Prayer for a Child

In the Catholic tradition, many saints will be asked to intercede with the Almighty to support the arrival of a child. For the record, the Church is against the techniques of medically assisted procreation, since the conception of a child should only take place between the woman, man and the Creator : no intermediary is required…

The Muslims formulate the prayers of Zechariah from the Koran.

The Jewish can say “Haftara” the first day of Rosh Hashanah, if possible at the time of ignition the lights of Shabbat. They also say the Psalm 102.

A prayer need not be long. A simple phrase from the heart is more likely to reach the goal a long litany ânonnée mechanically.

Leaving your name and email on the form, you will in some time to download link for a summary guide “prayers for a baby” and immediate access to prayer space for members (here)

The Virgin Mary has many places of worship and pilgrimages : cathedrals, Liesse (Aisne- She gave birth to the kingdom of Louis XIV), Lourdes, Rocamadour, or Chapel of the Miraculous Medal (140 Rue du Bac in Paris, parent of the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul)… , simple altar in the parish church or holy image of Remembrance Communion slipped into a Bible or prayer book, she is always close. You can also make a novena to the Virgin Mary is “Mary defeated nodes” asking him to resolve this situation as when it leaves you no rest, and prevents you from living, and live in faith

Sainte Anne, his mother, patron saint of Christian families, children at an age advanced : women “sterile” who see the time passing can expect to find one near her ear. It is the same for St. Elizabeth's cousin Mary and mother of Saint John the Baptist.

L’archange Gabriel is the messenger of God. He announced to St. Elizabeth and Mary the good news, and in the Islamic tradition dictated the Koran to Muhammad (there is Djibril for Mohammedans.)

Closer to home, the beatification of John Paul II left shows the cases where children would come “miraculously” in an infertile couple, or after a serious and usually fatal during pregnancy.

You can also invoke St. Francis : St Francis of Assisi, the protector of animals, or St. Francis de Sales, the founder of the order of the minor in the sixteenth century.

As to St Thibaud, Abbot of Vaux-les-Cernay (78), effective for the intercession St Louis (the King of France) and his wife have children also warrants that you do call on him…

The editor of “Family Christian” rapport l'intercession that the Blessed Marthe Robin would also have brought joy to children in homes deemed sterile.

Finally, you can refer to the famous “miraculous prayers of Father Julio” consist of Psalms carefully selected. Note that this famous “Julio” was not only priest in the Roman Catholic Church (Vatican) but also in Little Bishop Old Catholic Apostolic Church (history) and these securities exorcist : successors continue the healing through laying on of hands, clearances-as-exorcism unbewitched, more visibility through internet (Paris and IDF,Brittany, Normandy, Lorraine, Belgium, Cameroon and Switzerland-Vaud). If you think you need this type of assistance, know that each diocese of the Church Roman Catholic also has an official exorcist today. And flee like the plague all those who use magic, the marabout or those you are not sure of the purity of intentions !

You can find more prayers on the Internet, eg :

and possible reflections

Forum of Doctissimo, a lengthy exchange of messages includes various prayers on all topics (protection, to find a husband or work, to heal…) Congratulations to this beautiful collection Fleurbelle and continuous updating.

If you like to choose, I published my collection of prayers in an anthology prayers for a baby.

Finally, if you are planning a pilgrimage, Article on “Chapels and fountains of devotion” can help you choose where to go. Reading the article on tellurisme show that these areas were not selected by chance…

And you ?

You know of other intercessors, other prayers ? Your prayers have been answered ?

Leave a comment below !

Get the Mini-Guide prayers for a baby

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  2. C is very interesting these prayers,Given my religion ,Who east musulmane,I find that you really need,the fact of being closer to God,we find the liver, serenity and recomfort. Fabienne thank you for this blog, tres instructif,we learn a lot,that opens eyes to things are simple to do and that it is not known,or new developments that will bring us our tour of the property,the search for a soul that s can intall dansnotre,a birth of a child ,vaq elluminer that our lives…

  3. Hello, is bb since the end Esir 6 years, your site is for me a place of recognition (few sites or people dare to talk about that) and sources 1000 ideas. The concern is that I can not register, this reminds me of an error page : how to ? Thank you very much.

