Christmas quiz

For this Christmas 2013, I offer you a gift on the occasion of the opening of my new office : the opportunity to meet me in game-winning free Christmas !

    Follow me carefully, you want to read the whole website but you find that there is too much information to sort for you…

    You are far from Paris and Disneyland…

    PMA you already expensive and you wonder if naturopathy and therapeutic hypnosis are interesting tools for you…

    Would you like to have another look at your situation-fertile my eyes- but you still hesitate to invest in a meeting with me..

Wins the first appointment with me 1:15 with Christmas game !

To participate is very simple, ago 4 steps quietly :

  • tu vas on the page Facebook have a baby
  • you click on “I love” page
  • your commented out post launch indicating whether you want to meet me in Paris Nation on Wednesday afternoon, Serris Val d'Europe on Friday or over the Internet through Skype service on Saturday or Monday
  • AND you share post launch news on your wall with all your friends !
  • The contest starts today and ends with the arrival of the Magi Epiphany, Thus the 6 January 2014.

    Once the page reaches the “800 I love the page”, the contest is validated.

    The draw for the winner will be organized or later. The meeting will take place in January or February, according to our common availability.

    You want a second chance ?

    Just play with my other page Facebook NaturopathieHypnose

    The game rules are the same, you just “500 I love the page” to enter the contest.


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