Plants and natural products of fertility

Eleutherococcus senticosus Eleutherococcus or

The root of Eleutherococcus has remarkable properties antifatigue. The overall effect is tonic on the body, and it is explained in part by an effect ” cortisone-like “. It increases the physical and intellectual abilities, without this benefit is followed by depression. This Improvement was maintained after stopping the cure.Elle has a adaptogen, which allows the individual more resistant to physical stresses, Thermal, autres.De infectious and much research has been conducted on this plant in Russia. Of Eleutherococcus has been distributed to populations irradiated after the Chernobyl disaster. It would have positive effects in case of radiation and exposure to chemical pollutants. It was also required astronauts to Mir to offset the effects of weightlessness. Athletes have improved their stamina with this root, without the sensation of doping. (But this is not our purpose) He is also an excellent tonic male.

FC Notice
2 to 3 powder capsules total cryo milled in the morning and afternoon or tincture 30 drop x 3/day.
Of the same family as ginseng, she is from Russia, China, Korea and Japan. There are huge reserves in Siberia. It is a deciduous shrub resistant. It grows from seed. The root is harvested in autumn and dried. It contains many active ingredients, glycosides, amino acids, trace elements : zinc, copper, manganese.

Attention, cures must not exceed six weeks and are aimed at healthy subject.

Real or Maca Lepidium meyenii

General tonic. Used by the Incas to solve fertility problems. Contains many antioxidants (dont arginine), Vitamins (C, B1-2-3) and minerals (zinc, copper, iron, magnésium…)

1 to 2 g / day
Plant heights of the Andes
No adverse effects.
The "Andean Viagra" for men and women !


Brewer's yeast is composed of a colony of fungi, generally of the species Saccharomyces cerevisiae or Candida utilis. These non-pathogenic microorganisms, ranging in size from 6 to 10 microns (1 micron = one thousandth of a mm), digest the sugar and starch grains, creating an environment rich in protein and vitamins, mainly those of group B. This is one of the largest natural sources of thiamine (Vitamin B1), which is essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats : one tablespoon provides nine times the Recommended Dietary vitamin B1. It is also an excellent source of vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) and B3 (Niacin). It also contains vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), of B6 (pyridoxine) and B8 as well as high-quality protein. Finally, it contains polysaccharides, particularly mannans and glycans, that may have an interesting effect on the immune system.
2g am, lunch and dinner

Traditionally, was recommended for yeast-partum women to fight fatigue and depression associated with this period. Our German friends are still light beer to promote lactation.

Royal Jelly

Rich in vitamins and antioxidants
1 gram per day maximum, usual dose
Hive products
Is taken by cures 20 days
Available in combination with ginseng but beware, Ginseng is not recommended in cases of hypertension.

You used one of these products ? What result did you get ? You have the floor !

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  1. Left by : eo le14/06/2009 at 12:04

    A quick note to say what worked for us, After a little over a test, qqs and examinations.

    After one year, it became clear that this baby would come through the plant. I looked in my books and my classes (I am a pharmacist), This could help us.

    Qqs words about our “clinical case”. I cycle a bit long, a well-luteal phase, follicular phase but a bit long and lazy ovaries.

    I selected two essential oils :

    – Sage, for its estrogenic.
    – Cypress, for its estrogenic properties and its beneficial effect on traffic, and therefore the blood supply of the ovaries and uterus. (I know that my circulation is not very good, at least in the legs.)

    Indeed, estrogens are involved in the selection of the dominant follicle, the growth of follicles and ovulation induction.

    I used a drop of each 3 times a day, massaged into the lower abdomen, at the onset of menstruation to ovulation and.

    I together, unwanted capsules of evening primrose oil and borage, 6 per day.

    By the merest chance, a guest on the board of the Journal of Health gave me the final push : heat on the lower abdomen is a good vasodilator and also improves the blood supply to the uterus and blood vessels.

