Oils, Essential Fertility

Oils may occur in two different ways in the problems of fertility :

  • nutrient involved in spermatogenesis and oogenesis,
  • sending signals to the brain.

For these two approaches, oils used will be different :

  • vegetable oils (necessarily virgin cold pressed, organic if possible) for their richness in vitamins, trace elements and omega,
  • essential oils (must botanically defined, chemotyped, “pure and natural and integral”) for the richness of their chemical composition and their fragrance.


for therapeutic…

In physiology, the “fat” is an essential component of our body. All the walls of our cells contain lipids : is the famous bi-layer lipid phosphate. Otherwise, cholesterol is a raw material for manufacturing and other steroid hormones, So sexual. Finally, some of the vitamins is said “soluble” therefore contained in oily media are essential in fertility : Vitamins A and E such !

But the fat should not be “trans” : in this case, the spatial organization of the molecule is changed and it can not be assimilated and used properly.

So lack of>fat intake of good quality affects the quality of your gametes and may intervene in a sterile…

1. l’huile d’onagre

rich in essential fatty acids, regular intake appears to help restore the balance of estrogen-progesterone. Its fatty acids will also be appreciated by the fetus during pregnancy.

Dosage : 2 oily capsules morning-noon-evening, 21 days followed by 7 days of arrest or 6 days 7.

2. borage oil (a composition close to evening primrose oil)

Dosage : 2 oily capsules morning-noon-evening, 21 days followed by 7 days of arrest or 6 days 7.

3. oil Nigel “Egyptian black cumin”

already mentioned in the article on “tips and tricks of the Middle East“, nigella oil is particularly rich in active ingredients (not all are identified) and essential fatty acids.

Dosage : 1 teaspoon each day in the middle of dinner (its taste is peppery) or in blends with traditional oriental honey.

… and cooking oil

Oils rich in omega-6-9 Ω3

Ω3 a-linolenic acid : lin, rape, nuts, cameline, périlla, European hemp, Rosehip (40%)

It is an arsenal enzyme to convert ALA to DHA EPA (DHA-EPA : fish “fat” The comme sardines, anchovies,mackerel, halibut, krill)

Ω6 gamma linolenic acid : borage, onager, Rosehip

Acide Ω9 oléique : olive

And of course oils rich in iron, mg, calcium and vitamins A group-B-C-D-E !

The ideal oil gathering all these parameters has not yet identified when a mix is ​​essential…

Cooking oil from M. Baudoux

  • nuts 50%
  • >olive 30%
  • onager 10%
  • argan 10%

This oil does not heat : vegetables only.

You can use the synergy before and during pregnancy table, but also in massage (for example to prevent stretch marks !)

Oil Trade

You can find ready-made mixtures in most health food stores.




General use

As their name implies, they correspond to the essence or the “quintessence” a plant, by distillation, by soaking in oil or pressure (for citrus zest.)

You will flee the “odors…” (chemical recovery does take into account that the major known components) to make essential oils

only HECT or EOBBD (chemotyped essential oil or essential oil botanically and biologically defined), “pure and natural and integral” which are obtained exclusively from the plant indicated on the bottle.

You will frequently see the Latin botanical name and geographical origin to avoid confusion.

Essential oils are concentrated plant real.

Thus for 1 kg of essential oil (often little more than 1 liter), must :

  • 5 tons of rose petals (or 40 to 55 10 ml, the equivalent of a hectare of roses…) ou 10 ml, the equivalent of a hectare of roses…) or
  • 100 kg of grass in bloom for clary sage (between 500 g and 1 kg for a flagon of 10 ml),
  • pour l'ylang-ylang 50 kg-flower (500 to 700 g for 10 ml)… or
  • 300 kg angelica root.

=> 1 HE drop of damask rose represents about 30 flowers.

The use of essential oils therefore requires caution and strict compliance with the stated amounts. Their concentration can be

toxic to the liver, nerves, the brain even be carcinogenic or just irritating to the respiratory tract or caustic (burning) Skin…

Caution, caution, storage and careful compliance with the directions of use are essential.

(in case of clumsiness, you will rinse the essential oil of your skin or eye with a stream of vegetable oil.)

