The cosmo-tellurisme : améliorer to fertilité version géobiologue

Original recipe at discount prices… if you have enough sightseeing nearby !

Fertility disorders are caused by others as a imbalance vibration (remember, matter is a wavelength that we can understand). The aim will be to recover an amount adequate for our species vibration using tellurium, energy of the earth and the air “cosmic”, energies that come from the universe.

To increase the vibratory rate and repair necessarily too low, my father geobiologist suggest numerous and repeated visits to ancient churches (XII-XIII century and rebuilt on the site of church of that time). Avoid modern churches built from scratch in a place that was not previously dedicated to the worship. The baroque churches can be good. The modern churches are unfortunately neutral, exceptions, and therefore no effect.

How to visit a church effectively under geobiological ?

Enter through the left door, shop around by focusing in the choir (old communion rail) bedside or near the altar of ORIGIN. Out from the right. Strolling in any ten minutes and not linger in the pulpit preaching. You have been around in the direction of clockwise and be spent on land-based locations in negative charge (entry) and positive (choir).

If you are lucky enough to live near a miraculous fountain, go and soak your feet, hands (basin where the water gushes out if any 2) and a drink (if it is safe to drink) ! If the source is removed and underground (For sources channeled to power a fountain as Lagny where there 100 m between 2), you can also put you at the point where it flows over 10 minutes. (You will find a list of sacred fountains here.)

Other places of worship

For other religions, I do not have the user manual right BUT it makes sense to get as close to where the priest stands for the sacred ritual. Normally this is the place most responsible who will revitalize.

For the United States, Indians were animists. Should therefore identify areas of traditional camp near the water pure and park there.

Natural health, experts say to choose a place near a waterfall, the fresh air and greenery, to make the most negative ions…

and where we live ?

A place of worship is not good to live, unless priest, monk or nun dedicated short. Indeed, this place is dedicated, oriented not toward spirituality and materiality daily essential.

In the same spirit, some places have too low a vibration. It will seem obvious that an old cemetery is not done to build a house we live in. But sometimes, history of the place hides other surprises : Battlefields, places of black magic, places of great suffering, or simply spoil land, waterways or underground mines.

The breathing of the earth is disturbed. The flow of air becomes hazardous geomagnetic, with peaks and troughs. They seek unnecessarily tired and our bodies must constantly get back on the right wavelength. It is the same with all electrical devices or wireless waves as electromagnetic fields that emit artificial.

To erase the memories of places, you will have to bless the house with prayers by a priest or specific the guidance of the Quran for Muslims. For electromagnetic interference, I advise you to get closer associations or local dowsers meet on bio salon of geobiologists that will make a diagnosis of your environment.

Ref bibliographic : “l’architecture invisible”, “Cosmic Architecture” and other books by Georges Prat in particular.

Links of the Mother Goddess whose places of worship are terrestrially strong : “the secret of menhirs” and “old woman“.

Testimony, a photo, a question, reaction ? You have the floor below !

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