DHEA will help me especially since I live in a country where DHEA is not known or sold and you say that it must be prescribed and do analysis of what analysis is it more for me is the only hope I have left medical help me please my reserve even more I think it is almost zero is what that DHEA can I get my reserve
    thank you for responding

    • Hello,

      After 3 urine tests, did you do a blood test ? This is the only one really reliable.
      This is the first thing to do, before speculating on menopause !
      A miracle happens so quickly...

      Tenez-moi au courant du résultat et nous parlerons alors éventuellement du reste de votre question 😉

      • bsr Fabian thank you for your answer I am in an incredible state I was at my gynecologist today she was traveling so I told him about the delay of a few rules such heat symptoms back pain back pain pelvic pain who are all signs of menopause so she made me one that is echoed D3 3 dimension and is the cata menopause begins to settle what she told me that she will talk to another gynecologist for DHEA I told him is that this treatment will do in my case the echo showed that no follicle ovarian uterus well is not dry but good menopausal endometrium starts to move I told him that it is a menopausal or Premeno she said it is a péméno I ​​told him so I can have my period and she said yes it is possible can not she told me about egg donation in Spain
        I am lost I do not know what to do is what dhea me a service
        Finally she gave me Duphaston , osteocare and portfolio “and then analyzes to LH FSH E2 AMH
        aid me stp
        thank you

        • Bonsoir Hanane,

          I remember a copinaute who had the same surname and a husband without sperm : they chose a Kafala.

          C'est Folio :
          iodine : to stimulate the thyroid and endocrine then the whole chain
          Folic Acid : to avoid fetal malformations
          Ostéocare, is magnesium-calcium… to address deficiencies in macronutrients and also zinc for fertility
          Duphaston, for “do it all down” with the rules.
          LH FSH E2 AMH for a true balance hormonal premenopause tell if there is.

          The gynecologist believes perhaps more than you ! She wants to fill the gaps that block your fertility.
          So she thinks you're likely to have your baby naturally, spontaneously !

          DHEA has a short-term action of hormones such “thyroid” and ovaries : Your gynecologist rather try to wake them up first by giving them “dining” !
          Oocyte donation is an option to consider if the ovaries let go. You will carry the child, your body will shape it : even if the egg comes from elsewhere, the child has been increased and made by you alone.

          I do not know where you live but I will complete this list of well-gynecologist with a visit to the osteopath to check that there is no displacement of vertebrae that disrupts the flow of energy and blood from the glands of brain to the pubis.

          And then, you received the guide “vitamins and trace the design” : use it !

          And also ask yourself questions about what you have to lose and gain by becoming a mother, to the psychological…
          You can answer me in private (fabienne at to these questions.
          You can also take the coaching offered 21 4BFS days to start thinking about (I did not act, I have followed !)


          • bjr Fabian thank you so much for your response stp I do not know how to send you in private is an E-MAIL or something if not I will not mentally well I started taking the products that gave me my gynecologist I'm still waiting I'm in my period of j2 duphaston I have slight pain pelvic yesterday I had a slight mucus to answer your question j(MOROCCO and live our doctors do not know enough DHEA is not sold and I have to order France to stp Fabian is that DHEA might help me recover the function of my ovaries because when she made echo she found that my ovaries are not dry but brief ca reassures me a little if not it is the analysis that will clarify it now I take all these products more evening primrose oil which I spoke the other day that the omega 3
            stp now sends me exactly your e-mail and I want an answer about a woman who dhea ovarian reserve near zero if not zero this treatment may give effects????
            thank you again

          • Bonsoir Hanane,

            an email to Fabian (a) have-a-mail me privately = !

