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After a long period of dithering and thinking you are determined(and) : you take vitamins. And now, we must answer another question : “which ?”

A search on a search engine allowed you to see that all-in-one exist, often developed in Anglo-Saxon countries where the PMA is not supported. But you hesitate with the old complicated recommended by your pharmacist, he glimpsed the radius drugstore hypermarket in the area and one that has allowed your friend to get pregnant, at least she is convinced.

Then, fi make you a buying guide.

On the initiative of Valerie said 777Triptolème, we simply identified the complex as we saw most often on the internet, in shops or as “forumeuses” are reported to us.

And a beautiful table excel download, we noted their compositions deal with what is generally recommended in Europe (with information sources.)

In case of problems downloading excel, you can see the editing table in pdf format weaned from comment.

Aperçu du tableau

Attention, however !
For trace elements, zinc and copper interfere with the assimilation of one another and can be expected if the contributions of food to avoid creating an imbalance.
Well, vitamins and minerals are more “bioavailable” when they are supplied by food (especially vegetables) that form “raw mineral.” Indeed, if the molecule is too “hard” to break, the body will prefer not to make energy expenditure and eliminate this molecule by estimating the return on investment is insufficient.

Vitamins extracted from natural sources such as vitamin C from acerola are less difficult to assimilate than synthetic and are easily removable without damaging the kidneys (unlike those of synthesis…)

And the excess can be harmful to your liver or kidneys. In this connection, think you see the article on vitamins and trace elements in fertility
The most complete complexes may very properly be replaced by more partial associations alternately taken and by appropriate dietary measures !

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    I have a job to do on vitamin complexes.
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    Can someone help me?
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    • It is true that I have not changed all links in the articles I have repatriated from the old blog.
      Mea culpa…

  2. Sujet interessant.aidez les mamans déprimées.bon courage!

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