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verrous_inconscients_steriliteJoëlle Simon and Sylvie Desjardins Debras
Joëlle Simon Desjardins is a psychoanalyst at the Polyclinic of Franche-Comté in Besançon and intervenes in the medical service of procreation from 15 years (1995 about).
In this book, co-written with journalist Sylvie Debras, it uses many stories of couples to highlight the various locks that are blocking the fertility.

The author begins by recalling in this book 2 important points :

  1. Contraception gives the illusion of controlling their fertility and
  2. becoming a parent is a mutation as important as the crisis of adolescence.

She then expresses the experiences and behaviors she has observed as a psychoanalyst involved in a team GPA.

She finally introduces the major challenge of the book – blockages – explaining that the arrival of a child returns each :

  • psychological tests listed and repressed his past,
  • traumatic violence of the newborn that was,
  • the difficulties of ties with her parents,
  • the obligation to make room as a couple.

Gradually, she manages to express the unconscious locks it will illustrate many examples following the plans teeming with Anglo-Saxon : it follows its main line to appear to deviate from each chapter or example before returning with the following example. So, the reader gradually understands the nature of the different blocks, assimilates and can project his own situation to better understand and analyze.

These blocks will be 5 orders, but can also be superimposed, mingle and interweave as evidenced by the abundance of examples that constitute the bulk of the book :

  1. Being part of a lineage
  2. Being part of a generation (time)
  3. Have benchmarks on genres (be sexed)
  4. Have benchmarks on the roles of parents
  5. Have room for the child hoped

To summarize the content, should be reduced to 2 major ideas :

  1. the couple is made (at least partially) the idea that infertility is part of their "project torque" and
  2. locks of an echo those of other, they are identical or complementary.

Therefore, just unlock one to change the couple's fertility and also the legitimacy to continue.

Brief, this book is an indispensable tool for anyone wishing to understand the issues of infertility of his marriage and the need to consider changing to continue to do so upon the arrival of a child.

In my opinion, it saves time over many months (years ?) of psychoanalysis. I have completed reading a work in brief therapy (as set up some of my partners "therapists to fertility”) which will be more effective than both spouses will involve.

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  1. Joelle Desjardins.Simon

    A big thank you for your fine article on this book in which I put a lot of energy and bet on a transmission as legible as possible for orchestrating our inconscient.JDS

    • Merci à vous pour votre visite sur le site 😀

      • hello,

        I read this book on your advice Fabienne and I must say that the discovery was made at a very opportune time in my life. I think there is another year, I would not have been ready to appropriate messages to disclose, I will not be able to use this reading to good escient.Bref, I was not in the acceptance that’ before being a body , I was a psychic being made hollow and filled.
        This book has reasoned in me, he confirmed my desire to deepen the many hidden aspects of my psyche, I even went to direct me to a psychologist specializing in haptonomy and torque…my husband is involved too and I admit that we now feel no longer standing still but to move forward , to go to ourselves and to bring together our two stories so strange and yet so related to each other.
        Our infertility begins to make sense…I know now what I'm looking, and I am no longer attracted to “magic solutions” we engage the Net. The “magic” does not cling to anything as I am now feeling a sense of belonging to, have found the thread that I hope will help me out of the maze to get to this child that we are building step by step, pacifying the one we have been. Thank you for this discovery Fabienne Joelle and thank you for writing this book.

        • Joelle thank you for this book,
          Thank you Fabienne, for this clear summary ! … as always !
          And thank you Emilie, for this testimony and understanding of infertility as a call to move toward self and 2, down in the thread of meaning and sense.
          Perhaps future generations they expect from us this maturity ? At least our lives do they seem to invite us to such a maturation !

          • Thank you to you 3 for your interventions that provide so much value to readers and show a possible path to peace within and parenting.

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