            I have no other evidence that this line of comment. I'll try to look elsewhere…

  11. bsr Fabian I received your message regarding the download is done if I'm still not about to wait for my rules I'm at day 5 of duphaston Fabian tell me I read online that there is a book that s' called miracle of pregnancy lisa olson is in English and must buy it to download it is not sold when I read the comments of women who buy it for women between 40 and 50 puavoir years and have a baby naturally I do not know if you have an idea if I will not buy dhea I do not know what dosage should I buy
    thank you bcp

    • Hi Hanane,

      Patience, the Duphaston will eventually take effect… The gynecologist is certain that there is not a pregnancy ?
      I do not know the contents of “Miracle Pregnancy” which cases, however, with 2000 “j'aime Facebook”. Do not rely on testimony from the sales page but go to the forums and see what is said those who bought.
      If this is the original book “the miracle of pregnancy” Sandra Morin, honestly, there are more free content here and more ! (it's true that it is less ordered but illustrated and practical…)

      DHEA for the determination, I found only one study that speaks frankly of doses : 50 to 75 mg / day for at least 4 month. ( “Dehydroepiandrosterone supplementation in assisted reproduction: rationale and results."The Mamas, E. Mamas) Another study indicates that about 1/3 IVF centers in the world now use this product.

      I recall : no self-medication ! DHEA supplementation will encourage the body to stop producing it and wait until it falls here ready : a dosage and medical supervision is essential.
      I hope it will help the gynecologist to prescribe. I, I go instead to the principle that we must give the body what it needs to make itself DHEA !
      Soon, Fabienne

  12. bjr fabienne how are you thank you for your answers I'm really not affected if the echo showed no pregnancy test even the non-negative if that were lately I feel you know of vaginal dryness Fabian I fear that my rules are definitely parts I do not know I read that there are women for whom the rules are parteis of a sudden that's why I'm asking is what dhea me a service in respect of the book I was told that the fax is Harger I read some comments but not only is a forum of women who were going through menopause and were able to have children when I reminds me of last time I do an analysis of the AMH it was 2 c'etait and 2006 So I think my reserve is now zero because I have not had my period since the 05 July
    here and thank you again

  13. bjr fabienne how are you what is this silence I do not receive your messages and even in the forum There is no exchange of ideas in short, I finished my part 10 days duphaston no rules on another forum of herbal medicine was told to expect even if the rules come it's good if not I would start the chaste tree, which lowers FSH
    here and thank you for your help

    • Bonsoir Hanane,
      I'm fine, thank you. Il y a peu de messages car tu écris sur une file de commentaires sur un article de blog et pas sur un forum 😉
      And you, Where are you ?

  14. bsr Fabian I hope you're okay by me I'm still waiting I finished the rules 10 duphaston days still nothing ca depressed as I write I have fear of the permanent cessation of menstruation may be I will venture and buy the book lisa olson tell me how to stp to participate in the forum dhea
    take care of yourself and soon

  15. BSR Fabian yesterday I got my period as I have said I took during duphaston 10 day and evening primrose oil duphaston I ended last Thursday I took the gatillier two days before the rules of evening primrose oil no stop now I will make my analysis based on the results tomorrow and I'll see anyway I already told my gynecologist that menopause begins to move in short I hope it's going to prescribe DHEA Fabian is the problem that I have read that DHEA is shown in the case against history of cancer my mother had breast cancer you see I do not know if you have an idea
    thank you for answering me

  16. BSR fabienne more I read you I hope you are well you know what I had my FSH test results is 75 TO LH 41 E2 11 I am still waiting for the catastrophic results amh I would have that within a week I do not know what to do blocked because of these tests tell me is there among us that which took the number and I'm sure the same will be catastrophic amh gyneco my short waits to decide amh
    Here I wish you courage, b
    and very soon

  17. Hello,
    I am also and I also ovariennet failure of endometriosis! we must start IVF in December. I spoke of DHEA in the gynecological PMA was very negative and said that nothing has been proven! I made appointment with a homeopathic doctor in November and acunponcteur, I verais if my rate is getting better, I will speak also of DHEA as we read on various forums I feel that it works! Especially as I 29 years!

    • Bonsoir Email,
      Tiens nous informée 😉
      Good luck, Fabienne

      • Good evening,
        j’ai vu avec le medecin homeopathe, it is not for not for DHEA.
        For cons, she thinks that my lactose intolerance plays on my fecondidité! you have already made the above research? so I'll stop completely lactose (I ate cheese from time to time because I like it)

        • Good evening,
          no I have not done research on it…
          But as lactose intolerance to gluten means an intestinal hyper reactive, with severe inflammatory reactions. However, the implantation begins as an inflammation. And then it also means that the whole body is on the warpath : forces are not directed towards the reproduction.
          I guess your homeopathic makes you keep it under control as the doses of gluten and red meat, many pro-inflammatory.
          Soon, Fabienne

