Machines monitoring the menstrual cycle

This article is part of a series of articles on how to identify with certainty the phase of fertility, whether you are wanting a child or looking for a natural birth, contraception ecological.

You want a baby and want to target reports on the most fertile time but you do not know how ? Worry, the market has got you covered !

Small review of assistive technology ...


The machines based on the urine test

Clearblue Fertility Monitor

This device developed by the manufacturer of pregnancy test and ovulation will refine reading ovulation tests urinary. By inserting the urine test, the monitor will read the concentration of hormones to determine the most fertile periods of the cycle in order to better target the period of potential design. It uses the method of Ogino calendar (estimating the ovulation 14 days before menstruation) to make the first ovulation test (6 days before the expected date of ovulation statistical) ; monitoring a fertility cycle will take between 10 and 20 Ovulation Tests disposable.

This device is only intended to facilitate the design and should not be used in contraception.

Limitations in the use, it is clear that false positives can be caused for women on clomiphene, for 2 cycles after pregnancy (or miscarriage), for women with polycystic ovary syndrome (OPK), if antibiotic tetracycline or hormone therapy (contraceptive, THS, morning after pill.)

It costs about 115 € + box 20 recharges 33 Approximately €



This mini computer reads on ovulation tests urinary hormone concentration to determine the period of ovulation. In mode contraceptif, it has a failure rate of 6%.

Older than the Clearblue Fertility Monitor, it is designed on the same principle.

It costs 87 € + box 8 recharges 17 Approximately €



Test machines based on temperature

These monitors record daily basal body temperature of women to define fertility.

Based solely on the temperature curve, they can detect attempts to ovulation or if it has occurred, this certainty can not take place 4 to 5 days after ... So too late for the egg that has a life 12 to 24 h !


Lady Comp – Baby Comp

These monitors use temperature taken orally (one that is more difficult to make a reliable ... )

They cost 695 € TTC. No doubt that price is a guarantor intense female attendance !



A patch to stick underarm temperature sensing continuously and transmits the data to a central computer, Here the concept of this device.

The British company provides an impressive result of 4 couples on 10 who get pregnant within 12 month, developed to offer a guarantee "pregnancy or Refund". Obviously, an evaluation questionnaire to test if the couple is "a good case" or a "hopeless case". And the site is largely before the British Association Support Infertility.

The major criticism I can make to this technology is that the user is captive to technology and understands nothing about why what are fertile at a specific time. Otherwise, taking basal body temperature upon awakening in the morning is usually sufficient and I wonder about the usefulness of these surveys almost permanent ...

595 € announced. Once more, Price guarantee only the motivation of the user.


I think

If this is to compare the color of urine test strip, just open your eyes : The photo above illustrates you !

If it is to take its temperature, nothing like a good old thermometer € 10 and a piece of paper for note !

Brief, if you need to spend big bucks to be sure to be diligent, any of the machines listed above may agree.

Otherwise, I suggest you stick with simple methods (already seen, in particular the salivary lens wear-) or more elaborate (next article coming…)

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