Homeopathy in the female and male fertility

Here are some things that should encourage you to consult a homeopath for treatment for your field or at least talk to your GP or gynecologist. I remind you that in France, only a doctor is authorized to prescribe homeopathy.

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If no result appeared after 3 months of attendance, is that the chosen formula is not adequate or there are other obstacles to raise.

You'll get more results by ensuring that your diet is balanced. You can refer to’article dealing with this topic and the Guide “vitamins and trace elements to design” (offered when registering on this site.)

Homeopathy cycle

First formula - found by Domipiano

  • Ovarinum 7CH ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...…… 1 dose J5 and J7
  • Luther Converter 5CH ... ... ... .... ... ... ... ... ... ...….. 6 J13 to J25 granules
  • 9CH Folliculinum ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...….. 1 dose and J9 1 dose J20
  • Actaea racemosa loading dose .... ... ..... 1 weekly dose

Formula for cycles 28 days

  • Ovarinum 7CH, 1 dose on day 5
  • Folliculinum 7CH, 1 dose on day 7
  • Progesteronum 7CH, 1 dose at day 21
  • (single doses in a single dose)

Formula for long cycles of J35 or more

  • LHRH 15CH, 5 pellets every morning with a stop at the rules
  • Folliculinum 15CH, 1 dose on Day 15 and another at J29
  • Progesteronum 5CH, 5 granules J17 rules

Formula to regulate the cycle

  • Folliculinum 15CH, 1 dose on day 8 and another at J20
  • Progesteronum 5CH, 5 granules J10 rules
  • LHRH 15CH, 5 pellets every morning with a stop at the rules



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L’homéopathie de la femme en PMA

Formula waiting

This formula is similar to the standard form to prepare the body for the design. It is intended to fill the time between taking the first appointment with the gynecologist PMA, the appointment itself, and various test results ... Consider talking to your doctor !

Cleaning Formula “anti-ghosts”

1/ Emotional cleansing (After such failures)

2/ Cleaning away the ghosts of miscarriage or abortion

The magic anti-ghost can shake emotionally as it aims to eliminate the remains of the ill feelings evacuated. The risk is a little destabilized, sensitive, pleurnicheuse… even nauseous with anxiety attacks to the extreme. It depends on the size of the heap of remnants.

An alternative is more gentle and gradual.

Formula to fight against stress

Formula to reduce the FSH

Formula against infertility organotherapy inexplicable

Formula for an intrusive examination

If you have an intimate examination (type hysteroscopy), you can limit the trauma of taking the intrusion of homeopathy…

Formula of homeopathy and organotherapy to prepare the body to PMA treatment

Another formula for transmitted by Elodie lazy ovaries

Organotherapy formula to support the ovaries during ovarian stimulation

Formula for puncture

Puncture will generate a “surgical shock”, bleeding and wounds to heal ovaries will have to quickly bring products and also can prepare anesthésiques.Vous.

Homeopathy subfertile human

These formulas are designed for men whose spermatogenesis is not affected by genetic or mechanical errors (varicocele, orchitis during, obstruction of the vas deferens ...)
They must be taken concurrently with lifestyle measures and drainage.

First formula - found by Domipiano

  • Lycopodium 9CH…………………..….. 5 granules morning and evening
  • Gelsemium 9CH ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...… 5 granules morning and evening
  • Tribulus terrestris tincture,1 drop per kilo weighed, increases spermatos,and muscle growth,and progesterone levels of 30 to 50% …

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Another formula for azoospermia

Another formula for OATS - submitted by Veronique

Formula OATS transmitted by Elodie

Profit after 6 month : “spermo of my dear and tender 0% normal forms , 7% normal forms, and here we are a 15% therefore already a good point and there are more after an hour or more mobile but still not huge.”

US-India formula for men and OATS nécrosperme

(to discover, Join the blog !)
Result of this association : the 50 000 mostly dead sperm when ICSI2, semen analysis was obtained in August near normal (14 million) and October 5 million sperm which 13% alive and 10% mobile post 24 hours. In February 2006, semen analysis comparable to that of October which resulted in obtaining 4 blastocyst class A and a twin pregnancy.
Note : thank you to Lisa 64 for this information


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We are not pharmacists, or biologist, no doctor : This article is a work of literature. Any information on this site, and a fortiori in this article, is indicative only and you will be liable only if you put into practice the advice without medical advice or medical.