The methods of use

  • The internal use is for aromatherapists : you will not find here, one exception confirming the rule.
  • S external usage, a drop of essential oil placed on the skin changes the body chemistry almost instantly. The essential oil can be diluted in water but not in vegetable oil. (I repeat : in case of clumsiness, you will rinse the essential oil of your skin or eye with a stream of vegetable oil.)
  • In use olfactory, you use a media type of cold cotton pad, tissue or “to feel the touch of perfume testers” possibly enclosed in a small bottle (available in pharmacy or perfumery.) => You post in the atmosphere with a nebulizer to cold air or ultrasound to take advantage of chemical inputs over the smell (Nature and Discovery has a nice selection). The final solution “incense burner” is only acceptable to qualify for the smell by putting drops of oil on a little water in a large container placed near a radiator (type pot crème brûlée) and if you forget the water, be corrupted by the smell and heat your container covered with a wire sticking infamous fat to clean.
  • S inhalation sèche, you ask 1 to 2 drops on the inside of the wrists, then join hands around the nose section : the smell will come up immediately.
  • A massage, You can choose between different areas that allow for dissemination to the central nervous system almost immediately. => First of all, you can put your eye drops on the inside of the wrists, richly vascularized, where vessels are exposed (as for inhalation dry). Then the arch of the feet, expensive to reflexology, can also be a way of massage.Enfin, You can massage the spine, where the muscles are anchored, nerves and vertebrae. You start by lumbar, “the lower back”, covering much of the area and go up either side of the spine to the neck. Some oils can be applied to the solar plexus or cardiac plexus. The solar plexus is the area below the diaphragm and above the navel, which is the area “soft” viscera and stomach. The cardiac plexus in turn is just above and is the area of ​​the heart to the left and the center of the body, above the breasts


Formulas of essential oils for fertility

To promote fertility

HEBBD Rosa Damascena (Ladies rose) breathing out of the bottle,

  • 3 to 4 times a day as long as necessary.
  • This smell refers to love and can help couples to conceive that “so good, but who do not”. Another advantage, it would have a regulatory effect or payments for “obsessed with the thing” and incentive for those who believe without action !

Rosa Damascena HECT 0,2 ml (whether 3 to 4 drops) + Vegetable Oil qs (sufficient quantity to) 10 ml

  • You can use a HV hazelnut (hors allergie), HV d'une argan, an HV grapeseed or jojoba wax (that does not go rancid) HV or apricot kernel that leaves the skin silky. Avoid, however, the HV olive smell or other strong smelling oil…
  • to take : 4 drops on the solar plexus or heart rate and on the inner wrist for a slow and deep inhalation
  • and / or 10 drops of the mixture in massage both sides of the spine and up to the neck => recommend for 2 joint simultaneously for one week prior to the reproductive period
  • and / or sublingual : 4 drops under the tongue, 1 times a day (if possible in the morning) over a period of one week before the fertile period.

Safe way : the rose of Damascus is only allowed in olfaction during 3 first month of pregnancy ! But if your cycles are

irregular, you do not fear much in accordance with the above doses until the discovery or confirmation of pregnancy.

My stuff and more

  • If you love the smell,

HE the damask rose is a wonderful anti-wrinkle oil for dry skin.

Dilute 1 drop in 10-20-30 ml of argan HV will give you a real balm scented apply morning and evening.

A l’inverse, if you smell unbearable because it is too high, you can dilute 1 HE rose drop in 8 to 10 drops of jojoba wax (“oil” that does not go rancid) and use it as if it were the pure and therefore HE is then further diluted.

  • If the price put you off (frequently 40 € for 2 ml),

I can offer some alternative, less efficient because you do not enjoy the rich complexity of the components of the HE rose and the smell will be slightly less intoxicating. But these 2 ml represents about 40 drops, is the ability to transform at least 100 ml of vegetable oil odor neutral happiness !

Note that the pure crystallized HE rose to 20 ° C : it must fit in the palm of the hand a few minutes or put it in the sun to wake. If yours is still fluid, that it is not pure…

First of all, you can fall back on an odor similar and less effective, HECT Pelargonium x asperum (Geranium Rosat) (Originally Madagascar and Reunion should) breathing or anoint. (Even the prohibition of use rose during the 3 first months of pregnancy.) Where the rose is the scent of unconditional love, one who is able to forgive all… Geranium is the conditional love !

Moreover you can distribute HECT HECT rose geranium and (1 Just drop), possibly with rosewood and palmarosa HE HE to put a sensual vibration throughout the house ! A mixture ready “Bouquet of Roses” Herbs are the laboratory and Traditions (available at the beauticians, Organic shops or internet.)