          • Good evening,

            Thank you for the information. No she did not mention gluten and red meat but I had already thought of gluten dimuner, I think I'm going to do! For meat it will be difficult because I like it!
            She not against different prescribed dose to be taken with a homeopathy to improve digestion.
            Good evening

          • Good evening,
            Meat yes but in limited quantities ! Our culture encourages us to eat too.
            Put your gut a little rest, It will allow you to direct your energy elsewhere than to the digestion…
            The doses of homeopathy will help the process. 😉
            Good evening, Fabienne

  18. Fabian bsr bsr tt the world after my period I took evening primrose oil on day 1 to day 14 and day 15 of the J26 gatillier then at day 28 I had pain with loss of brown rules like that was in the early rules and J29 nothing tasteless rules I am 6 days late while I do not know what to do I ordered DHEA 25mg and sincerely I do not know how or when to take it for what day of the cycle if I get my period

  19. I too am in MENOPE early with fhs high. I am interested in the dhea for a desire for a child depui 5 years and I want to know hiba if you took it or not . I think for Chaste tree it must be taken continuously throughout the cycle ,I read in the forum

  20. bsr cheryne after I got my period a week late now I'm at j8 I take evening primrose oil I just received DHEA I ordered two dosages 25 MG 50mg and the pharmacist told me is what I did the analysis of DHEA I told him not so I'll start with the low dose and I'll see I sent a message to Fabienne I no response I just want to know what the dosage and take it day cyle
    and I'm not sure if the parallel gatillier and evening primrose oil because I have a high fsh and amh very very low if not the gatillier on a forum they said it must take to j15 J28 the second part of the cycle

  21. hiba then how you will ??
    You have already ComenC DHEA ?? I am looking for a doctor to give me an order . vera is if I find qlquin or not. or I'll controlled via internet

  22. Hi Fabienne,,
    I am African pod 44 years where to find the chaste tree and DHEA because I suffer from a low AMH gygy me and my eggs offers another I'm not agree.

    • Good evening Consty,
      the chaste tree grows around the Mediterranean basin. Other plants may have a similar action.
      There are probably plants that have the same action in the flora around you but I do not know… You have to ask the healers in the villages.

  23. bsr cheryne you know what I pushed my research on DHEA and contraindications is among the small family history of breast cancer my mother had I called the pharmacy that prepared me DHEA pharmacist m 'said to talk to my gygy I do she told me not to touch it and here it is for me the disappointment was a hope for me after that of God which I expect a lot now I came across another site my question and I am still waiting there and you where you are???????

  24. hello Cheryne,

    Have you managed to find a doctor to prescribe you dhea, if you take how posologie.Car I too am in ovarian failure and would like to increase my rate amh.

  25. no I can not find anyone for me I prescribe DHEA .
    I currently take gatilier + maca. I did not have the rules depui 3 month , even with duphaston. I'm bummed I did not what to do……..

    • hello cheryne,

      sorry. you take the gatilier to reduce your or your fsh lh?.

    • hello cheryne,
      I expect from you
      you must ask your GP hormonal analysis to see if it's your or your lh fsh is too high .. Because if FSH is too high you can also take Alchemilla to lower 25 and with this treatment my FSH dropped to 12 and 1 months time. For if it is the 2 DHEA will tend to further increases your rate lh.d According to my research it increases all the steroid hormones is (lh,progesterone,testosterone). but I made the other hormones FSH were correct.

    • Personally makes me maca increased estrogen, to overstimulation : I remain blocked in the first part of cycle.
      I suggest you settle for Chasteberry.

      • then the maca is not good for us inssufisance ovarian ?
        and wheat germ ,what are you thinking in ??? I took the gatillier tjrs depui decenbre end. I wanted to know if I take 1gel or 2 per day .

