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My first blog, originally created in the free service Over Blog, accompanied my discovery of technical support by “Alternative Medicine” Fertility. Place resource, you will find something to boost your fertility, how to trigger a spontaneous pregnancy “under the duvet” or “amp”.

Here you can find the pages and comments that compose.


  1. Hello,
    I looked at your old blog, I also wanted to register the new. Unfortunately I can not register, when I click “1st visit…” then “not registered”, page appears and tells me that the result of my search was not found. In advance, merc

    • Hello, I found that you have found the solution just after posting this comment…
      Welcome to the new site, much richer than the previous !

  2. Yes, merci beaucoup 😉

  3. hello Fabian;
    I do not know if you remember me, it was the site of dominant, there are now 4 years, I have been successful has had a baby girl 3 years ago this week, by icsi but thanks to the advice you gave me and we made ttt, I saw that they are always on your site elsewhere, and you, the last time you were not going very strong, I do not know if you are now Mom, I hope, We hope to have a second, but you figure that my husband and I have taken a homeopathic ttt since September and we no longer make a fiv, its results are very good,(has neither understand anything) So maybe just iac if it does not work by May. here is glad to see you can always share your knowledge with others. elo goods

    • Good evening Elo,
      Of course I remember you !
      I had a long passage to digest, understand and gain strength.
      This site is also a sign of rebirth, my ability to go forward : with or without children, I remain a “caregiver” for other !
      Your initial homeopathic ttt is always in the annals. 🙂
      Je te souhaite une belle conception sous la couette 😀 et te dit “see you soon” in private.

  4. Hello,
    very informative and quite comprehensive. Each finds what it seeks, brave, I will return often. Thank you anyway.

  5. Hi Fabienne, J'espere you're well. I fell on this article and I think you might be interested.

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