    I had to do say half an hour morning and evening, about.

    The results were very surprising. It was the shortest cycle to date… 26 days. Ovulation in a J12 J18 against average before.

    I also typed a fungus (well known side effects of estrogen), when I'm not prone to such problems.

    And especially… The result was aurendez you, since I got pregnant the first month.

    Coincidence or not, no one can say…

    • Thank you for this testimony.
      Sometimes just when I wondered about the opportunity to talk about the ET sage or not in my article…
      I just want to emphasize that as a pharmacist, you knew what you were using sage and cypress in the form of essential oils. These “oils” is a concentration of active ingredients of plant origin and are used only cautiously.
      Grasses, they love the fat and our skin is a wonderful means of transport to bring them quickly to target areas. Prudence therefore, especially with sage…
      For non-pharmacists, Non-aromatherapeutes, do advise !
      Eo thank you and good pregnancy with our friends the plants and their oils to prepare for the arrival of Baby.

  2. Left by : bg le22/09/2009 at 24:52

    Hello, thank you for the info.

    I've heard of sage tea as a booster (to take the first part of cycle, never during pregnancy), do you have the opportunity to do research on this subject ?

    • Hello,
      yes sage is a plant estrogen known to very long, emménagogue.
      The difficulty with the plants has a difficult action to repeat from one to the other.
      The right mix is ​​something entirely personal !
      However, it seems, depending on what brought Mr. Baudoux (of Pranarom), that sage improves oocyte quality. But the sage contains tuyone, which is neurotoxic and cumulative (=> risk of seizures, for example), virtually disappears during the drying of the plant but is concentrated in the essential oil of sage.

      This will help avoid, and you mention to sage during pregnancy, and long-term (risk of fibrocystic breast…) You are prohibited from the stack with a medical ovarian stimulation on pain “packing machine” and find yourself in hyperstimulation (I knew a case…)

      With a tea 4 or 5 leaves in the morning you will be pleasant breath. You can take 1 other in the evening if you wish… Unless 20 sheets / day, the tuyone should not bother you, but you can talk about your sensitivity to plant with your herbalist, homeopath, pharmacist or naturopath.
      You can take it from day 1, it will facilitate the rules.

  3. Left by : eosin le27/09/2009 at 11:33 p.m.

    Yes in fact I had omitted this clarification : it is the clary sage I used, not the sage (more side effects).

  4. Hello I am looking for plants or essential oil complex to stimulate the production of sperm being reached dune rare thank you if somebody here in tracks

    • Bonsoir Dav,
      Impossible to answer a short description if… It all depends whether or not hormonal problem.
      Power can help and then I refer you to the guide available on registration.
      Cordially, Fabienne

  5. I took royal jelly after my second miscarriage in order to give me strength and I unwittingly caused a miracle : our baby is here to stay one month after, I continued throughout the first trimester of pregnancy and has wonderfully increased !

  6. hello,I just saw this site ,thank you for the advice.
    my problem is :Agee the 41ans ,ovarian reserve very low + 1 one ovary and one wrong bite,no solution ,Please if you know of any remedies or other things to help me I'm desperate .
    thank you

    • Good evening,
      You can not promise a miracle, you can imagine.
      After… it is sometimes possible to give the positive momentum necessary, if you want, if you believe enough.
      If you are convinced that there is no solution, then there are none. If you believe there are a, then you will find the.
      I do not consult, and especially not by comment or by email : you can use the registration email as a member to contact me.
      Soon ? Fabienne
      PS : in these times of holiday, I am not connected and can often move quickly to respond…

  7. hello, j’ai 42 years I 1 old child 7 born in years 2005 since after several treatments to get pregnant nothing worked. I left the wrong bite the trunk right has a difficult, my blood is too high fsh. I hope one, help me

    • Hi Zora,

      I say to you also after the holidays…
      Difficult to answer : it is up to you to decide if you hope or not, and anyone else.

