My challenge : having a baby

Un beau bébé tout neufIn France, a woman loses the ability to be reimbursed for treatment to help fertility on the day of its 43 years, attempts if the quota was not met refundable before.

Yesterday, I am closer to 43 years of 42. As it takes 3 to 4 months minimum to schedule treatment, it is clear that I will do more. Yet, I could still be funded for 1 FIV (IVF) and 6 IA (artificial insemination) and, physiologically, I have the hormone levels of a woman 10 years younger.

The last treatment has to understand the medical reasons for the failure, a psy-oriented coaching since fertility has to understand why human.

As a student naturopath, I now know the techniques to further promote fertility in my relationship.

My challenge is to initiate a pregnancy without the help of conventional medicine, says otherwise "make a baby quilt.” Clignement d'œil

Photo credit : Chris 230

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