Naturopathie hypnose pour votre fécondité : meet me

Let us part

I offer you this free site since 2005 : you can freely access a real knowledge bank.

However, some of you want saving time and energy in me rencontrant.

I am a professional relationship help and training, les entretiens de naturopathie et d’hypnose pour la fécondité que je donne sont relativement rares.


bebe_09Another look to wait for your baby !

What is a Naturopathic maintenance ?

In an interview, we together balance your life situation, parallel to your medical : lifestyle, cycle analysis, food, possible need for support by plants & food supplements, psychological experience of waiting…

And then I make proposals for health education : j’utilise la naturopathie, Hypnosis (Conversational Ericksonian and) and Symptothermal cycle approach.

Some mutual (social security and not) reimburse naturopathy : move closer to yours ! You will receive an invoice for it.

L’entretien de naturopathie en fertilité se déroule en face à face, par Skype, Google Hangout ou en entretien physique. Il dure environ 1h30.


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