Fertility in orthomolecular nutrition therapy

Orthomolecular medicine focuses on our rich supply of nutrients, these essential elements that our body gets food to our cells function. These nutrients include vitamins, amino acids and trace elements (minerals present in trace) and their importance has long been known.
Orthomolecular medicine is going to complement the general guidelines of treatment with a lifestyle and indicate what food supplements
can help solve health problems. The Association for the Development of orthomolecular nutrition (ADNO) in promoting the action.
In the field of fertility, on condition of absence of reasonable mechanical physics, allergic, sterilizing medical treatment, a Dietary correction of base will be proposed as a first approach.
So, ensure each :
reduce fat
limit products hyper
refined in the empty calories of sugar and white flour,
follow the precept indicating
to eat "like a pauper in the evening",
varied sources
protein, alternating meat, fish, cheese and choosing a major source of intake per meal,
increase fiber intake
by the consumption of green vegetables, legumes and cereals (semi) complete,
be content with 2 lenses
red wine, excluding drinks,
to vary oils
kitchen respecting their heat resistance,
increase consumption of
fresh fish, not fried,
reduce the salt by reducing
ready meals, canned and do not resalable.
This advice effectively complement those of " keep the line green beans ! »
Otherwise, you can also address the pollutants that you may be exposed (surely if you are a smoker !)
This poisoning by heavy metals (xenobiotics) contains various substances in our arrivals
feeding through the food chain : Lead paint or enamel dishes, mercury and cadmium in fish from the Mediterranean, Aluminum ... are just
the best known examples.
Some protective measures :
Vitamin C
2g / day
Antioxidants : vitamins
E 800 IU / day, selenium, sélénométhionine,
Amino acids
Lipoic acid, 200 to 400
mg / day
Silymarine (Milk Thistle),
1g / day by its protective action and regenerating liver
Wild garlic in tincture
or capsules (2/day),
Algue Chlorella 1 to 2 g x 3 to
4 times / day : rich in chlorophyll (hence the name) vitamins and trace elements, this alga is, in other actions, an excellent antioxidant that will help the body eliminate lead,
cadmium, PCBs, insecticides ... and chronic lung infections ; disadvantages : it can mobilize more mercury it can not eliminate, exacerbating the effects
school and forcing them to increase the dose absorbed at the risk of gastrointestinal disorders ; for power, self-medication is strongly discouraged,
Laminaria japonica extract
under the name "Modifilan", 6 capsules / day for weighing less than 70 kg, 8/days between 70 and 80 kg, 10 between 90 and 100 kg a 12 beyond 100 kg, for the time necessary
(often 3 to 6 month).
Finally, you can stimulate the functioning of gonads
man :
the zinc 100 to 250 mg / day and vitamin B6 100
to 200 mg / day,
the tribulus terrestris, panax ginseng ou
pussy (lepidium meyenii),
At the
woman :
the Vitamin B2 100 to 300
mg / day,
the Vitamin B5 300 to 600
mg / day,
the Iron and folate (B9) in case of
the Selenium 100 g / day and vitamin E 400 to
800 IU / day as anti-oxidants,
the Arginine in the maximum 10
g / day to stimulate growth hormone.
These indications are tracks that can help improve a hypo-fertility status.
Self-medication is not recommended formally. Accurate analysis will help your doctor prescribe the proper dose for your
Talk to your doctor !
For more information
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