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What result did you get with homeopathy ?


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  1. Left by : schiz le11/05/2006 20:00

    Progesterone oral 5cc bulb : 1 early morning light bulb
    Left by : schiz le11/05/2006 at 20:05

    Dsl pr false manipulation of the above comentaire
    Progesterone oral 5cc bulb : 1 early morning light bulb

    It's supposed to do what the addition of progesterone? It's natural hormone or modified? Because drinking like that of unmodified human progesterone to increase its fertility it seems odd to me… On the one hand this type of hormone is degraded by the liver (where birth control pills at the time ultra dosed and elsewhere these days is not recommended to follow this type of contraception for a lifetime) and secondly if it happens to pass the liver progesterone rather have a contraceptive effect that fertilizer…

    Left by : schiz le11/05/2006 at 8:12 p.m.

    Ah yes it's me again, I actually stuck on the title that spoke of fertility. Of course, if it is to receive an embryo derived from ICSI progesterone may be useful. Now the oral form seems to me strange see my comment above; But hey, it may be a modified form which avoids being too degraded by the liver…
    Other than that, Good luck eh.

    • Hello,

      I answer by block…

      This progesterone had been prescribed by a homeopath in my FIV/ICSI2. But his prescription is a jumble of scribbles and I have a little abstract… since the purpose of this paper is rather to send in consultation. In any case self-medication is not recommended, Is not ?

      So I take : progesterone in question is prescribed as part of the organotherapy, branch of homeopathy that uses low-dose animal extracts to react human organs. As often in homeopathy, the catch is perlingually which prevents the passage through the digestive system while taking (here enters the bloodstream through the small capillaries under the tongue and goes directly to the dispensing pump is the heart.) Of course, products subsequently pass through the liver / kidney for disposal as waste… but were first able to reach the target organs.

      The goal is not to inject the full dose progesterone (here, is the delay or progesterone-replacement plant extract from Yam best known under the name of Utrogestan, and I also know) but to stimulate the production by the body.

      Thank you for your intervention. I wish you good luck for your review and your passage into the second… and then what you waiting with patients as we ! (stress that the Internet seems much the doctors now)

    • I would like to read the reference “Homeopathic Dictionary”, Louis Pommier, Editions Vigot but I am unable to find it. Can I have a complete name please. Thank you

  2. Left by : Fabienne le01/09/2006 at 12:49


    I just found your site while searching information on the menhir Orcival and fertility. But I also found info bp and heat huimaine.

    I start IVF treatment for late September. Your blog is a gold mine for a lot of little cool stuff. Do not stop

    Thank you


  3. Left by : © ronique Vàle04/08/2007 to 9:33 p.m.

    Hi Faby, Vero's me.

    That's it I finally found the courage to comment.

    Yes my magic works, since I got pregnant quickly. While it ended badly with a stop of pregnancy 12 SA, but since I saw my gynecologist pma center and she told me that IVF put aside for the moment to repeat the same recipe since my return from layer. “You do not change a recipe that works” and I agree with it.

    While waiting for my man again on the treatment to which I gave him the added Toco500. Me last week I was still taken folic acid, I touch, Torental and the evening primrose oil and I would resume Clomid, oromone homeopathic and on my return from layer since it is necessary to take on certain days of the cycle and now I know where I am. Ditto for baking. And I spend my days drinking Vichy Celestin and white grape juice, if there would still be an ovulation in the coming days.

    So to all those who doubt the benefits of allopathic medicine coupled with Homeopathy and recipes Grandma, I am living proof that you have to believe. Even my gynecologist believes, proof it all down in my file and I hope my efforts will be rewarded soon.

    For your information Faby, my husband is a semen analysis again because my gynecologist believes he has improved with its treatment, I hope she's right. We must also make a karyotype, since both my fc was due to a chromosomal abnormality. Too bad the results are slow in coming because I hope to be pregnant again before.



