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The Adelheid Ohlig. Aviva Steiner formed by the effects of gymnastics on the female cycle, Adelheid Ohlig has synthesized this knowledge with those she had on various natural techniques. In this book she shares her knowledge of yoga and its implications in the cycle of fertility of the couple.

Yoga is an essential component of traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda, as well as plants, l’alimentation, massage or spirituality : it is part of healthy Healthy Living.


Yoga et équilibre hormonal

In recent years, this lifestyle is spreading in the West and some women have experienced the effects of yoga on hormonal balance. Currently appears also a "hormonal yoga" which aims to erase the disadvantages of menopause hormone levels by reintroducing protective.

This book is longstanding link between the action of yoga and fertility of the woman and the man's fertility.

Yoga and fertility

He explains with graphics many postures, asanas that can play on the vasculature of the pelvis and glands, or enhance inner perception organs. It indicates the action for men and women. It also presents the work of yoga on stress.

It explains how to trigger a fertility dance ovulation or implantation block mode contraceptive (dance, that looks like some African dances ...)

Endnotes, many teas are shown to allow a complete yoga female food hygiene.

I think

This book is interesting for a high level practitioner of yoga : it allows to add postures targeted hormones existing practice.

A beginner will find interesting information to join an established and engage with the yoga teacher to learn the correct postures to achieve at appropriate cycle.

It is also an interesting book for yogathérapeute which would add design-workshops contraception to its existing.

Finally, teas seem anecdotal at best, to avoid the worst : some plants listed are subject to significant hormonal action against-indications that the book does not.

Brief, a good book to complete her yoga practice with a slope hormonal !

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  1. I'll look at this more closely because I practice yoga for a year. I will keep you posted

    • Hello Maya,
      I talked to a yoga teacher : she practices yoga for hormonal hormone levels back (estrogen) after menopause and has also been trained by Aviva Steiner. She knew by the book.
      She confirmed the effectiveness of yoga on female hormones although mostly assimilated Luna Yoga contraception.
      Other relevant information : after it, must 2-3 months to fully master it and it is a very invigorating yoga, enjoyable to practice.
      Curieuse et impatiente de ton retour d’expérience 😉

      • Hello,
        Another discussion, this time with a friend and sexologist yogathérapeute.
        It, she told me that yoga is by definition because it balances hormones throughout the body functioning.

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