Influence of fun on the fertility

Update 15/4/2012

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This article is part of a series of articles on the topic fun, the series launched by Philippe Blog Gourmet Végétarien.

Pleasure, according to Wikipedia, relates as much to philosophy than psychology. If it is defined simply as a pleasant sensation and sought, This concept is explored from antiquity and its great antiquity is the famous thinker Epicurus : thanks to him, we can see that the pleasure is closely related to the experience as something we are looking for and it is a way to achieve happiness.

Specifically pleasure is a motivation which runs to an action to repeat the experience that gives pleasant sensation. It is both an engine, a purpose and a compensation.

In fertility, it is connecting to the enjoyment, orgasm and fertilization. Their spheres of influence will be the desire, love and childbirth.

When pleasure meeting the desire, this is going to bed !

Sexual desire is a motivation carnal whose objective is to find what carnal pleasure called "orgasm".

The fun will take different paths for men and women.

It will be appreciated that the preliminary (sweet words, caresses, kisses) progressivement en condition puts. Home, the whole body is an erogenous zone. When it is ready, the vagina lubricated and will allow the man to enter smoothly. Obviously, ovulating, the natural secretions are already present and the preliminaries will be shorter ... "The elixir of life", and natural methods denominate the mucus, will be optimal to facilitate the first report, and then the growth and survival of spermatozoa. The penetration issue, but many pleasant sensations that the use referred to as an orgasm adds “loss of control "of the mind : the woman goes into instinctive and no longer lives at the rhythm of his feelings ... It can therefore experience several successive orgasms, according to the loss and recovery control.


The man can not hide his desire : erection is coming soon. Therefore, it is physiologically ready to penetrate his partner. If for man, orgasm happens during ejaculation, it as a sign the end. Once the seed is part, fun with flies and erection falls. It can of course come back later to a new report.

The imaginary wants of men and women experience orgasm at the same time but, concrete, they can be shifted by a few micro-seconds or a few seconds : the report will be just as satisfying and potentially fertilizing.

For that pleasure leads fertilization, it takes a combination of parameters :

The presence of orgasm will add two "bonus :

  • physiologically, a pump effect because the uterine contractions will literally suck the sperm through the cervical
  • spiritually, loss of control of the mind of the woman and love the synchronization of the two partners will open a gap to allow the "descent of the soul" of their child.

When love meets pleasure, there is a collection of little things !

You probably know this quote from Jean Cocteau "there is no love, there are only proofs of love ".

In this vein, pleasure enjoyment will allow more "emotional" and physical with a multitude of little things over daily : small dish prepared lovingly, chaste kiss, embrace, flowers, sweet words, admiring gaze or languorous ...

Each couple has its rites and surprises !

All these little things strung like pearls every day to the next show you are happy, you enjoy being with him. That said when you focus on you ... But Love, You'll even find pleasure in your mind and get his own pleasure before yours : This is the best proof of love, Unconditional Love.

The pleasure of baby's arrival to forget everything else !

That baby was conceived under the covers or in vitro, arrival will be normal : vaginally or by cesarean, it will come out and join the world.

If pregnancy is a path that most women consider their partners happy and with distance, most common is the dreaded moment of the transition from baby to our world and lover to the status of parents.

The birth of a child is an event in the life : it happens easily "as a letter in the mail" , that the sensations are pleasant or even close to the sexual pleasure or, in contrast with more difficulty or suffering, birth will weld the participants. The circumstances of birth becomes a story to remember. But those memories are still marked with the seal of happiness : Baby is here and is the main. The pleasure of welcoming this new life overlooks everything else and it is the happiness I wish you.


To go further

I recommend two authors (and urge you to refer also to the policy of this blog) and in particular those 4 books :

  • Robin Baker to explain how the body influence our behavior in love
  • Mantak Chia & Co. to advise us on the philosophy of shared pleasure


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