      For the rest of the question…
      Have you seen an osteopath after the birth of your senior ? It is possible that the passage has unbalanced your skeleton and disrupted the flow of energy.
      This is the first idea that comes to reading your comments.

  8. Bjr , j’ai 28 years and this will 1 years since my boyfriend and I are looking for a has the bb. I have yet to do hyterosalpingographie to see if my tubes are vents because I'm afraid of being disappointed by bad news . is that you can help me because I am very impatient thank you

    • Bonsoir Kimberly,
      A year is a long time but at the same time so short…
      You are right to want to take things in hand now.

      Since you ask me, to me :
      The first thing to do is to enjoy life without being obsessed with baby ! I suggest you check your diet and lifestyle, clean up as you prepare to welcome baby in a clean environment. You can find information in the section “Toolbox” for here and the guide for members of the site will help you in choosing food.
      The second step (to simultaneously) is to observe your cycle and make a temperature curve to identify the most fertile days of the cycle and especially if you are ovulating : I advocate the method Sympto ( sur Smartphone.
      The third is to make an appointment at a gynecologist and give him your curves (minimum 3) : it will then be fertile if a balance is necessary for you and your companion.

      Brief, ready to do a marathon 9 months is called “pregnancy” before you get on the starting line ! Il y a fort à parier que vous serez enceinte avant le RV chez le gynéco 😀
      Cordially, Fabienne

  9. Hello,

    Can you please advise me on the use of chasteberry sage mixture and evening primrose oil.
    I bought a mixture chasteberry 95mg 70mg sage and primrose oil capsules. I would like advice regarding dosage, take that first, I could take during menstruation….
    Bb test for more than one year, I despair.
    Thank you in advance

  10. hello
    can you help m if possible I'm insufiance ovarian and my fsh is high has 24 UI is that it is possible to take the sage and cypress at the same temperature as I am about my irregular cycles, it may be of 50 A 80_à day this n that I can not get a enciente my gygy tells me that he just do anything nor give me a treatment that I fesait blood for fsh j then have to stop for I see in rain can 38 years and my dream is to have this c baby voila j hope you could help I m remerci you to advance

    • Hello Helena,

      Sorry for the delay response : I have been very busy this December.
      My help via the web will just boil down to major areas of work…

      No it is not possible to the plants without therapeutic monitoring, especially those that you quote. And plants never come in first intention in my way of working in fertility.
      I suggest you :

        1/ to see quickly Osteopath to check the balance of your pond, motility bodies and sacrum-brain connection

        2/ to establish the track your cycles using the approach Symptothermal (cf mon article “billings, symptothermie…” or I am also advisor) : cycle for someone like me can be formed very talkative !

        3/ to check your dietary using the guide I offer to all members to make sure that you give your body essential elements for proper operation

      These 3 tracks can already significantly improve your situation fertile, saw your age : this is the basis.

      Then, it may be necessary to add other actions ; in this case, it will go through a real consultation (it can also save you time !)

      Merry Christmas,

  11. hello
    please excuse the delay m j apeler have one like you osteopathe n he told that he answered my pouvai do anything so I know how pleased I am thinking today aj 88 So my cycles 37 day of delay rules the day I was 2 October toujour since no rules by a 11 descenbre J had a drop of blood is c as its stopings c is stopped immediately j not see his little ceu be thinking that I saw my fsh has menopauser 24 UI or just a nesting but if there was a nesting the 11 descembre I will do a pregnancy test when I also see that you speak of a real consultation consite how his day I forgot to tell you that by the time j hurts breasts back and lower abdomen voila j I hope you

    • Good evening,
      Effectively, pregnancy tests allow you to know for sure if this is the cause of amenorrhoea. This is what I wish.

      It is obvious that if you asked an osteopath manipulation that removes perimenopause or brought back rules, you will be able to answer nothing… This is why I have said that checks the balance of bone skeleton and placement of organs : if you have a hormonal imbalance due to an imbalance, in this case it is a symptom that will be settled by / the session / s. If it comes from elsewhere, Osteoarthritis can not do anything.
      I like to check the balance on startup to be able to work with confidence on a sound basis ; this may occur later.

