Materia Medica : some remedies used in homeopathy for female and male infertility

The purpose of this paper is to familiarize yourself with some homeopathic remedies used specifically in infertility, subfertility or indications of gynecological and urological and your homeopath may need to prescribe. You will also understand why some remedies have been prescribed or appear in the article examples “homeopathy in the female and male fertility”.

Before homeopathic consultation, I advise you to read the disclaimer Dr. Serror the traps during a consultation and lack of sincerity that will make the diagnosis more difficult to ask.

It goes without saying that any self-prescription is to be avoided absolutely : rappelez-vous l'homéopathie that, Medicine similar, treats evil with evil and therefore that the remedies used in the wrong dose will cause illness in their care at the right dose ! In addition, some are poisonous to pharmacological doses, not to small doses… In this connection, you can read articles on the methods of "proving" that the development and pathogenesis of disease after taking the substance used to define prescribing patterns. You'll understand why your doctor is the only competent in prescribing.

The information is taken from the site of Dr. Serror (visited systematically !) and links allow you to directly access the description, a new page.

1. « 25 remedies satellites, Dr. Leonard »

– Agnus Castus TM (male and female sex organs which agalactia, leucorrhée, impotence, onanism, sterility after sexual abuse)

– Caladium TM et CH (itching, spermatorrhée, impotence with increased sexual desire ... and the desire to remove tobacco)

– Lime silicate TM (impotence, purulent urethral discharge, leucorrhée…)

– Cannabis indica, Indian hemp TM and CH (urogenital disorders)

– Cannabis sativa, European hemp TM and CH (as cannabis indica)

« 15 remedies more satellites, Dr. Leonard »

– TM Aletris

– TM Eupatorium purpureum (atony of the uterus)

– TM Gossypium (external genitalia and ovaries, powerful emmenagogue ...)

2. « First Lessons in homeopathy the symptoms of major homeopathic remedies, Dr Hugo ER Arndt » (Translation Dr. Seror)

– Borax (infertility, leucorrhée)

– Calcarea carbonic (disturbance rules, Genital itching)

– Cannabis sativa, European hemp (blennoragie, pain in the urethra) detailed in " Provings conducted by Dr. Hahnemann, his family and his students »

– Cimifuga or Actaea racemosa (disease of the uterus and ovaries, menstrual disorders and uterine)

– Clematis (inflammation of the testicles)

– Crocus sativa (to, propensity to miscarriage)

– Kali Phosphoricum (neurasthenia, lower power genital)

– Kreosotum (pathologies of the female genital tract)

– Lilium tigrinum (female pelvic floor disorders)

Complete list of remedies by region of the body concerned : genitals and sex on

3. « Homeopathic Materia Medica Synthetic, Dr Serror »

– Calcarea carbonic, oyster limestone (infertility) ref. 38,

– Conium maculatum (infertility) ref. 71

– Ferrum metallicum, (infertility, impotence, headache before menstruation)

– Helionas dioica, Star Fire (impotence)

– Iodine (infertility) ref. 106

– Medorrhinum, pus blennoragique (infertility) ref. 134,

– Mercury solubilis (infertility) ref. 138,

– Natrum Carbonicum (infertility), ref 148

– Natrum Muriaticum (infertility), same page, ref. 149

– Natrum Phosphoricum (infertility),

– Phosphorus (infertility) ref. 162

– Ruta graveolens, ref. 181

– Sulfur (female infertility, disease of male genitalia)

4. "Pathogenic Sies de l'an 2000, Dr Serror »

– Abrus pecatorius, (female infertility), Note its use as contraceptive pill homeopathic

– Aristolochia clematitis, (genital tract of women)

5. "Pathogénésies you Dr OA. Jullian "

– Argentum metallicum (métrite, ovarian cyst, male infertility)

– Rauwolfia serpentina (Endometriosis, male infertility)

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  1. Gravier Krystelle

    Let's say on my side, it's complicated:
    Let me explain:

    I started testing with my man baby1, May 1 2011. So stopping the pill at that time. From this moment, cycles 40-45 days. Therefore, the blow, initially, not knowing that I had long and irregular cycles, I am not telling you the number of false hope…

    Then, we saw a first gygy, in October 2011. As always very long cycles and no babies. Is, I was told that my ovaries are lazy and they put me under Clomdi. Bad idea, because I do cysts. Donc STOP. In parallèle, a man of my semen analysis. Pending the results.

