The Venus of fertility

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Do you know the fertility of Venus ?

Fertility problems are not new in our time ...
The proof, art shows !
We discovered the "Paleolithic Venus" dating from –40 000 years ago, who worshiped couples to help them have a child.

La Vénus de WillendorfThe Venus of Willendorf (Austria). 110mm high by
oolitic limestone, One of the best known. Photo pairs lisby1.

These were discovered Venus worldwide : and France (Pyrenees and Dordogne), and England, and Italy, and Germany, in several countries in Eastern Europe, and Russia including Siberia, in a large number of approximately 250.

Vénus de LespugueThe Venus of Lespugne (Haute-Garonne ). High 147 mm, carved in the round in a piece of mammoth ivory, one of the most beautiful and interesting. Photo by Ryan Somma.

These statues do not follow a single female canon.

Some have beautiful curve, the others large buttocks and hips and some are more elongated. They are generally static, with face rarely represented while the body is quite realistic. Their common feature is that their nakedness (sometimes they just wear a bracelet or necklace).

The upper or lower limbs are neglected, when the head, facial features are not represented (except 2 exceptions : the Lady of Brassempouy head and Dolni Vestonice).

Only have highlighted the feminine attributes : symbols of fertility.

Vénus d'ukraine Venus in Ukraine. Photo pairs Lisby1.

Some were discovered in an archaeological context by reference to the rituals, others were used as ornaments (recognizable by a hanging hole).

They are, in general, found broken, the pieces were scattered in the home, in the same place everyday objects, also broken. Indeed sometimes with a magical role (belief in the elemental forces as the home, the ground of their ancestors ...), Once the ritual performed, it lost all spiritual values, Then again becoming a mere object of popular art.

Vénus de Kostienki Venus Kostienki (Russia). Limestone, with
traces of red color. Photo pairs Lisby1.

Some of them received offerings (legged buffalo tools), while others were buried in small pits they were often not for away from home, vital point of the group : private altars for worship of specific entities (ancestors, forces, minds), for protection against what could be harmful (particularly health-fertility), sacred space…

These Venus represents the mystery of fertility and life, worn by women.

Through the ages, artists have reinterpreted to honor them !

I can give you example Niki you may be familiar with the creations :

Nana de Niki de Saint PhalleNana by Niki de Saint Phalle. Photo by ohaoha.

Nana de Niki de Saint Phalle Exhibition of Niki de Saint Phalle at the Castle
The Malbrouck, Moselle. Photo by flxmx.

Niki de Saint Phalle, and Based on that prehistoric art, wanted to refer to this ancient art while showing his interest in femininity and life.

We are in this same approach !

We as women as artists, we wanted to rediscover these evidence on fertility creating the "Mamas.”

Here is an overview :

Black Mother #1


Yellow Mother #2


Red Mother #3


Mini Black Mama #4


BIG Mother #5





We do not give them magic power of (This avoids having to break them) mais faisons le vœux qu’elles puissent rendre hommage aux femmes et à ce qu’elles sont capables d’accomplir dans leur vie 🙂


Written by Helen, support graphics-a-blog have solidarity visits and visitors who want a baby !

Sources : / html / art / venus_art_mobilier.php

And you ? Do you have a fetish object that helps you think about your fertility ? To get ready to welcome a baby home ?

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  1. Thank you Ln, c is a superb article!!!

  2. Also very interesting to see how the canons of beauty were different and have evolved. These Venus are evidence.

  3. A very nice article that pays tribute to women in its powers of fertility.
    Bravo for the graphics are strong on imagery.

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