The Unwanted and New Markets

A book of Daniel Meurois-Givaudan, Both of Daniel and his wife Anne Givaudan

Daniel Meurois Givaudan is one of those authors difficult to categorize : Is a visionary or a (soft) crazy, one lit or illuminated ? His books will speak easily, reincarnation, astral travel, Akashic Field : concepts with strong hints of New Age !

So when a friend lent me these books, she found that the site lacked articles on spirituality (there is just one on prayer and its supplement for members) : she wanted to be sure I read them and you make a report because these books helped to take her maternity.

"The new steps, a look spiritual on pregnancy and birth "

This book describes the authors encounter with the soul in incarnation being an unborn child.

Each step corresponds to one month of the pregnancy and we follow step by step, month after month, the preparation of the core : parental choice and overcome karmic ties that justify this choice, preparatory meetings during sleep between parent-child, the gradual change of an entity with a field of adult consciousness expanded into a soul ready to be locked in a narrow body, immature and engage fully in the care of others ...

This book is exciting to read, it describes a reality that we can not understand with the means of ordinary humans, or that it is a phantasmagoria.

For my part, it made me become aware of the totally helpless infant and love to be necessary to embody (or reincarnate, according to your beliefs ...) and engage in other full thank you.

"The Unwanted, meeting with the child who could not come ... "

A few years after writing the history of pregnancy, Meurois Daniel was given the task of writing the history channel and the refusal of birth : abortion and abortion-IMG - miscarriage and form the basis of this book, quite complementary to new markets.

Here it all starts with a young couple who decides to student abortion of the child they have conceived in love. This child, ready to embody, will share with us, Readers, his pain of being rejected, to see his love and trust violated and the long journey that will be needed to mourn incarnation of this project, before considering a newcomer.

By the way, the author will be guided to other meetings that will explain the reasons for disability and miscarriages with denial of incarnation or too malformed embryos for life project envisaged.

All's well that ends well, however, : the soul and the mother sign a new pact by adapting the original soul contract and decide to find new ways to.

This book, strong emotions, helped my friend to take a step back with an abortion decided some thirty years ago. It allowed me to step back with my own desire for a child by recognizing the freedom of others to come or not, and everyone has different experiences with others live.

In conclusion

Both books can be part of a spiritual journey in a journey to parenthood : although we wanted, we are small and our free will can not force than the other ...

If the child is, our responsibility is even greater vis-à-vis its, and if he does not, our responsibility vis-à-vis our contemporaries is enhanced because it is to them that our creativity and faith in life must be oriented.

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  1. Thank you for Fabienne chronicled these 2 très beaux livres et merci à ton amie d’avoir insisté 😉
    Reading Meurois Daniel and Anne Givaudan I had been advised by a therapist when I asked myself again and again why and how this child who was not desperately … and over 10 years, these two books make their way into my life : reality or metaphor, matter, this is a wonderful way of opening encounter between children and parents become, This is a level of understanding, decoding experience which is not often used and gives meaning and depth to the experience. Enjoy reading the bold(its), curious(its), …

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