“I want a child” The Zita West

"I want a child, the practical guide to fertility and reproduction "of Zita West

If there was only one to buy to understand your fertility, this would be it ... so that the day after the purchase of this book, two friends had to argue to stop me from blogging !

Zita West is a midwife in London and leads the clinical very "jet set" and expensive that bears his name (cf. rates "fees" on its commercial website or the price of dietary supplements so formulated for one month ...)

In this book, she shares her experience and research on ways to improve fertility she reserved until now for patients to his clinic.

The first part is devoted to preparing the ground for future parents by improving their lifestyle :

  • reminders of sexual biology of the gametes, their production and fertilization,
  • lifestyle, hormones and harmful influences.

The second part is dedicated to supporting a couple in an attempt to spontaneous pregnancy, "Plan A". Various boards are made of :

  • the importance of a healthy diet and how to deal with bad habits,
  • opportunities for improvement of gametes for male and female.

This chapter concludes with a month trial in natural procreation, week after week.

The third part looks to medically assisted procreation :

  • results of fertility of both partners, examinations, test results and possible causes,
  • explanation of the different treatments currently existing
  • tips to improve performance and results during PMA treatment.

In conclusion, Zita West invites us to explore other options to accommodate a child in the couple and we report its bibliographical and Internet sources.

Throughout the pages, it informs us about unfamiliar topics and poorly explained for the uninitiated such as acupuncture among women and traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncturist is), the stuff in the fight against cervical mucus acid or a lower FSH too high. A contrary, It flies faster phytotherapy and homeopathy ignores ; it touches the other "natural medicines" as chromotherapy, massage, Ayurvedic meditation and flower essences so thin that he must know in order to recognize.

Brief, a book the content very comprehensive and popularizer who deserves to be on the bedside table of any couple wishing to conceive a child in the best ... Dense, it requires a good level of general knowledge to be read quickly or you will bring it chapter by chapter in a more difficult reading.

THE book to buy if you plan emergency enjoy a vacation to "order baby" or if you have messages to convey to your better half.


Paru en français en 2005, a new edition was released in December of presses 2007. There is also the same author's logical for pregnancy, still going strong, that will make you an interesting alternative or complement to the inevitable “I am expecting” Laurence Pernoud.

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