    Then, on me mets sout Gonal-F. Results of semen analysis: 10% of mobile sperm and among those above 53% d’atypie! :surprising: 😕 Et une infection. Therefore, an antibiotic once daily. But, it tells us nothing more.
    You still have to know that my man has a testicular prosthesis and made a Chemo 4 month, to cancer. Therefore, the CECOS, it has frozen straws. In anticipation.

    Therefore, Seeing this, in treatment settings Gonal-F, we change gygy. Not better. We see the replacement of the department head of our city Mater, that seeing the results of semen analysis, makes it clear that my man has little chance of making a baby about the problem of atypical. Crying, I leave the home gygy, and I still trigger my ovul. Monday, we see the head of department of Mater who says otherwise. :grattelatete: We, we should do what? To believe or not? :surprising: :fed up: If at least, with the same data, we could say the same thing, it might be lost unless, and we would lose less hope.
    Therefore, baby not making this time.

    A rest cycle…Thin after all, j'en he received. And as my man.

    Rechallenge, after a cycle of 45 days, and a curve that says I ovulated at J32. Waouw…I find it is later. But most important is that finally, I know I egg. Gonal treatment that I can not stand: nausea, hot flushes, and above…MIGRAINES. Horrible. I see the gygy that tells me that eventually, I have to stop all treatments, and that I must pass by a PMA. He's laughing at me that one??? He told us that not, the others had wrongly….We can do it without PMA. Is, I go and I stop everything! Curve, treatment…. :ouin:

    Finally, I'll see another gygy for a third opinion. She told me she thinks my man is infertile. So LDCs and IVF. Finally, we lost time and hope, Energy, for a department head can!!!

    So voilou. I have my first appointment in the center LDCs 20 April, and a new semen analysis results on Tuesday.
    Therefore, pending, as we believe in miracles, test is still. Because if you can avoid IVF, there would complain not. As a, this is why I bought ovulation tests.

    As a, how we treat?

    • Bonjour Krystelle,

      How to help ?
      Remembering that this is your man that will make you a child and nobody else !
      And it only takes ONE sperm and ONE egg to have a baby !

      Other instruments are set by fate on your route you decide whether to use…

      Other than that, after all these years of pill and life “normal” excluding fertility drugs (hemi)synthetic, a little spring cleaning is required.
      It's spring, here falls well ! A course of birch sap will help you clean all this.
      Since we must start somewhere, start there and register as a member to receive the food guide (if not already done…)

      Cleaning is also valid for your man who has perhaps never done after chemo.
      Who knows what can still be stored beyond it in the recesses of his body…
      It has a semen analysis that many only dream azoospermic or nécrospermiques, not to mention the glitter CECOS.

      Having a baby is a path that takes two.
      You decide what you want to help then…


  2. Fabienne, I need help.
    My case is as follows, impossible to have a child naturally because of my endometriosis detected in the left 2008 (unmarried at the time) and stopping rules for sub pilulle 1 an.
    Our only option is IVF. I have already been made of 2 ovaries twice (2004 and 2010).
    I started my treatment of ivf in April 2012 I very well supported. Only problem, I developed a cyst endometriosis left. Thus, left my follicles could not be punctured. Despite this, I had the transfer of two embryos 2 days after my puncture. From that day, I had terrible pains in the uterus that lasted 10 days, unfortunately, the ivf did not work, I cried.
    Aujourd’hui, I went for an echo pelvic where the radiologist I always confirms the presence of endometrial cyst of the left 13 cm. It will make me beautiful, enlever mes kystes, they will always return.
    I do not want and do not lose hope (with great support and patience of my husband), but I would like a treatment that can reduce this cyst until they could possibly redo a second ivf.
    What can you advise me ? Today, I drink a glass of pomegranate juice and am under no treatment.

    • Hello Vero,
      If you say pregnancy is not spontaneously, then it is probably impossible.
      Pomegranate juice is good for health, full of antioxidants and vitamins.
      I suggest a good cure for spring cleaning (quickly !) and begin to soak up the contents of “vitamins and trace” reçu here.
      You have my email.

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