Qi Gong in the feminine, the seasons

qi_gong_femininDr. Martine Depondt is physician-acupuncturist Gadet homeopath, with a degree in obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound and experience of hospital births.
Trained in NLP, to hypnosis, it is also known for her use of EFT to remove emotional blocks in infertility. Sinologist informed, I particularly appreciate her his lifestyle in line with traditional Chinese medicine she practices as professional.

Qi Gong is a traditional Chinese gymnastics, consists of massages, movements, respiration, meditation. It's a bit of Chinese during the Indian yoga : he can feel the energy flow of life itself.

In the first half of the book, the author explains the life course according to traditional Chinese medicine and the contributions that Gi Gong can bring to each "season of life". The book mixes stories of women users and the benefits they have found to use this.

The second half of the book is devoted to explaining movements mentioned above. Each posture is illustrated with photographs by Martine Depondt-Gadet to better understand the subtleties. Movements and postures are practiced primarily standing and are far less "acrobatics" that yoga asanas. They are easy to reproduce only.

Brief, This book is a guide that allows you to practice Qi Gong for ages and to provide a moment of well-being and wholeness.

To practice group, Dr. Depondt Gadet-organizes every Tuesday at 10:00 a Qi Gong session at women in the Parc Monceau in Paris.

This is the indispensable the first book by Dr. Depondt-Gadet, already presented here, and it will potentiate any acupuncture session referred to design.

For the record, buy this book through the link I propose you to contribute to the upkeep of this site.

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  1. I consulted the doctor what a disappointment !! I did not feel, neither heard nor respected : just sent ! Must say I have the misfortune to speak slowly things difficult . ( And twice, I clung )
    Qi Gong classes are group I hoped that participants will find it a place of well-being !

    • Bonsoir Kermitte.

      Thank you for this comment and remind us that a doctor is first and foremost a human being, with defects, his qualities, its affinities, good day…

      I just attended last night, the time of the comment, a session of Qi Gong with Martine at the circle of fertility and experimentation it animated with Estelle.
      It was a great session, finesse and energy.
      Thanks to the proposed sequences, I discovered that Qi Gong woman was powerful and pleasing to the highest point, even more delicate and easier than yoga… 🙂

      At each consultant corresponds therapies and therapists, and vice versa…
      The important thing is to meet.
      I wish you to quickly find the one / ones that suits you and will accompany you on the path of fertility.
      Cordially, Fabienne

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