  26. salute hanna .
    sorry I have problems with my computer .
    the advan fhs was a 6 apres to 20 and the last I've done is 2 years ,fhs 40 . since I just ZAPE ,fed up …..
    for the moment is the rules that do not want to return . I take gatilier + maca and I received the mtn Gelluli germ Assembly on vera……
    achemille for you takes Gelluli or other ,how you took a day and the whole cycle ??? you also have the problem of rules
    to my GP gave me do not want ,she told me to see a gygy

  27. Hello cheryne,

    I tried to reconstruct a cycle, I took the mother tincture of clary sage 100 drops in the morning and 100 the evening for 14 days on the 8th day of gatilier to 1 tablet 30 eème days 14 days 50 drops of tincture of Alchemilla in the morning Same in the evening until the 30th day . I also took the Don Quai 2 tablets in the morning, 2 at noon and 2 the evening for all 30joursdu cycle I reconstituted my period came back with the 15th jour.essaie ovulation for me it worked.

    • Good evening,
      I thought the goal was to have a baby and not to find the rules ?
      Personally, I dare not advise you took associations…
      Alchemilla is one of the plants to facilitate the arrival of the rules : pregnancy is an indication against formal, even if it is not listed abortive (I prefer to identify as Internet…)
      I prefer to work directly on the regulation in order.
      Cordially, Fabienne

      • Hello Fabienne,

        In case you would not have read Cheryne currently has more rules from 3 months which in my case was for 2 months I told him how I have done to get my cycle before trying to get it back baby.
        she did not have to like me

  28. Good evening girls my story is almost the same as you all I took evening primrose oil and almost gatillier 3 months knowing that I had an FSH 75 amh 0.3 analysis that is so catastrophic gatillier after taking evening primrose oil and I had a delay now almost 1 month negative test yesterday I had a mucus I did not understand why I have pain
    b courage

  29. Hello!
    I am new to this forum! and unfortunately, as some, I'm ovarian failure, so I gleaned a few tips here and there to try to put all chances on my side and then God willing, happen to get pregnant….
    Quick question Fabian, since it looks like you have more advanced knowledge!!! n is it not important to reactivate the rules when there are secondary amenorrhea, and thus regulate her cycle in order to have a better ovulation to get pregnant!!!!!! because your response was somewhat surprised m!!!!!!
    Fabienne 17 January 2012 to 22 h 15 Hi min,
    I thought the goal was to have a baby and not to find the rules ?
    Personally, I dare not advise you took associations ...
    Alchemilla is one of the plants to facilitate the arrival of the rules : pregnancy is an indication against formal, even if it is not listed abortive (I prefer to identify as internet ...)
    I prefer to work directly on the regulation in order.
    Cordially, Fabienne

    • Good evening,
      Rules are important, they have a physiological relevance.
      But I find also important to remember that at all during pregnancy, they disappear !
      Women may have menstrual cycles and ovulatory oocytes but with lower quality than other women with irregular cycles.
      It's just why I respond to your comments.

      You do not try to find menstruation, you want to be pregnant and therefore to remove.
      Make no mistake lens, do not rejoice to be resolved but anticipate any delay pregnancy.

  30. salvation
    girls be careful there are women who have no rules, and several months after they are pregnant. why ?? se a good ovulation happens and bingo!!!!! a pregnancy . Fabian made it due attention to plants . I even saw on TV on Teva ,a story ” surprise pregnancy that ” a woman who had lost the rules two years sinc ,it is in the hospital for pain in her lower abdomen croiyér a serious illness and the doctors told her she was to give birth. she was shocked ……… nature can se all happened and I hope this year 2012 ,there will be a pleasant surprise this healthy baby

    • Goods Cheryne.
      I suggest you avoid plants that bring the rules (emmenagogue or abortifacient) you focus on those that regulate the cycle, once more.

      Me too, I wish you a pleasant surprise ! 😀

  31. hello girls,
    How are you? I am in the same situation as you. What you get? I await your news
    thank you

  32. Good evening Fabienne,
    I'm in the same case like most girls on this blog: soon 43 years, AMH very low, a CF in August 2010 and some LDCs with inseminations without grocesse. At this moment I am preparing an IVF knowing that I will not have many opportunities to do more than one or two attempts. I want to put all chances on my side and I am also interested in DHEA. Fabienne, could you tell me how we can stimulate the production of this naturally hormonne? Are there plants or allimentaires supplements that can help the adrenal glands produce DHEA advantage?
    Thank you for your answer

    • Hello Monica,

      Hey this is THE issue : Congratulations ! 🙂

      There are plants that are either directly working the whole chain is an endocrine gland specifically is sending the signal from the brain.