      The 3 actions I've listed are establish simultaneously, if you want to be effective.

      For your last question :
      – A consultation with a homeopath allows him to determine your property and drugs that may allow him to return to equilibrium.
      – A consultation with an acupuncturist will be able to monitor the flow of energy in the body and thin.
      – A session with a naturopath (like me) consists of an interview around your lifestyle and proposing actions to improve and to allow your body to mobilize its healing abilities. Naturopath each using at least the power, dietary supplements and plants. For my part, I add plants in all their forms, Bach Flowers and technical words such as coaching and hypnosis (details on page “Therapists – meet me”.) We know a few naturopaths pathology of infertility, I have a patient experienced more.
      The while keeping track gynecology.

      What I think does not matter :
      – If you decide that you are menopausal then it is certain that your body will follow this order and you will be menopausal.
      – If you decide that this is a transitory accident, then your body will do everything possible and more to use whatever you give it and return to fertility. If you decide that you may be pregnant and take appropriate action to support pregnancy, you'll get there.

      Cà this is my side hypnocoach ! It is your beliefs that matter, not mine.
      I'm a tool for you, as others may be.

      To you to decide what you want and that / if you want to be helped…

      I wish you a good end of year,
      Cordially, Fabienne

      • Good evening, I have a little girl 4 years that I had no trouble and wants a second child two years. I'd like to meet you. This is it possible ? At these dates ? Thank you in advance for your answer and help you can give me. With all my sympathy

  12. hello
    after a miscarriage the medecines m made my record saying if I vx a baby requires a donation oocytes I can not do so for personal reasons is not plants to stimulate folecules

    • Hello Saida,
      Before thinking plants, must begin by reviewing health overall life, if ovulation will be difficult to obtain or poor quality !
      And yes, there are plants that can stimulate ovulation. I refuse to state publicly : their use requires monitoring.
      Good luck, Fabienne

  13. Hello Fabienne was told that evening primrose oil and borage is good for the first part of the cycle to get pregnant quickly,and brewer's yeast. Thank you for your reply. Good day .

  14. I will make a fiv what can I do to make my babies cling ,thank you cordially

    • Hello, faire le maximum AVANT et prier le ciel pendant 😉
      and be very careful and take nothing with hormonal effect : just what the doctor prescribed to not interfere.
      You are entitled to Flower Essences, that's it. Cordially.

  15. I forgot my password for access to my space,thank you send it to me please. thank you

  16. Hello,
    I currently takes clomid and duphaston ,This treatment is prescribed to me to have a good ovulation and progesterone for more, it makes me a, Is what I use as little HE sage and cypress city before mm time?
    thank you

    • Good evening,
      As mentioned in MP :
      Plants are powerful : we talk about “herbal drugs”. Essential oils can be real bombs.
      Therefore, not.
      With a treatment such as Clomid and Duphaston, it is very unwise to plant a hormonal effect.
      Interactions can be dangerous and lead to an uncontrolled hyper ovarian stimulation…

  17. Hello,

    J’ai 42 years almost 43 and has been trying 1 year to have a BB.

    Physiologically everything is ok except the rate is very low amh : 0,3 …
    In 15 days, I start medical treatment : Puregon and Gonal then orgulatran and then ovitrelle and Utrogestan !

    Qc you think that I can at the same time help me naturally by plants ? SI oui, that you advise me ?

    Thank you for your reply.


