When to stop contraception to start a pregnancy ?

Ca and est ! You mentioned "baby" with your partner seriously !

Obviously, it's not for now but you said that, soon, in a few months or a few weeks, it would be nice if you "crashed or asserted the little seed" ...

And this is how you did it(and) to dreaming of a future pregnancy and you are on this site ! Two minutes of reading to the right and left already and you wonder if it will be easier and faster for you become pregnant as for your friends ...

Then, the question you're tempted(and) the (me) ask is :


"When to stop contraception

to design the right time ?”

To determine how to determine the right time, I propose to think together about as contraceptive use and their impact on fertility ...


Contraception by self-observation cycle

This method of contraception in France uncommon in young women is all natural.

This is in knowing the phases of the menstrual cycle to determine the fertile phase lasts in women 1/3 its cycle usually. There is no interference and it suffices to protect themselves or the s'abstenir to remove the danger of unwanted pregnancy.

The method has become very successful since the 1970 with the intersection of several fertility indices such as temperature, cervical mucus and / or self examination of the cervix. We are now very far from the rhythm method which brought so many births ...

The disadvantage is that a stable partner and "clean" of all sexually transmitted infections ...

It requires education to the body which can be brought by associations such as the Foundation Symptotherm (my favorite with its software online) or the very Catholic CLER.

Well done, a failure rate is identical to that of the pill, whether 0,4 % ! * In other words, it allows to know yourself well and to get pregnant, it will help ...

=> To answer the initial question, both say that the woman is able with this method to know exactly what days she is fertile and there is no time to stop contraception and immediately switch "test baby" to engage directly in pregnancy !



Contraception by "barrier methods"

This name evokes little, hide all contraceptive methods that will prevent sperm from meeting the egg. The most obvious is of course the condom.

Unpoetic, requesting to be placed properly and early enough (attention to the "drop of pleasure" rich in sperm !), it has the advantage of involving men in contraceptive torque and respect the woman's body.

Other methods such as spermicides or cap are in the same spirit, protection against STDs and less ...

With these methods, the dam attacks sperm and thus the woman's body continues to follow its natural rhythm.

=> To answer the initial question, This contraceptive method is also immediately reversible when the desire for children is.



The contraception hormonale féminine

This is probably by far the scenario most common, at least in France, it is in pill form micro, mini or macro dose, subcutaneous implant, vaginal ring or "intrauterine device" (IUD) diffusion hormonal.

It is also the method that has the highest risk of inertia for the start of pregnancy.

In all cases, it is a hormonal drug treatment

You can take estrogen (1 or 2 copying 21 naturally secreted by the female body in the first part of cycle) or progesterone (hormone that promotes pro-gestation pregnancy therefore the second part of the cycle) : the result is identical, the female body is blocked and no longer recognizes the succession of phases pre or post ovulatory.

Like any medication, contraceptive hormones have an impact on the body

Furthermore ovulation, other effects will take place on the reproductive system of women :

  • production of cervical mucus responsible for feeding and conveying the sperm is compromised
  • the uterine wall becomes unfavorable for implantation of an embryo
  • the tubes more or less lose their ability to vibrate to advance the oocyte and the fertilized egg to the uterus
  • pituitary, conductor of hormones in the brain, is short-circuit : whatever orders it sends to the body, causes a contraceptive hormone levels without connection with orders
  • the ovaries lose their ability to respond to different hormones because they know better than a kind
  • and of course ovulation is more or less blocked (on the mini-dosed pills, it may take place but the rest of the body is so hostile now with 3 first previous points that the fertilization and implantation are almost impossible !)

The rules disappear with their cleaning function of dead cells and toxins from the womb to be eventually replaced by withdrawal bleeding "false rules" when hormone levels drop and the body tries to reset the counter to 0.
Besides these effects on the reproductive system, there are also risks of thrombosis and embolism are well known and shared by all these treatments of hormonal contraception. **


A restart in fertility 2 unequal speeds

When stopping hormonal contraception, two situations may therefore occur :

  • immediately restarts the body
  • or he drags ...

An immediate reboot may resemble behavior of a hungry invited to a banquet : the body is so "happy" that this authorization is doubling to accommodate pregnancy and get pregnant before a new external supply of hormones to block everything comes ! Woe to you if it was just an oversight unpremeditated ...

A restart in length would be closer to the loss of manual : long, functions have been fertile in forced rest, artificial hormones made have not always been degraded by the liver that is tired, even certain organs or functions by dint of not serving even began to atrophy ... This is the syndrome of Sleeping Beauty !

More hormone treatment was started early, without interruption along and, over one or the other or more of the fertile had time to fall asleep permanently, less complete and immediate restart is likely ...

When I was 20 years, ago 20 years, women offered an annual month interruption pill to their body to enable it to precisely remove the overflow of hormones and restart. And when they had steady boyfriends, they recrossed to condoms : stopping the pill guaranteed them the ability to say "no" if they did not really want to say "yes" and they were safe to be protected against STDs !


Afford a time pre-design

After years of hormone contraceptive, it makes sense to let the body regain its rhythm, or even find out if the pill was taken very young. Well, a time of preconception may be useful if your lifestyle has been poor ...

My friends say that Yogi Ayurveda, this ancient Indian wisdom, a girl should begin her sex life 107 cycles, almost 9 years, after the "menarche" (menarche) : and organs have the time to form, mature and take their place, cycles that are at the beginning without ovulation gradually become mature and ovulatory To ..., this is no time but you can note your (future) daughter and also watch how many cycles your body has had the rhythm of women before hormonal contraception.

You can therefore consider leaving your body, as in my youth, rest from artificial hormones, eliminate toxins stored in the liver and gynecological, Women find the cyclical rhythm a few months before trying to conceive, regain a healthy lifestyle in favor of building a new life…

Brief, you can take the time to reconnect to your fertile function then seek to better !

The ideal would be to provide minimum 1 months off a year of hormonal contraception before conceiving your baby. During this period, you can switch to a barrier contraceptive and begin self-observation to see how your body will start again ... You will benefit for cleanse the body so that baby will be admitted to a healthy environment and to dream the child.

=> So the question "when to stop this method to design the proper moment ?” I will answer you anticipate as soon as possible ! Clignement d'œil

And you ?
How do you handle the transition between contraception and conception ?
Leave a comment below !

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