      In food supplements, I see no a priori but I do not know them all ! Some supplements containing minerals and trace elements will provide the “bricks” indispensable for building hormones in “feeding” la glande. So much to eat properly.

      So to answer in word : probably. 🙂

      And to anticipate the next question to know “which”, the answer is : no self-medication, everyone is different and the plants are tricky to use and require specific knowledge, ovarian stimulation is an imperative indication cons-.

      Must begin by reviewing the lifestyle and diet before taking plants in monitoring therapy.

  33. hello ,
    I just saw this site ,j’ai 41 in 4 month 42 ,I underwent an operation ,mnt I have one ovary and a fallopian tube blocked ,j'ai fait un Bilan hormonal ,and my gyno told me that I have a very low ovarian reserve ,and there is nothing to do ,except egg donation was abroad or adoption ,.
    I like to know if there are ways uncorked my mistake or a remedy to balance my hormones ,thank you for the advice and good luck to us all

    • Good evening,
      Some herbs act on hormonal balance, obviously.
      Just to remind you that plants are also part of the Food and review the contents of his plate is the first action to implement : You can request the free guide by registering as a member.
      Cordially, Fabienne

  34. hello girls,
    what you become ? Give us your news. I am in the same situation as you.
    Thank you

    • cuckoo

      I have the chance to tell you that I am in my 7th month of pregnancy following FIV1! I did not take DHEA doctors were against, by cons I found that acupuncture really helped me! After a session I really felt my ovaries work and I got help remain calm throughout the treatment. I also homeopathy granules and drops.
      Good luck and I wish you to know that happiness!

  35. salvation Mèl,
    congratulations on your pregnancy. I'd like to know what you took homeopathic treatment? and that it is allowed you to lower fsh and amh increase ? What was your infertility problem?
    Thank you

  36. Bonjour je suis tomber par azar sur votre adresse je veu tomber enceinte jeveu votre console merci Claudia

  37. Hello
    Peut on prendre la dhea avec le gattilier ?

    • Hello, la DHEA se prend sur prescription médicale avec suivi par un endocrinologue. Le gattilier est une plante à action hormonale : marier les 2 est l’idéal pour avoir des interactions hors de tout contrôle ! Sincerely, Fabienne

      • mme fabienne merci pour les feed back ,
        j’ai programmé une FIV dans quatre mois et j’ai commandé le maca la dhea et le gattiliers est ce que je peux les utiliser les trois à la fois et vac quel doses merci .

  38. salut à toutes,

    je viens de tomber sur ce site et j’suis bien heureuse de vous écrire.
    I, j’ai 42 ans et une fille de 08 ans et depuis le 09 June 2015, je n’ai plus mes règles. Après une consultation le samedi dernier, le médecin m’a conseillé un bilan de fertilité. Ma mère a vu ses règles s’interrompre à 40 years, ma sœur aînée à 39, et celle que je suis à 40 years. Le médecin m a dit qu’il se pourrait que je sois dans le même cas de ménopause précoce et qu’il se pourrait que cela soit héréditaire.
    Dans ces conditions, est-il possible de lui demander de me prescrire la DHEA pour procréer si le résultat du bilan s’avérait négatif?

  39. j’ai 45 ans j’ai commencé a prendre DHEA pour 3 semaines pour augmenter mon AMH et j’ai pris duphaston en même temps à cause du retard des régles. J’ai lu que c’est grave de les prendre en même temps et que ça peut causer un cancer.

  40. BSR Fabienne je lisais comme par hasard sur ce site , il est très intéressant , si il faut s’inscrire je le ferai volontiers , mais juste une question , j’ai 47 ans et j’ai une insuffisance ovarienne !!! with 2 follicules de 5mm 6mm ,
    je suis sur la DHEA et le gattilier , MACA ? acide folique et tout ce qui est antioxydants, je cherche quelque chose qui booste mes follicules !!!!! sos

  41. Hello Fabienne, j ai un amh inférieur a 1.
    Pourra tu stp me donner les astuces pour le remonter? j’ai 38 ans et vit en cote d ivoire.
    Thank you

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