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If you currently have or have had a problem with alcohol, better use of other natural therapies that gemmotherapy.
Gemmotherapy uses "herbal drugs" active, enrolled in the French Pharmacopoeia : it must be implemented with monitoring by a competent person and never self-medicate. This is not a “medicine” but a natural medicine.
This article is intended to inform you about the existence of this discipline and not to make you take without appropriate medical. Plants will be more active as they belong to the same biotope you.
Do not play the sorcerer's apprentice !

What gemmotherapy ?

You use the buds and their properties every time you get a cup of tea or when you add to your salad of bean sprouts.
However, gemmotherapy child is a recent herbal medicine.
It is often implemented by homeopathic physicians.
It uses buds of woody plants (sub-shrubs trees.) These are marinated in a mixture freshly harvested
glycerine-alcohol-water as the active ingredients are dispersed in the one or the other support. The combination makes it possible in theory to extract all the active bud. Macerate in alcohol is always 36%. To simplify, The usual term is "bud" but shoots without flower bud unlignified, the rootlets, or the inner bark or male flowers can be used as plant.
This branch of herbal medicine working with live plants rising phase of energy. Their embryonic state allows them to contain substances related to their growth (plant growth hormones) who can no longer be present on older plants. Each bud is in the same range as the whole plant but with the peculiarity of regenerating the cells of the body or bodies concerned, because it contains all the substances that allow a young plant organism to Autogenerate.
Two types of macerates are commercially available : the mother-macerate macerate or unit (undiluted) more common in Belgium, and more frequent in France, the macerate 1D (to one decimal place, is one tenth dilution). To the extent possible, should always favor the mother-macerate (MM) to avoid counting drops per hundred, because you will ingest less alcohol and be less costly than ten vials macerate 1D !
The preparation of basic 1D macerate is also different from the mother-macerate and likely to be less rich in active ingredients. Maceration initial 1D is obtained with frozen buds in alcohol-glycerin maceration. It is then diluted according to the principles in association Hanemanhiens water-glycerine-alcohol while macerate buds are immediately immersed in water-glycerin combination alcohol.
Note that the 1D macerate, Préparation as pharmaceutical, The time now is refundable if prescription and is sold in pump bottle for easy counting (1 spray = 50 drops.)
You will find a pharmacy (1D and macerate in Belgium on mother-macerate, often control) and dietary or herbal store (mother-macerate).
The usual dosage is between 5 and 15 drops of mother-macerate (multiplied by 10 macerate for 1D).
The maximum is usually 30 drops per day for an adult (60 kg.)
Method of administration

The macerates can be taken diluted in a glass of water before meals. Aside from the "complex" already mixed by the manufacturer, the macerated will be mixed in a glass of water when taking, Never in advance to avoid unwanted chemical changes induced by mixing.
The macerated such as concentrated cassis can also be placed on the back of the hand and licked to enjoy the flavor of fruit.

The other method of administration is the dermal. Should be mixed 1 to 2 macerate drops of vegetable oil to a mother (bio !) or the cétoline (pharmacy.) You then apply either to the tune of the organ to be treated (percutaneous pelvic) is preferably of the "reflex zone" legs, hand or ear that matches the bodies referred.

The efficiency can be further increased by an association and gemmotherapy nutrithérapie, because the buds are very rich in vitamins and trace elements.
Basic Cure

Normally all courses of adults should include gemmotherapy, for a month before the possible introduction of specific formulas and more, drainage core with :
  • Betula pubescens (white birch) buds and catkins MG 1D, 20 to 30 drops in a little water half an hour before lunch. You
    can also take the birch sap (dosage on the bottles), rich in vitamins and trace elements.

  • Or Quercus pedonculata (oak) buds, rootlets, bark and kittens MG 1D, 20 to 30 drops in a little water half an hour before
    dinner (attention, nervous temperaments or hypertension may see their power increase with Quercus…)
  • Or for a person allergic to the ground or rheumatic, Quercus pedonculata (oak) buds, rootlets, bark and kittens MG 1D, 10
    to 15 drops (1 to 2 GM drops) ET Ribes nigrum (cassis) Bg MG 1D, 10 to 15 drops (1 to 2 drops MM) in a little water before dinner. The blackcurrant is an adaptogen, it promotes the secretion of corticosteroids by the adrenal cortex hormones (action on the pituitary-axis adrenal cortical) and combat rheumatism.