    • Vero thank you for your testimony. I have no doubt either your lucky stars or your success in obtaining an ongoing pregnancy and beautiful baby after, This time I do not write to you on a private mail but I publish it to whoever read !

      I embrace you very much, with all my friends.

  4. Left by : Pitouille13 le20/05/2007 at 6:52 p.m.

    I copy here a question after 's forum Pitouille13 sterility that might interest a wider audience because I asked myself the same question the first time that I ' ve had a tube 's homeopathy in the hands, heureusement j’’étais avec une amie :

    A small question probably stupid but good should not die stupid : for homeo ('m boring eh??) a dose that is ?? C’est 1 granule or the dose that is in the small cap tube ???
    I prefer to ask before attack !!
    Thank you again girls, fingers crossed it pays off !!!

    • And so my answer :

      Defining a dose

      If you asked a “dose” or “dose d’attaque” pharmacy, you had to have a mini-tube with very small granules (1 mm) you see when you open the tube : you swallow the tube of a sudden (careful not to put everything on the floor !)

      If you do not see all the granules but a kind of valve with 2 holes need to turn to for a pellet 2 mm, not a tube-dose : you close the tube, you hold down cap, you turn the distributor to drop the pellets into the cap and you take 5 granules.

      For the record, here is taken on an empty stomach and here is kept in the mouth under the tongue until complete dilution ! To ban a product based on mint (eg toothpaste… ) that will counteract the absorption by closing the taste and restricting traffic.

      Now you are dressed !
      Bises, Fabienne

  5. Left by : t.hanae le05/06/2007 at 21:10

    Hello I read the content of your comment I have a question that will interest the world tt: What is the treatment with DHEA in particular to recover depleted ovarian reserve?

    I hope to have a clear answer thank you in advance

  6. Left by : Nath le09/08/2007 at 9:54 p.m.


    Thank you for all the pipes.

    My friend has an irregular cycle and ovulation problems. She thinks that taking the homeopathic treatment you speak of. Is it also will help ovulation ?

    It does not, do you have a suggestion to help homeopathic ovulation ?

    Thank you very much for this blog


    • Logically, cycle time and existence (or absence) ovulation are related since both régient by the endocrine system.

      Now, I repeat, This blog has no one to replace a medical consultation and… If your friend refuses to see, she can try on a single cycle to see if the treatment is successful : time to convince her to see !

      Good luck to her for the rest, Fabienne

  7. Left by : Mayan le17/09/2007 11:00


    I found your blog by searching on the nigella seeds, thanks to the Google search engine.

    I am one of many women who can not bear children( 13 years of infertility), so I know runs through the combatant, billan, hystero, hormone, and insemination, ICSI and finally.

    I also know ladéception, the heartbreak and depression, but four years ago I adopted a little girl at the time was three months, This ray of sunshine in my life gave me a smile, and allowed me to experience all the joys of motherhood.

    here I wanted to share with you my experience, I would also like to congratulate and encourage all those involved in this blog.

    • Thank you for the encouragement and congratulations ! I have some “informers” et supporters mais pour l’instant je reste la seule rédactrice 😉

      You have managed to find peace of body and joy of the heart through the adoption ; is a long way and your way was the receipt of a child in distress. But everyone's destiny…

      Thank you for your testimony ; enjoy your little, time goes so fast !


  8. Left by : vivi le21/09/2007 at 6:31 p.m.


    I am looking for a treatment of a part in reducing vaginal acidity, the other not to fight the azoospermia

    thank you very much

    Very much I wait your answers

    • Bonsoir Vivi,

      For a, start with the power balance, drain toxins, increase the intake of green vegetables, take a little baking soda and stop the products loaded with pollutants, pesticides… (cigarettes, dishes, non-bio)

      For the other, Assuming that azoospermia is not excretory secretory, drain toxins, rebalance supply and transfer the products loaded with pollutants, pesticides…

      So much for the basic lifestyle ! For the rest, dare I suggest a homeopathic consultation and some extra vitamins ?

