“The Fertility Diet” Laëtitia Agullo

A nice little book, that's what I can say.

Separated into two equal parts, it seeks to explain what strategies interesting food female fertility (Part) and man (second part.)

Each time, you will find the criteria for selection of nutrients and biological explanations of why and how the presentation of the most interesting food supplements.

But the great thing about this book is the recipes : 25 dedicated to women and 25 dedicated to the man, whether 1 nutrition each week.

2 regrets, however, : that revenues are not clearly mixed and that food supplements are so chemical ! (some explanation here)

The rules of nutrition of women

  • choosing low GI carbohydrates by combining fibers
  • opt for monounsaturated fatty acids and omega 3 and 6
  • preferred animal protein legumes
  • manger maximum 1 to 2 servings / day of whole milk products (skim and forget)
  • let go of antioxidants, vitamines C-E-A et Zinc-Sélénium
  • eat foods rich in folate (B9)

The rules of nutrition for humans

  • let go of antioxidants
  • escape the various pollutants, environmental or food
  • specific amino acid supplementation (carnitine, arginine)
  • opt for Omega 3
  • eat foods rich in folate (B9)


And you ? What do you think of this book and its recipes ?



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