  4. thank you for all the prayers, addressed to the lost children due to miscarriage made me cry, I relived the terrible loss of these two little if desired. Thank God I was able to become the mother of an adorable little boy conceived a month after the last miscarriage. The power of prayer is far greater than what you think you have to read the signs sent from heaven

    • OUI Maya. Prayer changes us and so changes the world.
      I have a real “collection” prayer to share in the member and soon in a book.
      I designed the bonus to be immediately usable by all…

  5. this is QLQ jrs I got behind in my rules. What a joy ! and there, at once, sess the thick of eccoulements very dark and I think, I lost the baby. I am very upset because it has been months since I expected this. j'ai deja 2 enfts. My worry now is that I fight against people especially the mystical ex of my new companion, who threatened me not being able to have with him enfts. What to do ? what kind of prayer because I am a practicing Catholic believer and very.

    • Hello Mireille,

      Sorry that this hope is still stretched to the future.

      For the enemy has spoken against you, I want to remind you that give him credit, is to give him power against you !

      In the supplement offered, you have pages 4-5 Summon the Lord who said “deliver me from the hands of fishermen who violate your law preventing me to expand the cohort of the faithful…” and “… wanting my old age is lonely…”

      Repeated the same prayer novena 9 consecutive days is a powerful way to be heard.
      The anthology that I prepare in course contain other !

      Keep me informed (as you have subscribed my mail)

  6. mireille, I beg to offer my support, may be that your period was just late ? I know it's terrible to live with two miscarriages but after I had my wonderful baby boy ! Keep hope and above all tell you that Heaven helps you and keep you, do not bring credit to this woman, leave there and move ahead

  7. Hello everyone I am a young woman narrive not conceive a child my companion and me. I do not know what to do. I see how it was unfortunate not to have a child pa. I will soon begin a novena was married I know that grace jobtiendrai because I know that my god does not abordonnera . prayer for me please

  8. Hello; I am timely. I have a son 6 years by the grace of God, but since he was 2 years old I try to have another child in vain. I decided to get over to our Lord Almighty and invoke his mercy.
    as we say here in Africa who sells his disease is necessarily the cure. I bless all souls with me implore the mercy of Mother Mary the mother of all mothers that I have the joy of giving birth again.

  9. I am married since 8 years already without children. My husband suffers from severe oligospermia. But I saia that the Lord has not said its last word. That is why I would like some help in prayers for showing me That we have a baby.

    • Good evening,
      thank you for your comment.
      By registering as a member, you will receive 3 weeks some prayers.
      All the prayers that I have collected for the design, pregnancy, birth (and events such as the saddest death in utero…) is published in an anthology that you can buy from my printer by clicking :
      Cordially, Fabienne

  10. help me n my girlfriend just can not conceive

    • Hello Paul, the design is done both with the help of Life…
      You have a lot of information on the site, link to meet me and another to buy my book of prayers.
      Cordially, Fabienne

  11. Hello , I Alphonsine, married since 11 February 2012, customarily, the civil and religious, but until then I can not conceive , really please help me , tell me the collect prayer so that I can design and make pleasure to my husband's parents, my colleagues services, my head and myself because it make me very badly. May the Lord help me and answer my wishes!

    • Hi Alphonsine,
      Who do you want a baby ? For you or for other ? Or for him ? Honestly…
      You have a link to go to my printer buy the anthology that lists all the prayers that I have met to have a baby.
      You can also register as a member and receive a selection in a few days…
      Good luck.

  12. Hi Fabienne,j was waiting for embryo transfer but it tells me that”there would not transfer because the oocytes were not of good quality, and I would have no other fiv ,I'm depressed that they do not even want to try again when my pick is until December ,what can I do. I lost,I cry all day,thank you for your help and I take

    • Bonsoir Zaza, this is normal and very healthy to cry.
      What you hear is violent, very violent even.
      We must cry, these emotions are out.
      Think of aloe vera gel to cool your eyes…
      You can also take Bach Flower Rescue or as Walnut.
      Cries and then, you can envision a different future… You know how to contact me if needed.
      Cordially, Fabienne

  13. I just had two miscarriages and I would like to get pregnant again because with my partner so we want another child, I have an advanced age but I want to believe a noveau

  14. I want to help you because I had a child there in that 10 years and I have never had to design please I want other children it does not encourage me to be in the home it is very hard for me if you can give me please .

    thank you I await your help

    • Hello
      We are in October, le mois de Ste Therese !
      By becoming a member of the site, you will automatically receive a link to a supplement offered with prayers… And you have my book that includes dozens and dozens.
      Have faith, is trust : this is the same word in Latin !

