For “fun” two uses of numerology and astrology Fertility

Numerology : Cycle Noug
Those seeking encouragement of fertility forums have probably already encountered this numerology calculation that would determine the most favorable dates to motherhood (design – delivery) crossing date of birth and year.
For my part, I consider him a game and nothing more, although legend has it that it is reliable to 96%… Perhaps because I am one of 4 other % ? (the fact that launched the legend ?)
If you want to calculate only, you will find the user manual here.
If you prefer the automatic calculation in excel, this is here.

Astrology : The method of Jonas
The cycle of women is often modeled on that of the moon. The running time is menstrual 28 days with a rising phase to ovulation and menstruation downward flight, gestation lasts 9 menstrual cycles (and not 9 month…) and provides a physically lunar profile. So far no evidence that…
Astrology, the method has developed what Mr. Jonas would like you to be fertile when the moon has the same position relative to the sun as the day of your birth.
Of course, under these conditions, it is better for your cycle to match your physical cycle “astral” !
So, born on the day of the moon black, you have all the facilities to design every new moon and full moon of difficulties.
If you were born 2 days before the full moon, design would be almost guaranteed whenever the moon is 2 days before maximum. But it would also have plenty of opportunity to intervene 2 days since the sun and the moon redo the same angle.
If you were born to the first quarter, you 2 chances each month : the first and also last quarter !
This method would also determine the chances of having a male child or female, depending on whether the moon is a sign or female.
Finally, the interaction of conflicting cross your natal chart with transits would present an indication of the risk of miscarriage.
If you like the cards, you can create your own site Astrodienst, in various free maps, by generating a special card “timing of fertility according to the phases of the moon”.
If you prefer to schedule, you can calculate free dates coming months on a site of astrology software Skycalendar. Or you can buy a full report which will be generated easily favorable dates, the risk of miscarriage and sex on a British site devoted to the Moon, Odent (very little knowledge in English, the most difficult for the birth time with the check box for Daylight Saving Time !)
Further explanation of the method :
astrology site
historical the site of a computer software developer astrology.

Have fun and do not believe too !
Me with Noug, I j'aurai 3 pregnancies each year… And you ?

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