The power of fertility

Good habits as a basis for power pro-fertility fertility

Your diet should be varied but not only rich in vitamins and trace elements.
The 5 fruits and vegetables every day are essential for a balanced diet. Try to provide as true
primeurs : productions of the season have not had the opportunity to lose their vitamins in transport or at the bottom of a fridge, that you cook gently and do not let simmer for hours, either to keep the vitamins.
You will be attentive to the acid-base balance, not to eat too much meat and not too fat or too sweet (Farewell all ready meals catering !)
You eat as much as possible products of organic agriculture to reduce pesticide (as it exists.)
And especially overuse of sprouts, Full bio living products for small prices !
Ensuring a diet rich in vitamins, mainly E
beginning of the meal : cabbage, spinach, apples, Parsley or chopped raw or juice to taste and insist on…
  • fruits : apricots, almonds, Dates, strawberries, hazelnuts, nuts, apples, plums, grapes
  • vegetables and green leafy salads : celery, chicory, cabbage, cress, spinach, lettuce, dandelion, leek, endive,
    carrot, lens, hub, radis (with tops)
  • eggs
  • red meat
  • abbots : brain, heart, sweetbread, kidneys, calf liver (30 to 100 g, 2 to 3 weekly)
  • condiments : garlic, onion, parsley
  • oysters
  • honey (rather than to limit sugar unrefined)
  • cereals : oatmeal or corn, sprouted wheat, whole wheat bread.

Promote the acid-base balance

The pH, in fact the "potential hydrogen", measures the acidity or alkalinity.
The equilibrium point is 7 : below (1 to 6), there is acidity, above, alkalinity (8 to 14.)
Body, broadly neutral, is a sequence of elements rather acidic or basic rather. Thus the two involved
in the digestive process.
Excess acidity in the body causes " acidosis "That, extremely, can cause coma, while conversely a " alkalosis extreme "threat of seizures.
The cellular activity generates acidity : no need to reserve. The alkaline reserve, it, exists as ammonia compounds and sodium salts.
The slight imbalance can be detected using special strips of paper, sold in pharmacies, the urine of the day, never on the first morning urine acid strength of the night. The normal urine pH ranges from 5,2 and 7 by time.
The body can get in acidosis temporarily to clean some elements favored by alkalosis or neutrality and then resume its usual balance.

Good reasons to fight against excessive prolonged acidosis

  • General fatigue of the body called upon to try to maintain the overall balance, with chronic lack of energy, nervousness, lower resistance to cold and sleep disturbance between 1 hours and 3 am
  • Event on the hair (dull, fall), nails (brittle, split, stained, striped), the skin (dry, cracked, crevassée, with dry eczema, urticaires, itching, rash) and / or extremities (cold, clammy hands, cold sweats, sweating feet)
  • Possibility of "crystallization" acids and / or bottlenecks that will suffocate the cells and make the bed more or less serious diseases,
  • Excessive mobilization of the liver to eliminate bad breath causing morning
  • Bacterial proliferation with the possibility of fungal infections also like thrush, «candida albans »
  • Acidification of certain areas or bodily fluids such as saliva, cervical mucus in women or sperm in humans.
  • Suspicion promote the occurrence of cancer in the long term


  • Stress, fears, anxieties, fatigue : Brief bad psychological patterns that block the body,
  • An unbalanced diet,
  • An overload of toxins caused by a failure of elimination (by excretory, liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, intestine)
  • Drugs over a long period or tobacco

The remedy : healthy living

There will never be worth living in the great outdoors laughing uproariously with her husband loved to promote acid-base balance ! Finite stress and dark thoughts generators or gastric acidity.
In everyday normal, to rebalance the pH, food is still the most affordable.
It will focus on the less acidic foods in terms of waste. We must therefore distinguish the taste and residue.
Drinking water will also be chosen neutral or slightly alkaline, the pH is usually labeled with the main dry residues.
The old folk remedy against the stomach acid of taking the water with a teaspoon of baking soda can also be used in adjuvant. The lemon water is also useful.
In general and simplistic, a meat diet will generate acid residues, a diet rich in vegetables will be more alkaline. The few plants produce acid residue light readily removable after oxidation in breathing.
Food leaving a residue highly alkaline after digestion
Nation, almond, algae, beets, artichokes, celery, "Greens" asparagus, Brussels sprouts and cabbage in general, carrots, cucumber,
endive, garlic, endive, leeks, lettuce, onions, parsley, ginger, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, turnips, cress
Alkaline residues in food
Brown rice, apples, apricots, fresh figs, bananas, bays, melon, kiwi, grapes, lemon yellow and green, pear, plums, fishing, mango, papaya, shoots
bamboo, parsnip, eggplant, scroll, radis, chard, rhubarb, spinach
Food residues in near-neutral
Yoghurt, butter
Acidic residues in food
Lamb, chicken, dinde, oie, duck, salmon, whitefish, eggs, beans, barley, buckwheat, oat, Seigle, white rice, mushrooms, raisins
Food residues in highly acidic
Beef, calf, pork, ham, cheese, wheat, milk (goat or cow), corn, tomatoes, oranges, grapefruit.

