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Below, Here is the text transcript of the first podcast of the blog. This article was sent to the premiere 14 the subscriber July(and)s Site.

Hello everyone, and welcome to the blog have a bébé.fr for this first podcast.

Aujourd’hui, late July, you probably think the upcoming holidays. Unless you are already gone ? Return to work will now be extended further 6 weeks leave your ! (is my usual technique that I depart this year exceptionally…)

You will probably leave a few times and break your habits and your usual environment.

For your holidays, I suggest several avenues :

  • a “rapprochement” spouses,
  • fertility-oriented field trips.

First of all holidays are an opportunity to spend time with his partner. Obviously, during the work year, you have both of your activities, travail-maison-between sport-copains-famille, and the time you can dedicate to your relationship suffers. Well, you are in your environment and you lack originality, Variety.

The combination of joint

Here is the true story one of my “copinautes forums”. Then call Anne, as the patron saint of barren women and aging. So Anne was married, happily married but her husband was unfortunately severe OATS. Baby could not… IVF had taken place in April-May and had resulted in a failure. As this was not the first but the third, the pressure was heavy and even more bitter disappointment. Anne and her husband are on holiday with a heavy heart. There, they enjoyed life : excursions, appetizers and small restaurant, water sports of all kinds and even their debut in water skiing with beautiful "gadin" ! Anne was not as sporty and relaxed for a long time. Back in September, a new treatment was started but the rules could not… You can guess the rest ! By dint expect rules that could not, Anne did a pregnancy test, which was positive : to celebrate the anniversary of the failed IVF, She gave birth to a beautiful boy.

During holidays, you get more time for both of you : Take care of your marriage ! You rest, you nap, you will have more energy and time for your love relationships. I remind you that a fruitful relationship must necessarily include penetration and ejaculation. Apart from these two conditions, positions are to free choice… However, you can read the article on “Kama Sutra positions or design” ( to identify the most appropriate.

Other than that, I urge you to let go of the side “scientific” during the holidays and not to track your ovulation : what's less romantic and more sterilizing, that follow the thermometer to set your reports ? Enjoy more of this blessed period of freedom to have sex every other day as recommended in the article “alternative bio : assisted reproduction maritally” ! (

First of all, letting go...

Fertility-oriented trips

Another true story ? Always a copinaute forums ! This time, I propose to call it Demeter, as the goddess of the harvest. She thought oocyte donation, double don, brief did not know what to think ! Demeter was so just party weekend with her boyfriend following treatment canceled due to poor response. They needed to be two, alone in the world as lovers. They then moved to a nearby fountain to their accommodation, fountain whose water is known for the skin. They also went into the woods, picking daffodils in early spring the mild spring ... But they have inspired other activities ! And 9 months later, a nice "Narcissus" came beautify their homes.

You've probably chosen your holiday destination : a new place, and camping, furnished or in shelter-a place known, with friends or a family home. You'll probably want to leave “the adventure” to visit the area, like Demeter and her companion. But perhaps you still are unsure about the destination of your dreams ?

You can combine your holiday with some care cure for fertility. In addition to the benefits of trace elements in water, you'll love to be pampered and beautify with all the care ...

L’article « Go heal your fertility treatment "Will help you locate stations near your vacation spot. Of course if you are at sea, it will be easier to enjoy the benefits of seawater, (and not only the chlorinated pool !)

You can also plan your day trips and picnics, consult the article on " chapels, menhir and fountains of devotion against sterility ». My thing ? Before leaving, I look at the scene of fertility close to my destination on my map. I complete the IGN sector : I go to the site Geo Portal ( and I precisely locates the site and access route. A copy screen and voila, it will just choose the contents of the cooler and adapt shoes !

In conclusion

Of course, you have no guarantee to return with a baby under construction warm !

But you have found the essential : memories of holidays you remember long, the intimacy between you, the joy of sharing good times together ...

Just the joy of being in two…

Happy holidays fertile happiness !

Testify below on your holiday, hiking, excursions fertile happiness ... And remember to rate this podcast in iTunes !

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