There are as many courses of fertility, of experiences and needs as there are people !


Here with me free…

That's why, I offer this site, all information access free and qu'il contient,
That's why, you can go further free becoming a member and access to the member area and receive mail folders as supplements,
That's why, you'll find a page “Therapists fertility” to give you tracks with therapists that I know, open to help you,
That's why, you have a page “Selections and purchases for fertility” with services, books and products I can recommend.

And here with us…

That's why, I started with Dr. Depondt-Gadet and Estelle Phelippeau Metrot association desire fruitful, multidisciplinary support for infertility.

That's why, with our partners,
we offer a variety of themes and ways of supporting,
so that each one can open doors that suit :


* circles fertility
Put into words and movements desire for a child, within a group of women words

* accompaniments Individual and couples, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, EFT
with Dr. Martine Depondt Gadet

* Naturopathy, approach sympto-thermal cycle, hypnosis
Fabienne Solute (I !) fabienne (arobase) or fabienne.goddyn (arobase)

* Systemic Coaching and Hypnotherapy
with Estelle Phelippeau Metrot



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