      Good luck for the future, Fabienne

  9. Left by : vivi le21/09/2007 at 22:25

    thank you for the advice..

    can you tell me more for homeopathic treatments and vitamins?

    Thank you for your help

  10. Left by : Yves Marcel le29/09/2007 at 18:08

    I have 35 years and I am a semen analysis , I have half my sperm no longer living after 1 hour of time and also they are not very mobile . I also I often constacte 2 color in my urine color followed by a normal white color. WHAT TO DO ? what are the remedies that I have to take and for how long. PLEASE HELP ME.

    • Hello Yves,

      First of all, I remind you that this blog is a compilation documentary and I'm not a therapist…

      Your sperm is it recent ? Where are you in the course of investigation PMA : have you ever tested the serological, saw a andrologist, Radio is a lower abdominal (search for varicocele or prostatitis) ?..

      Given what you expose in any case, self-medication seems to me to a total ban and further investigations would be welcome. The white jet can have several origins, in particular correspond to a prostate infection or retrograde ejaculation (i. ejaculation into the bladder, or white as pus, infection can degrade your spermocytogramme), and a quick reference “skilled in the art” is the minimum of care, if only for your peace of mind.

      You can take the formula with argentum nitricum, sulfur et aurum metallicum (silver nitrate is an old well known disinfectant, sulfur and gold a little less) pending the outcome of your consultation but you provide consulting.

      Keep me informed !

  11. Left by : donjo le25/09/2010 at 11:31

    m I would like information on plants and oils that can help the man get an erection for long-term .
    thank you for answering me .

    • Good evening,

      Ca refers to most plants aphrodisiac rights and also the patience to hold preliminary !

      But for this to work well and safely, must also be concerned with the cardiovascular field (erection is a rush of blood…) : Therefore low power causes the excess cholesterol and low lifestyle that penalizes the bloodstream (cigarette, sedentary life…)

      So no generic answer on a blog, here is the consultation in preventive or curative.

  12. Left by : nazak le29/09/2010 at 1:21

    Thank you for your answer
    Emeil you my address if you want to help m get treatment

  13. Good evening Fabienne !

    Thank you for any advice and information you provided us. It does not take long as I registered but I can not get past this blog. In fact I recommend it to everyone I meet on another forum. I have a question that I break the Agnus Castus is used for the FSH agree but I read on a forum that if he was taken after ovulation it interferes with implantation is that true ?

    thank you again for all the info

    Kisses and good night

    • Good evening Cheyma,
      I saw the same information in a scientific paper but I did not go check the scientific literature : doubt is implied anyway.
      I prefer to work with other plants, especially rosemary, One of my favorite plants. My preferred form is the gemmotherapy.
      Good evening to you too, Fabienne

      • Good evening Fabienne !

        Thank you for responding. Is the rosemary is used to lower the FSH hormone or regulator ? And how to use it please! ? What is gemmotherapy it has nothing to do with herbal medicine is not.
        I'm asking too many questions sorry

        thank you for answering me
        Good evening

        • Good evening Cheyma,
          FSH is a hormone.
          You have an article on gemmotherapy here; the action of plants Gemmo is slightly different from the plant, even wider.
          Soon, Fabienne

          • Good evening Fabienne,

            Thank you for responding.
            I read your article on the very interesting gemmotherapy I understand better the difference in the two. I decided to start taking some herbal tea to lower my FSH. But today I learned I had a fibroid so I'm looking for natural treatment to heal ?
            See you soon Cheyma

          • Good evening Cheyma,
            Myome comme fibrome ? Gemmotherapy is an alternative that's worth a try or at least considered…
            You can write me on my direct mail.
            Soon, Fabienne

  14. Hello Fabienne !

    Thank you for responding. That reassures me a bit because I found nothing that might naturally treated by some nutritional advice. Can you give me your address please. I do not link to contact .

    See you soon cheyma

  15. Good evening,
    I have a friend who is trying to get pregnant for over 4 years, it went from stimulation , to artificial inseminations and 3 IVF without any success. What can you offer?
    Thank you very much for your help.