Total, mothers-in Macerata, the maximum will be 5 drops in the morning and 5 evening, in view of possible associations for a specific action.
Note : the Betula pubescens and Betula alba are two synonyms for the same birch, not to be confused with Betula verrucosa.
Well, Quercus robur and Quercus pedonculata correspond to the same oak.
For spermatogenesis

You will 20 days per month a association based the :
  • Quercus Robur buds (oak) MG : to stimulate testosterone production and testicular activity (Action axis
    pituitary-adrenal cortical) (attention to the high voltage !)
  • Betula pubescens buds and male catkins (birch) MG : to stimulate the testicles in stimulating endocrine
  • Sequoia gigantea seedlings (redwood) MG : to rebalance spermatogenesis (sexual tonic, it is taken in the morning, because
    It may delay sleep),
  • Rosmarinus officinalis seedlings (rosemary)MG : to trap free radicals as an antioxidant, fight against aging
    gonadal and adrenal boost.
Maximum 10 drops of each in glycerine macerate mother (or 4×100 drops macerate 1D) every morning, a severe OATS.
If the semen analysis is not too degraded as, numeration, mobility and fragmentation, reduce doses : Normally an adult 60 kg is 30 drops daily.
Better to start with 2 MM drops of each and gradually increase if no side effect is manifested. Their action is said to slow but sure.
There is no need to continue to take the drainage of extra base because it is already built into this formula. In addition to their endocrine action (hypothalamus-hypophyse-cortico-surrénales), These four plants also have a tonic effect on the nervous system to fight against overwork and fatigue.

You can also purchase mixing "Tonigem 'laboratory Herbalgem (which contains Blackcurrant = Catalyst, of Rosemary, of Redwood and Oak) and, in their, another bottle Birch, or Rosemary.
In this case, will take :
  • Tonigem 10 drops per day to take in the morning
  • Birch MM 5 drops in the morning and 5 evening
  • Possibly, Rosemary MM 5 drops in the evening to reinforce the anti-oxidant
Here too it is better to test the effect of a number of drops lower and gradually increase without exceeding the specified levels.
In case of naturally high voltage or d’Hypertension, the association will be reduced to
  • Redwood MM 10 drops per day in the morning
  • Birch MM 5 drops in the morning and 5 drops in the evening
  • Rosemary MM 5 drops in the evening.

Still in testing the effect of increasing doses before arriving at doses above ...

For oocyte quality
To date, none of the books mentioned and no published study does not mention the use of macerates the indication of infertility.

A competent therapist will guide you through the associations and dosages.Toutefois, this is what can be said in general.

After drainage base, a bud is required :
  • Rubus idaeus bourgeons (Raspberry) MG : regulating and stimulating ovarian, it balances female hormones
    (estrogen and progesterone) and is involved in post-menopausal ovarian hyalinosis (definition middle of the page) to activate a minimal secretion. It never takes itself macerate during menstruation at the risk of increasing the flow ! The usual dosage in its various indications female wants him to be taken 10 days after menstruation or continuous time as the situation returns to normal.

Y associate :

  • Rosmarinus officinalis seedlings (rosemary) MG : oocyte to maintain the quality and capacity of the liver to convert and
    eliminate the hormones ... and fight against free radicals. When stimulated
    before ovarian puncture, remember that macerates have an effect on blood thinner.
Whether 20 days per month from J1 :
  • White Birch
  • Rosemary
  • Raspberry (after the cessation of menstruation for 10 days)
  • Blackcurrant (possibly)
In equal doses and evenly distributed in the morning and evening.
The daily dose will be defined by the rule of three between your weight and 30 drops MM /300 1D drops recommended for an adult 60 kg and not exceeding the maximum 30 MM drops / day.
Start with 5 drops of mother-macerate (50 1D) and gradually increase until the observable symptoms (quality of the mucus mainly) are used to define the achievement of the best dose, without exceeding 30 drops.
Note that two other buds may have an interest in post-menopausal women :
  • Vaccinium vitis idaea shoots (huckleberry) MG : for its estrogen-like action and fight against aging women, It is usually taken in combination with Raspberry postmenopausal women to reduce hot flashes and other disadvantages of this period, and also plays on the ovarian hyalinosis,
  • Viscum album (gui) MG – normally diluted 10 times more than the others because most toxic-1CH : for its action on the nerves, glands interactions in disorders associated with menopause and andropause in.

