Folic acid (B9) promotes the delivery of twins IVF

Scottish scientific study just published in the Lancet and correlates high in vitamin B9 (Folic Acid) and twin births.


Effect of B vitamins and genetics on success of in-vitro fertilisation: prospective cohort study“, P Haggarty, H McCallum, H McBain, K Andrews, S Duthie, G McNeill, A Templeton, N Haites, D Campbell and S Bhattacharya

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“There is a need to understand what affects the success of IVF and the rate of twin births resulting so that the pregnancy rate is improved and multiple births averted. Our goal was to determine the role of B vitamins and genetics.

We conducted a prospective study of a cohort of 602 Women undergoing fertility treatment. We established the folic acid and vitamin B12 with a questionnaire and measured their concentrations in plasma and red blood cells by radioimmunoassay immune. We measured 5 variants of genes related to B vitamins for women who followed the treatment and in 932 women who conceived naturally.

The possibility of twin birth after IVF increases the concentration of plasma folate (1·52, 1·01-2·28 ; p=0·032) and erythrocyte folate(1·28, 1·00-1·65 ; p=0·039).

There is no relationship between the concentration of folic acid and vitamin B12 and susceptibility to a successful pregnancy.

Women with the variant 1298cc reductase-methyl-hydro-folic entetra MTHFR variant rather than aa are less likely to reach a live birth after IVF (0·24, 0·08-0·71 ; p=0·003) or have already completed a pregnancy (0·42, 0·21-0·81 ; p=0·008).

The interpretation of our results suggests that the MTHFR genotype is linked to the ability of women to produce healthy embryos (possibly with an interaction of genes related to DNA methylation.)

Among women likely to get pregnant after a successful IVF, high levels of folic acid increases the potential for multiple births after embryo transfer. The proposals to increase folic acid intake of British rule could lead to an increase in twin births after IVF.”

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