The 3 books that made me become oriented fertility naturopath

At the beginning of everything, there was a click, a pulse, a spark.

To me, the snap came through books.

I had a passion for plants, a fortiori médicinales, but not the idea to link and explore thoroughly with my couple whose infertility was suffering.

Among the many books I've read, 3 were instrumental in my career reorientation and training to supplement this evidence that herbal medicine was for me and send me on a road seldom explored : assistance to procreation by naturopathy.

These 3 books that I present are now “white stones” on my life course. I read there between 5 and 7 years and they are responsible for the transformation of my life !


« Sperm Wars, the secret of our romantic behavior "


In this quasi-scientific study written with humor always present, biologist Robin Baker explicit Thurs body in our love and sexual behavior, this game of occult primitive brain that often hide deep feelings come a time before the body does not abandon falsehood satisfied justifier, the perpetuation of the species is best achieved in the collective interest. Where our conscious thought to be master, the unconscious is manipulated to achieve its own goals.

The author presents in turn the hidden issues of infidelity that achieves both the best parent in the best gene pool and the best father in the social sense, the secret rules of seduction, sex play solo or homosexual and even the utility for the kind of moral behavior, socially, constitute a criminal offense such as rape ...

This book helped me understand the difference that there may be good between the biological father and the good educator, the interest of the species is greater than the individual and if the man works for reproduction in competition with other males, it is the pleasure of the woman who is the keystone of the perpetuation of the scheme..

He also brought me a lot ofindulgence, the sweetness and comprehension to my contemporaries and their so-called aberrations. And today, it is partly thanks to him that I work in connection with a sex therapist and am trained in Ericksonian Hypnosis.

I recommend this book to all those and those who have questions on their feelings, reluctant make decisions in this area, guilt about their sexuality or suffer a gap between their desires and reality.


"The encyclopedia of natural regeneration"

This book published by the media naturopath Daniel Kieffer Paris is a beautiful anthology of the main ways “therapeutic” and food supplements available to naturopaths and other singers of unconventional medicine.

It begins by presenting the role of the naturopath and how the naturopath is a professional complementary health professionals for health maintenance.

Then he explains the beneficial aspect of stress, then the deleterious effects of stress and ways to reduce.

After these set requirements, the parties come, in my opinion the most interesting for the beginner : learn how to take control of their health, make the prevention and effective tools for simple and safe for everyone. A more technical part will complement these tools with the effects of medicinal plants commercially available form of preparation, European and exotic plants. Finally, a final section provides a guide among the major food supplements.

In short this is an encyclopedia true directory which provides a global view, "Holistic", means of action easy and accessible for all to take action to improve health.

This book helped me understand the situation of each fertile, like the rest of his health, is first of individual responsibility and that the medicine will do more miracles if the patient agrees to do its part actively. And I am trained in naturopathy, with another instructor that the author ...

I recommend this book to those and those who question their ability to manage their health (fertile) in hand and on the contributions that naturopathy can bring them in maintaining health.


The ABCs of relaxation therapy


This book was the great debunker of relaxation therapy to me. Here before, it seemed complicated, mysterious, difficult to implement despite my old practice of meditation-relaxation.

With this ABC, I understood how to accelerate relaxation and diving in alpha waves and theta brain, this level just before sleep when the unconscious becomes accessible. It's Ericksonian hypnosis that will speak directly best, I think, but to the unconscious relaxation therapy has the advantage of going through the body to force it to release stress and muscle tension.

Sophrology as this allows the ABC approach achieves a level of relaxation and suggestible enough to be observed that the unconscious mind comes back to : probably the maximum work that everyone can do it alone without professional therapeutic support. Many scripts allow you to work yourself.

In conclusion, this book helped me develop my trance induction techniques in the body, to initiate a reconciliation with him andThen dare to go to hypnosis Ericksonian I now practice with naturopathy ...

I recommend this book to those and those who simply want to learn to relax, to test the relaxation therapy before consulting a professional who can implement a true guidance to help them achieve the goal.


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  1. very interesting article because it is a subject that really interested me because I would have been unable to have children,à mon grand regret ,j’ai 68 years and my husband 88ans,too late

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  3. Hello Fabienne,
    I am a naturopath and also half the people who consult me ​​are couples who can not have a child. This is indeed a very topical issue and all these people are clueless. The power quality is an important factor ! As for plants, they are extraordinary in their assistance. Daniel Kieffer wrote many interesting books, I loved “Man poisoned” which raised awareness of the role of food in our health. For fertility, there are very interesting advice in the first part of the wonderful book “Clover Life” (collection of medicinal plants throughout pregnancy”).
    Thank you for all this valuable information and good luck with your blog that I have been a long time !

    • Hello Katell,
      A new Sister on my blog that reveals ! Thank you for your comment.
      It is true that we are facing right now a public health problem that will become publicly recognized… unfortunately.
      I know other works of this publisher but the title “throughout pregnancy” I would not have encouraged the purchase.
      However, good teacher in phyto, I prefer to remember that plants are difficult to use and it is better to surround the opinion of properly trained professionals before taking !
      Probably soon,

      For the curious, the book is cited

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