Another cheap alternative (my “trick” developed by me in person !) : Rose Floral Water (healthy paraben, but if no preservative is stated on the bottle, she has probably been irradiated with gamma rays to neutralize any and prolong the life…)

You can dampen a piece of paper or tissue types smelling of perfume and locked into a mini-bottle wearable to feel at leisure.

And you can add the value of a cap (about 2 ml) your bottle of water daily for drinking.

Last chance : Weleda cosmetics line blends rose to her sisters olfactory, geranium, rosewood and palmarosa. Here too the rose is shown in small quantities to round the bouquet and give it the scent of true Rose. Thus, deodorant to really feel the pink pink “Oil rose to harmonizing” HV is based on bio immediately usable massage !

For her

HE clary

  • 2 drops massaged into the pelvis from D1 to D10
  • Clary sage as sage is known for its mimetic action of estrogen.

The sage is also used for the problems but its high tuyone makes it toxic to the liver and its use will be reserved for doctors (Moreover, the sale is reserved to pharmacists…)

Libido faible

For her

Ladies rose HEBBD (cf. supra)


And two breathing formulas according to your preference

HE Ylang ylang 3 ml + HV QSP 10 ml

  • The smell will mainly work on blocking and on fashionable “letting go”…

Jasmine Absolue officinal 0,2 ml + HV QSP 10 ml

  • This odor is the pleasure for many women…

A formula to distribute

Hect Vanilla 2 ml

  • + Essence Bergamote 1 ml
  • + HECT Ylang Ylang 1 ml
  • + HECT Rosewood 5 ml

Broadcast 30 minutes in the room at night before bedtime

Complete the broadcast HECT Clary Sage 2 drops on the inside of the wrists in the morning and evening period before ovulation you breathe by wearing many greedily attached to the nose.

Attention : Not to be confused vanilla extract cooking and the essential oil ! Take comfort : Your baby will love the smell that will allow good sleep apnea and fight against the respiratory…

For him

HECT Ceylon Cinnamon 1 ml

  • + Lemon Essence 4 ml
  • + Grapefruit Essence 3 ml
  • + HECT Ylang ylang 2 ml

Broadcast 30 minutes in the room at night before bedtime.

I remind you that the oil of cinnamon is dermocaustic (and will therefore cause burns on the skin, which means that it is commonly used to fight against fungal nail infections). This synergy is intended only to flavor components…

  • Complete the broadcast HECT Ylang Ylang 2 drops on the inside of the wrists day and night to breathe.

Attention, HE the Ylang Ylang can also cause sleep if your partner is exhausted ! In this case, console yourself : it would have been a poor playmate…

My thing

If you have trouble counting ml, it is sufficient to meet the proportions by dropping drops in the diffuser off.


And you ?

Did you get results with these formulas ? Do you have a personal formula ?

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  1. my daughter is a beautiful 4 month of pregnancy and is disturbed by colds, cough, angina, insomnia has repeatedly. and low morale?that she can make sure. Have you read the article alarming suppo eucalyptus baby belgium free of that day?

    • Hello,
      Indeed essential oils are not recommended for pregnant women and infants : they are very active products !
      Their use is difficult for everyone.

      Some contain camphor and can affect epileptic (hence the warning in the Free Day…)

      For your daughter-in-, it makes more sense to spend on homeopathy and Bach flower, possibly gemmotherapy but only on prescription.

      Pregnancy is also a time of transformation, small “ills” (or words ?) of pregnancy can express this work : Bach flowers are all indicated and without toxicity. 😀
      Thank you for your comment

  2. hello ,I am married since 6 years and I always look for a birth , the blog is very interresting and I think he wants to help us design I can take all 3 oils at the same time capacity oil borage oil donagre ,huile the Black cumin
    marie give me my formulas or advice that can help increase the number of sperm and help them to live longtemp
    medecin you parle of oligosperme
    please answer

    • Good evening,
      Thank you for visiting.
      Take all these vegetable oils at the same time is not necessarily required if you take the right dose of one !
      For both of you, I suggest you have a complete and balanced nutrition (ask the guide “Vitamins and trace elements to design” I've written to help you) and go up on fresh and organic products, home cooked.
      Cordially, Fabienne

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  5. Hello, this is 4 ans que je désire une grossesse, sans problème de fertilité de part et d’autre. En lisant votre blog je me demandais si mélanger 4 gttes d’HE de rose de Damas avec 10 mL d’HV de nigelle pourrait être conseillé pour améliorer mes chances de tomber enceinte?