  15. Hello g a daughter of 10 years. Veiled 6 years that I want another child. I lose hope

    • Good evening.
      Make all necessary, pray and remember that everything is for the best even if we do not know (yet) reasons !

      • bonjour moi j’ai des les trompes bouchées, mais l’istéro n’a rien fait, et comme j’ai un probleme je vais me battre pour maigrir afin que le Seigneur m aide a avoir un bb.

  16. hello c by searching on the net I k sui stumbled upon your blog and this one decked me interesting. PLEASE I want a bb since 8 years. clinically ,I do not just design because I clogged fallopian. Please help me as I leave in the hands of God all puissant.autre thing I practiced voluntary abortions to teen. enveux I apologize for the Almighty;guide me in prayer please. I expected your response; thank you

    • Hello Julie Anne, abortion is a principle “no choice” because if a woman could do otherwise, she would keep the child. A meditation.
      By registering you as a member, you will receive in a few time, a supplement with prayers for a child and one is for the woman who has just committed abortion.
      You can also order my anthology where there is enough to ask the fertility of the body and mind and also what to pray for all the children who have not been born.
      Good way to your children come,

  17. I did 3 miscarriages in 2013 et al delayed 3 days. J'aimerai-span, much, for many this time it takes and expires.
    Thank you

  18. Cuckoo, since 9 years now we want to have a baby with my partner, in October 2012, I had a miscarriage 4 month. Désespoir total. Please help us with her prayers. We thank you for tt heart.

  19. I have 40 years I am betrothed to a man who did no child help me I have a child that I have avais17ans birth day arrives I n pzs to conceive

  20. It's been two years that I'm fighting with my partner to have a child and I lose hope aujoird'hui.

  21. remede fertilité

    bonjour je connais des remedes pour tomber enceinte su DIEU le veut

  22. e suis ne camerounaise agée de 40ans j’ai un enfant de 18ans et depuis je n’arrive pas a concevoir j’ai fait cinnaissance d’ homme de 46ans qui a besoin d’enfant que faire?

    • Sur la page “prayers”, il semble logique que je réponde “remercie là-haut pour la Grâce d’avoir rencontré cet homme et qu’il veuille être père de ton enfant”

  23. Je suis une maman, acidity ago, ai été menaupose très tôt et j’aimerai avoir un autre enfant que dois je faire, j’ai besoin de vos conseils merci

  24. j veux faire un enfant.l gynico m propose une fiv.j nest pas d regles depuis trois mois.jai 42ans.mon tau dhormone a baisse.aidez moi.j cherche l bebe depuis 4ans.les spermes d mom mari st faibles.

  25. je suis tres malheureuse mon fincé m a quitté parceque je n ai pas pu faire un enfant

    • Il faut être deux pour faire un enfant… Il n’a pas pu vous le faire donc. Il n’était pas le bon père pour vos enfants tout comme vous n’étiez probablement pas la bonne mère pour les siens.

      Courage !

  26. que faire donc je me retrouve seul a present

  27. Bonjour.j ai un desir d enfant avec mon compagnon.j ai 2 enfants d un precedent que mon horloge biologique tourne et que j ai 45 ans que bebe ne pointe toujours pas le bour de son nez je cherche une priere adequat pour la conception de ce petit etre qui comblera son papa et moi vous remercie beaucoup.

  28. Bonjour je voudrai une prière pour tomber enceinte, j’ai eu un bébé quand j’avais 18ans il est mort à la naissance aujourd’hui j’en n’ai 39, je n’est plus jamais un retard, je souffre de cette situation, et je subis des insultes de mes proches qui me traite de femme stérile, je vous en supplie j’ai besoin d’une bonne prière qui peux m’aider à pourvoir donner la vie, car j’ai déjà tout essayer, médicalement parlant , j’ai besoin d’aide SVP je sais que seul dieu peux m’aider à pourvoir avoir un bébé

  29. je suis une jeune camerounaise mariée j’ai un enfant qui aura 13 ans en janvier 2015 je cherche desesperement a avoir un autre enfant. je me susis retrouvée dans un e situation ou je viens de decouvrir que mon mari a un enfant hors mariage. a lire les commentaires des unes je remercie d’abord Dieu parce qu’il m’a permis d’avoir mon fils et je sais que j’en ferrai d’autres . je sais qu’aucune prière n’est perdue j’ai beaucoup et longtemps prier mais je ne desespere pas. je sais que vous pouvez mieux m’orienter. thank you in advance

  30. bonsoir je suis une jeune africaine catholique mariée depuis quatre et avec mon époux on est en quête de la maternité.merci de nous aider avec vos prières,que Dieu vs bénisse et vs comble pour tout ce que vous faites pour nos couples en quête de maternité.

