Selection and procurement for fertility

In the midst of all offers made to you, particularly on the Internet, choice is sometimes difficult ! So use this page ...

It is a Product Directory "Fertility" and "Design" I could tester during my course of fertility and I dare you recommend.

There is also a bibliography short of the most useful books for understanding and progress in control of your fertility, course design for your baby.

You are of course free to go through other sites to buy, but ,by clicking on the links I suggest using or promotional codes, please allow me to earn some money to continue to help you with this site for free.

Knowing Ovulation

The microscope

The lens salivary OVATEL allows you to easily identify the period of ovulation through the crystallization of saliva fern-shaped (explanations in Article.)

As a reader of this site, you can receive a discount coupon 20% indicating OTFRB when ordering.

Monitoring cycle by Sympto-Thermal Approach (AST)

You have decided to design under the duvet and want to track your ovulation through fertility indices !

You can ask me to be your advisor when you become a client service Sympto.

To document

You will find the "boutique Amazon"A series of helpful books that will help you grow, for example ...


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