    • Bonjou,
      cette dilution est encore un peu haute et l’huile de nigelle de qualité a une odeur forte.
      Voyez plutôt 1-2 gouttes HE Rosa damascena dans 10 ml HV a odeur neutre comme cire de jojoba (qui en plus ne rancit pas) ou pépins de raisin par exemple.

      Cela pour un usage olfactif.

      Vous réserverez la nigelle a un autre usage, interne par exemple.


  6. je vais suivre vos conseils sans tarder merci beaucoup

  7. Good evening Fabienne,
    Vous semblez avoir des connaissances pointues en matières dHE, et votre site parle de fertilité…en plus vous êtes réactive aux messages que vous recevez. Alors je me dis que vous pourriez peut-être nous aider ou m’aidez?
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  9. Hello,
    J’ai lu 1 peu par hasard au mois d’avril dernier que respirer l’HE de rose pouvait aider a concevoir (puce
    J’apporte ici mon témoignage, car j’étais suivie en infertilité depuis 5 années sans succès, et après avoir respiré 3 a 4 fois par jour l’HE, the 15 premiers jour du cycle menstruel et cela sur 2 cycles de suite, et bien je suis tombée enceinte. Miracle ou pas, je ne peux m’empêcher de penser que l’Hwe m’a aidée et a permie un déblocage au niveau de min cerveau.
    J’en suis a presque 5 mois aujourd’hui, c’est un vrai bonheur.
    Pour toutes celles qui vivent ce que j’ai vécu pendant ces nombreuses années, je sais désormais que patience et persévérance sont les maîtres mots. L’HE de rose étant le petit truc en plus !

  10. Re fabienne ,
    je suis aussi une adepte d’huile essentielle ,pouvez vous m’en conseiller pour la fertilité je vois que la rose marche ,j’ai besoin de vos conseils fertilité et vie saine et lacher prise aussi
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    je me permets de vous écrire car vous avez l’air de pouvoir donner des conseils personnalisés à chacune de nous. et surtout de bien vous y connaître

    Je suis suivie depuis plus de 6 mois pour essayer d’avoir un bébé, after 2 ans d’arrêt de pilule.

    J’ai le syndrôme des ovaires polykystiques ce qui explique que je n’ovule quasiment pas spontanément. J’ai donc eu recours à des stimulations ovariennes avec induction d’ovulation (injections hormonales en début de cycle). J’ai fait de nombreux examens qui ne montrent a priori aucune autre anomalie et les spermatozoides de mon conjoint sont parfaits.
    (je vais quand même subir un autre examen à la rentrée pour voir si les trompes ne sont pas bouchées mais le risque est faible d’après ma gynéco)

    This is, désolée de m’étaler, c’était juste pour que vous connaissiez un peu mon cas… Après tous ces essais, toujours pas de bébé!
    Je vois que vous conseillez de l’huile de rose, mais aussi beaucoup d’autres choses, et j’aimerais savoir vers quoi me tourner.

    Could you please help me?

    Je vous remercie sincèrement pour le temps que vous m’accorderez.
    Très bonne journée,

    • Bonjour Aurélie, sur le site vous avez des conseils standards. Pour les conseils adaptés à votre situation particulière, il faut passer par un entretien Skype car les plantes sont trop délicates d’emploi (puissantes) pour être recommandées comme çà… L’huile essentielle de rose agit au niveau énergétique vous pouvez l’utiliser librement.
      Cordially, Fabienne

    • CC j’ai exactement le même parcours (ovaires multifolliculaires, mise sous clomid 5 month, tout normal chez moi et mon conjoint également, mais cet merde de clomid a renforcé ces problèmes de gros ovaires, bref! Est-ce que l’Huile essentielle de rose a marché sur toi? Ou autre chose??

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    • Bonjour Laurence, une salpingite est une maladie infectieuse qui peut laisser comme séquelles des trompes bouchées. La première chose à faire est de la soigner. Sincerely, Fabienne

  13. Hello. aider moi a avoir un enfant je désespère

    • Bonjour Agathe, Vous avez ici une mine d’information à votre disposition en plus des suppléments offerts. Je donne en plus des conseils personnalisés lors d’une consultation à l’issue d’une analyse détaillée de votre style de vie. Cordially, Fabienne

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