Particular case : mucus acid "killer zozos"

Mucus acid will kill the sperm that is abnormal in normal ovulation and the rest of the cycle.
Mucus has a protective role of genital ; The pH also varies during the cycle to be normally
slightly acidic during ovulation. It prohibits the intrusion of bacteria, staphylococci and other enemies gonococci, factors or dreaded fungal infections (tricholomonas vaginalis example). A d’autres moments, when the mucus is "infertile", in the words of Billings, the acidity of the mucus will also kill sperm that have no place to enter the "sanctuary uterine. »
Semen is alkaline neutral trend, commonly 7,2 to 8 and sperm prefer this type of pH.
So the question of vaginal pH :
  • before puberty 6 to 8
  • after menopause, it rises gradually towards neutrality : 6 to 7
  • menstrual blood is alkaline,
  • Pregnancy : 4,5 (to knock out all the bugs that would try to pass !)
  • puberty in the female premenopausal : 4,5 to 5,5 ; it is as close to the neutral at ovulation
  • after sex : rise to neutrality 6-7 where it will remain 8 hours before resuming its normal.
The method implemented by the " bicarbonateuses "Doctissimo forum that conduct water douches bicarbonate is a false solution. It overcomes locally and partly too acidic mucus sperm killer : not control the pass no way of knowing if the environment has reached the right cervical pH.
Delete this acidity is therefore the bed of disease while a field action through diet will not create the risk.

Mon panier et mon matériel de gemmothérapie

Gemmotherapy the kitchen to eat and live rich !

Responding to the herbal gemmotherapy, using maceration of buds of trees for therapeutic and described on this blog, you can set up a culinary gemmotherapy everyday.
The advantage is that this time you do not swallow a drop of alcohol, unless you decide to put in your dishes…
These “germinations” have many virtues :
  • rich in vitamins and minerals,
  • low cost,
  • a contribution in plant growth hormone,
  • a touch of originality and imagination in the family kitchen.
Already germinated seeds are sometimes found in the fresh traditional in-store, popular type store downtown. Otherwise, you're bound to find in health food stores.
Obviously, you shall wash before eating generous and think of the season : you disinfect and escape the annoyances that have done so much talk of germination in the summer 2011 !

Last solution : grow them yourself !

Nothing could be simpler, just one plate (or propagator, in-store or salon bio, I do not like the "square Vilmorin" impractical to rinse), a bit of pure water (RO
if possible). And a few days of patience.

The range covers all the seeds available than leafy vegetables from the garden, grains and some root vegetables, to
condition that the seed should not be treated. (Attention, not to consume the Solanaceae such as tomato mostly equipped with a toxic foliage.) You buy in store or salon bio, catalog of corn-like Baumal and increasingly in garden (price watch…)
For a small fee, less than a salad, you can make your kitchen a major source of vitamins, minerals and plant growth hormones and ingest phyto-embryonic stem cells.
During the germination process, the chemical composition of the seeds will change. And phytic acid present in wheat bran and disruptive to the absorption of iron and calcium will deteriorate (like in a real bread which is the natural yeast degrades.)
In parallel, vitamins will increase.
For example, in mung beans (or bean sprouts)
Vitamins (mg / kg)
ungerminated seeds
Provitamin A
What vitamins and elements found in the seeds ? How long soaking and Culture ?
See the word document for members of this blog !

To start, I recommend the watercress or better lenses, very easy and the composition of which we are interested in fertility problems. Be careful to rinse well so they do not ferment.

You can serve them in salads as they are with a very light vinaigrette or marry a more traditional green salad.

You will find some related sites rich in culture tips and recipes :


Mycothérapie or the medicinal use of mushrooms

In recent years, knowledge of mushrooms moves the point that they are no longer members of either the plant kingdom or the animal kingdom but form a full.

Their application in the field of health begins to grow and it is now possible to find food supplements based on mushrooms, all mushrooms are not yet in a small pill !

Fertility, two fungi will only concern ourselves :

  • yeasts, type yeast or baking for their richness in B vitamins,
  • the trumpets of death that are most concentrated zinc.

You can then take the yeast with even more benefits if your infertility is due to underweight : it's a great trick to grow ! It is often the radius dietary dehydrated form of flakes to sprinkle on food. Be sure to drink enough because their assimilation releases a lot of purines can load the kidneys.

For horns of, you add in cooking because they do not exist in the form of dietary supplement (liquid extract or dry powder.) Plus they are black (without being rotten course), most are rich in zinc ! A fortiori, if you find pâlichonnes, gray or beige, they will be deficient in zinc…

And if you are looking for a mushroom aphrodisiac and anti-oxidant, the specialist Alain Tardif mycothérapie extols the virtues of porcini carpaccio, provided that you do not come from mushrooms Ukraine (Chernobyl !) :

“Decided by the length a beautiful young mushroom and thoroughly cleaned by guest into strips 0.5 to 1 cm thick, in a dish of white porcelain, sprinkle with olive oil, turning at least twice (careful to keep a light hand, The mushroom is a real sponge and too much oil would make it indigestible…) Sprinkle a pinch of salt unrefined gray (or flower Guérande) and sprinkle half a lemon. Finish with coriander seeds and ground, if you have, fresh coriander, finely chopped.
Marinate in the fridge 5 to 6 hours minimum, should have absorbed the mushroom marinade. Serve chilled as a starter.”

This dish should ensure an energetic afternoon to meet your expectations…


Thank you in advance to use these Amazon links to buy a book : The small commission that I will be paid the maintenance of this site !

And you ?

Do you have a recipe to share mushroom aphrodisiac ?

Have you seen a difference in your fertility through diet ?

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