PMA = assisted reproduction

AMP = medically assisted procreation

These two expressions and acronyms (initials) have a strictly identical : this is to help a couple experiencing difficulty conceiving a child alone through advanced medical techniques : stimulation of ovulation, artificial insemination, IVF, gamete donation.

By extension, the pre-implantation diagnosis and embryo culture fall within the scope of the PMA / AMP.

In France, the use of this design assistance is governed by the law known as Bioethics.

PMA is available to heterosexual couples of childbearing age : This definition excludes de facto homosexual couples and singles. Social Security provides reimbursement through a 100% for 4 vitro fertilization and 6 artificial insemination until 43 years of women.

The figure indicates that the most common 15% of couples seek infertility for one day but 2008, according to latest official figures Agency of Biomedicine, 2,4 % children were born using the techniques of the GPA, whether 20 136 children on 828 404 children born. Il auric fallu 121 515 attempts (inseminations, IVF and gifts) to give birth to these 20 136 babies.

The Biomedicine Agency, state agency, in place as a institutional communication site on Assisted Human Reproduction.

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  1. Hello Fabienne!
    We are LDCs. We have to stop our FIV1 because there were only two follicles. (protocol : Decapeptyl, MENOPUR Ovitrelle but has not been administered). My ovaries are currently blocked, my temperature is very low. I have not ovulated since the beginning of the stimulation (last ovulation, 23 about September). How “repeat from”? (plants, homeopathy, food?)
    Thank you in advance for your advice…

    • Mary Goodnight,
      Normally the ovaries will unlock all alone because there is more daily injections to block.
      To you to follow the clues to fertility (glair, collar and temperature) to identify the time of ovulation.
      I advise you not to take anything : you have too many hormones in the body to eliminate you “entertain” to here !
      Cordially, Fabienne

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