    • Good evening,
      To read it to come, you can not do it for them… Page “I suggest” you detail precisely what I propose for now.
      Bravo for your friendships, Fabienne

  16. hello
    I am looking to make a BB since 5 years because I can not deceive bites
    I switched to IVF .
    j'en ai fait 4
    I designed the second embryo transfer and frozen after 5 week it came out
    in November it was the fourth IVF and I got pregnant. A 7 Miscarriage week because my BB's heart stopped beating.
    I have two frozen embryos and I intend to do a transfer in March that you can advise me for this time whether the right.
    You know it's over for me now I have to get money out of my pocket to keep the ivf or I have to do outside of France
    Thanks in advance

  17. Hello I wish I could register for access to all your items .
    How to ?
    Thank you

    • Hello,
      You must complete Form : bottom of each article or in the navigation bar to the right.
      Or the pop-up that appears on the screen after a few seconds… (oui 😀 le truc encombrant !)
      Cordially, Fabienne

  18. hello,
    j’ai 44 and I have a son who will 8 years in June. I been trying to have another child without success. Luckily I stumbled upon this page. I want to know if I have a chance to conceive again and if the homeopathic products can help me to improve cervical mucus. I have almost no mucus and little there is of good quality. thank you to answer me

    • Hello Emma,
      I can not answer this question likely to give birth : what do you think ?
      But I can answer yes to the mucus : natural products, plants (I use) or homeopathy (I do not have the right to use) can help improve the mucus as deterioration probably just a hormonal shift.

  19. Hello Fabienne,
    I signed up as a member, and I would have access to the sections of this article for members only, because in LDCs currently. But I do not see how, because I can not find any link to click, or a section “Member” the top of the home page.
    Could you please help me, please?
    Thank you in advance!

  20. Adeline Da Silva


  21. salvation, j’ai un cycle irrégulier et jai rencontrer un gyneco qui ma prescrit du lutenyl un comprimée pendant 10 days and a dose of Folliculinum 15ch the 8th and the 20th day. I want a Bb that I advise you to ACCEL things. Thank you

    • Hello, to have sex all 2 jours et de revoir l’alimentation 🙂
      more follow through the cycle to the method of symptothermie can better target reports (and sometimes the nature of the difficulties !)
      Good luck…

  22. Hello,

    I am a member of your site but I can not have this item in full version for members. How do I ?
    I am very interested in this method ;after 4 test years 4 FIV , I would like to find a natural solution .
    thank you for your answer .

  23. Hello ,
    Thank you for answering but unfortunately the address you provided does not appear .

  24. I am under ttt homeopathic and I came across this site that I found exciting

  25. hello, to improve mucus qu'appelez you natural product, plants . where to find?

    • Hello, natural products, plants and a healthy lifestyle…
      This goes beyond a response to a comment on a public blog, requires an analysis, a proposal Custom monitoring and.
      So a series of appointments with a qualified homeopath or naturopath, because I like… (you will find among the students of’
      Happy holidays season, Fabienne

  26. homéopathies the products I can have them on the spot but where

  27. Hello,
    I just had a transfer 2 I would qqes embryos and advice to facilitate implantation. Especially as I suffer from chronic pelvic pain for 15 incapacitating years (Endometriosis?) and I fear that my uterine contractions arriving heads the 3d day and night (…) eventually expel embryos. I usually take the lutenyl continuous; can I just take after embryo transfer? What substitute?
    Thank you very much for your response;

    • Hello,
      Relax and everything will be fine.
      Your doctor has the sole authority to respond to the lutenyl.
      It would have been good to do hypnosis to prepare transfer.
      I suggest you just magnesium.
      Good couvade, Fabienne

  28. hello,

    merci bcp pour l’aide que vous nous apporter
    j’ai 40 ans je n’arrive pas a avoir un bébé, j’ai déjà fait deux fiv au bout de douze semaine échec, et après mon gygy ma dit rien a faire car j’ai pas une boNne qualité d’ovule mais dieux et grand je suis tombé enceinte sans aide de pers appart l’aide de dieu mais malheureusement pour moi le cœur de bébé c’est arrêter et depuis on essaye tjrs des fausse couche aider moi SVP


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