    • Hi Marie,
      And 15 days, you do not have time to do much ! And not, nothing together with a stimulation : NO plant.
      Interactions are too frequent and too likely to harm.
      You can just do a quick detox cure, especially a cure liver, mono-diet or take birch sap.
      And it is also forbidden to detox treatment during and after stimulation : your body needs energy elsewhere…
      Good luck ! Fabienne

      • Hello ,
        J’ai 38 et en essai bb depuis 4 years.
        En cherchant comment améliorer mes chances avec les produits naturels, je suis tombée sur ce site.
        Merci Eosine pour votre générosité . Merci à toutes celles qui donnent de l’espoir .
        J’ai donc moi aussi commencé le protocole d’Eosine( sauge et autres)
        J’ai eu une ovulation à J16… Bonne ou mauvaise chose, je n’en sais rien mais me dis que mes ovules ont eu le temps de mûrir car les médecins leur reprochent de ne pas être

        • Bonjour Mariejo,
          Les plantes sont effectivement puissantes et s’il y a eu ovulation, c’est bien qu’un ovule était mûr ! Otherwise, le follicule serait devenu un kyste… problème classique des SOPK occasionné par un dérèglement hormonal à causes multiples souvent avec implications alimentaires.
          Je vous souhaite une fécondation (mieux qu’une simple ovulation !)
          Happy holidays season…

          • Good evening Fabienne ,
            C’est toujours un plaisir d’avoir une réponse , thank you.
            J’ai bien pris connaissance des différentes vitamines utiles à mon projet.
            Une question cependant me titille l’esprit, puis je continuer à utiliser l’HE de cyprès même après l’ovulation car, j’ai des varices au niveau de la pliure des genoux ? Si oui, quelle dose ?
            Merci une fois de plus et bonnes fêtes à toutes !!!

          • Bonsoir Mariejo, moi j’eviterai les HE si vous viulez etre enceinte. Il y a d’autres plantes pour les varices sur d’autres formes que les HE !

  18. Good evening Fabienne,
    Je vous laisse ce commentaire pour vous annoncer que ce matin, j’ai eu un beau plus!!!
    Merci à Eosine pour ses informations et à vous pour avoir créer ce lieu.
    Espérons que naîtra un beau petit bout de cette aventure .
    Aux autres , je vous dis, faut pas baisser les bras les filles, la solution et en vous et dans la nature.
    To me, ça a marché en un cycle.
    Que Dieu soit loué .
    Good evening

  19. Hello to all,
    Je suis de retour pour annoncer la fin de mon petit rêve : un œuf clair a mis un point à cette aventure qui se dessinait .
    L’évacuation a eu lieu mercredi matin

  20. Après l’échec d’une fin il y a 7 month, je veux remettre le couvert ce mois de mars. A a peine 40 years my FSH is 26. I take sage capsules and tincture of chaste tree. I have my period correctly and pelvic pain j11 to j16. Do you think I have a chance to change my rate Fsh ? My doctor prescribed me of Dostinex.
    I thank you in advance for severe stress

  21. Hi Fabienne
    je suis en essai de bebe depuis la mort de mon fils in utero à 36 semaines de grossesse. je suis en recherche de plantes medicinales qui peuvent stimuler l’ovulation et m’aider à tomber enceinte.

    • Hello, les plantes médicinales font partie d’une démarche globale de préparation à la conception. Je n’indique jamais de plantes sans connaître la personne car ce qui convient à l’une ne convient pas forcément à l’autre… Je vous suggère de vous promener sur le site pour y récupérer les informations pertinentes dans votre cas ou de me consulter directement en séance via Skype.
      Sincerely, Fabienne

  22. hello,

    je voulais savoir si l’huuile d’onagre et levure de bière pour tomber enceinte aide à l’ovulation et la glaire cervicale ?

  23. Hello
    Peut on prendre la dhea avec le gattilier ?

    • Hello, la DHEA se prend sur prescription médicale avec suivi par un endocrinologue. Le gattilier est une plante à action hormonale : marier les 2 est l’idéal pour avoir des interactions hors de tout contrôle ! Sincerely, Fabienne

  24. En essais bébé et un taux AMH à 2.98PicoMol/l que faire naturellement?

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