    • Marie-Hélène MARIE-REINE

      Bonjour Sylvie Olga.
      Si vous habitez en France (ce que vous n’avez pas précisé), j’ai un excellent tuyau à vous communiquer : il s’agirait de faire une démarche de pèlerinage qui obtient à coup sûr (si c’est la Volonté de Dieu) pregnancy … Je vous dirai lequel et comment quand vous m’aurez dit dans quelle ville vous habitez.
      Si par contre vous êtes au Cameroun, j’ai encore plus besoin de connaître dans quelle ville vous êtes pour vous dire quoi faire.
      “Ne te l’ai-Je pas dit ? Si tu crois : tu verras la gloire de Dieu !” Évangile de Jésus-Christ selon St Jean – Châpitre 11 – verset 40.

      • Merci Marie Hélène pour cette marque d’attention,je suis au Burkina,donc je ne sais pas si tu pourras m’aider dans ce sens. Ds tous les cas suis très touchée,on se sent seul ds ces genres de situation tu sais! merci et que Dieu te comble de grâces!

  31. Je suis désespérée jai tout essayé mais rien ne marche je veux juste que Dieu me fasse grave, avoir un bebe me rendra heureuse, malgré tout jai fois en lui je sais quil exaucera ma priere mais je suis tout de meme impatiente

  32. Comment trouver l espace membre

  33. merci de m’envoyer les différentes prières pouvoir avoir un bébé. Sylvie

    • Bonjour Sylvie, 2 solutions : patienter et attendre l’échantillon du supplément ou vous rendre sur le site de l’imprimeur et commander la version papier complète. Cordially, Fabienne

  34. Bsr Fabienne jespere que vous allez bien . Je voulais vous demander quelles prières faire pour recevoir enfin la grace de l enfantement je suis en couple depuis dix ans et mariée depuis deux ans…les médecins m ont dit que je ne pourrais pas concevoir naturellement car j ai les deux trompes bouchées et sachant que la Fiv nous coûtera les yeux de la tete nous sommes désespérés mon époux et moi mais sommes toutefois convaincus que Dieu est puissant et en lui rien n est impossible…Que me conseillez vous comme prière.Merci. Fanny

  35. je suis Loanda, j’habite dans la ville de Needham, Massachsetts, aux Etats Unis d’Amerique.Je suis mariée avec mon epoux du nom de Joseph depuis 24 Septembre 2011 a l’Eglise Catholique de Sainte Anne de Somerville. Jusqu’alors je n’arrive pas à concevoir , really please help me , indiquez moi les recueille de prière afin que je puisse concevoir et faire plaisir a mon époux, à notre famille, et à moi même car ça me fais très triste. Que le seigneur m’aide et exauce mes demandes!

    • Bonjour Loanda, vous avez l’anthologie que j’ai publiée en lien sur l’onglet “prayers”. Dépêchez-vous de l’acheter : ma situation a douloureusement changé et je vais retirer cet ouvrage de la vente ! Le supplément que j’envoie aux membres du site ne comporte que 3 prayers…
      Sincerely, Fabienne

  36. Seigneur je priere de me donne une deux enfant que ma chargé je te mon mariage donne une vie heureuse et le bonheur je te laisse ma vie entre dans t’es main soient toujours avec nous dans joie. Que led anges bénisse ma maison et ma fille donne nous la force pour la quide dans sa vie seigneur que ma fille donne dans sa chambre soient toujours avec qu’ elle dans sont endormais seigneur aide mon chéri à trouve le travail pour prendre soin de nous à n’a beaucoup de projets ensemble donne la paix merci seigneur t’a touche le coeur de mon chéri de te servir viennent à nos secours merci Seigneur

  37. Exaucer moi seigneur je désirs tant avoir une petite fille

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