Thank you to Blue for his explanations (see Article) and homeopath friend of my parents for research.

Thank you to M. Andrianne for his guidance and for having kindly responded to my email and worried many others have followed since.

Budget idea ?

For your purchases, I said that 40 drops match 1 ml of macerate in 1D Boiron. I remind you that the tinctures and macerated bud glycerin are not revitalized unlike homeopathic preparations : nothing prevents you to do it yourself.

Prescription, these products are prescribed macerates separate 1D and reimbursed on the basis of 35% + mutual.
You can also ask Herbalgem, specialist gemmotherapy, list of distributors (more numerous and trained in counseling but if you do not close, you can also be delivered in colissimo 10 days) or through the Royale (VPC), herbalist general widespread among naturopaths. I do not know the other producers and have no idea of ​​the quality of their products.

The bottle is from Boiron 5,62 €/10 ml.

The retail price is at Herbalgem 13,50 €/15 ml (lasting about 3 weeks of taking) and 29,50/50 ml.

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  1. Left by : david at 11:20 le03/06/2006

    Congratulations Fabienne

    For this superb article

    • Thank you David. 1 months of work information, Writing and corrections…

      And the photos are from garden plants, except of course the redwoods !

  2. Hello Fabian
    thank you for this great article .
    I left you a message in another article but as it concerns gemmotherapy I think it will be more useful to site visitors !
    So I start: j’ai 28 years, we decided with my friend to start a family for several months, we do not have any test currently. Despite my desire to relativize I can not help thinking has infertility (I think like all) and I am less and less serene. I have very regular cycles of 28 days (mais depuis nos essais comme par hasard 🙂 j’ai régulièrement quelques jours de retards et je somatise….)
    So I finally decided to take matters in hand, I made the appointment at acupunteur and began a course of depuragem – to clean the body (20 drops) and raspberry (10 drops) every morning on an empty stomach. IF I read your article well you advise a course of 10 only for the days of raspberry D 5 (in my case, stop my period) a J 15 , it is what must be understood?
    I think try bach flower rating for obsessive starts to rot my life.
    advise you to go see a homeopath without even doing analysis?
    thank you for taking the time to read !
    thank you for your help !

    • Good evening,
      I do not answer on the page “thank you”.
      The menstrual period is a therapeutic break period for all products.

      I am firmly opposed to self medication.
      Plants are even finer than to use allopathic drugs (chemistry lab…)
      Especially for an indication “baby” !

      Then, yes, homeopath, herbalist, naturopathe versé en phyto… Appropriate monitoring is essential.

  3. Hello and thank you for your answer
    Yes I understood that you were against self-medication and you are right.
    However the bottle are Herbalgem counter and there is no appeal for caution on their website. So I naively thought that by taking small doses and asking your advice I could give it a try !
    I will look to find a naturopath

    • Good evening,
      The bottles are placed in Herbalgem food supplements, So when the OTC marketing is authorized.
      If you do an orgy of chocolate, also counter, you will have consequences and those where you know them !
      This is the dose makes the poison…
      🙂 Où es-tu basée ?

  4. ps And then you give dosage advice specific enough so it is not so obvious that it understood that you will not answer a question for clarification on your proposal !

    • This is the dose recommended by the manufacturer.
      This is not necessarily the one I recommend and gemmotherapy must fit into a comprehensive approach to regain control of his lifestyle. (cf. category “Toolbox”)
      Nothing that deserves to be published on a website… mais je réponds aux mails privés 😉

  5. merci pour tous ces détails sur la gémmothérapie 🙂

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