Better embryo quality with Menopur ?

Several recent studies have compared the performance of Menopur and Gonal-F in vitro fertilization.

The objective was to observe if women who have undergone stimulation are more likely to achieve pregnancy with the evolutionary Ménopur, when it is already established that the Gonal-F induces greater production of eggs.

Two studies published in 2004 had legitimized the issue. A large study, randomized 731 women, Print this objective.

Sponsored by the manufacturer of Menopur, Ferring Laboratory, this study named “Merit” has established that ovarian stimulation with Menopur conducted
induced in 27% cases against the group 22% cases the group Gonal-F (insignificant difference).

But above all systematic photography of embryos (oocyte stages, J2 and J3) was used to assess the quality of embryos obtained. And especially, rate
ongoing pregnancy (jusqu'à S11)of these embryos is high quality 48% Menopur and under 32% as Gonal-F.

The Gonal-F (r-FSH) has an estrogenic action, while the simple menotropin Menopur induces an action of FSH and LH (hormone lutéinique), closer to the action
natural cycle.

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  1. Hello,

    After 1 cycle and with Fostimon 2 with Puregon, I had IVF with Menopur. In addition, compared to other times, j'ai price 25 mg of DHEA per day (prescription of an andrologist) and I did self-hypnosis with a CD bought on the internet 20 euros with postage. usually,we had between 3 and 5 embryo, this time it was 12… 3 transferred and 9 frozen. The result of the first transfer was negative. However we remain positive with small cool ahead.
    I do not know what makes it worked better this time : Season, the Menopur, DHEA, hypnosis or holidays in the sun just before !!! to see. My gyneco just think it's a better cohort.

    Celine (the 14/11/2009 at 19:45)

    • A long delay before answering… The Menopur is known to improve oocyte quality. The rest has probably reinforced this positive aspect and also improve your state of mind to better support this “marathon”.
      Good luck for the future.

  2. Your site is very well documented and very interesting. Congratulations to you. Continues because the LDCs is not easy to live!!!! A fiveuse soon the 3rd attempt which do not despair.
    Ceju (the 14/11/2009)

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