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This article is part of a series of articles published by bloggers on the health and well-being around the theme of "Prevention".

LogoCarnavalArticlesWhen the word "prevention" is released, it is often too late : evil is there and that is why you are wondering, that you learn about the area. Far from preventing, you want to cure ! Fertility also works well but only for some.

Indeed, today, palette contraceptive can often control their fertility according to the concept of family planning for years 70 "I want a child if, when I want " : the child is now conceived as a project and the child "surprise" also welcomed after a period of reflection.

Prevention will therefore apply in life from the fertile field of "self-preservation" to the field “conceive healthy” for 3 fertile stage of life :

  1. for contraception
  2. during the "test baby"
  3. Pregnancy


1. Protect your fertility before even thinking design


No more junk food, welcome to the good food simmered with love !

hamburger geant

To design your baby, it will have the raw power that only can make.

You must have a varied and rich : Vitamins, trace elements, Antioxidants, all these terms "fashionable" are really essential nutrients to your health. Your food choices are important for the whole body to be healthy, including the function fertile. (You can refer to the Guide to download.) Obviously, alcohol is to flee ...

Or large, nor thin, the ideal is the ideal weight !

Your weight will also affect : it can determine hormonal disorders. Overweight will result in excess estrogen (adipocytes are producer) while underweight may block ovulation in the woman or to disrupt sperm production of its partner.

To be fertile, must be a sport !

a veloSedentary life will play on overweight and sport will help you regulate. But sport is also the best way to accelerate the oxygenation of the body. Now oxygen is essential to transform cholesterol into our precious sex hormones.

Obviously, Sports will consume too much oxygen and a lot of energy : it becomes against-productive.

Final advantage, Sport is a great outlet to relieve stress that cuts libido, can not sleep and cuddle away by ruminating stressful events of the day ...


Flee pollution to preserve your balance !

Pollutants brought by the “modern life” are all risks to your fertility.

Pesticides or some derivative of the famous plastic as bisphenol A or phthalates mimic hormones : sites receiving hormonal messages are saturated Message. The suspected link between pollutants and hormonal dependent cancers are increasingly referred. The difficulty of tracking pollutants is their ability to hide in food packaging, perfume industry, cleaning products ...

One parade : consume products of origin, So the garden or organic label !

Dress well at home !

You are online and you like to develop close-fitting clothing ? Strategic error !

As a woman cast in your underwear (slip or string), you run the risk of contamination when you move to the saddle : Cystitis is an indicator of "burning" safe for fertility as opposed to vaginitis and salpingitis which, they, may be silent and terrible consequences in ...

Well, you the man well supported in your pants or your boxer, you warm all day your scrotum ; or, sperm are stored outside the body because they do not support more than 36 ° C ! If you are not comfortable in shorts, do you choose one size larger than necessary slip.

Crush your final cigarette !

Tobacco is a sacred plant in America in the "traditional societies". It is grown "organically", smoke as it is for special occasions and offered as an offering to Mother Earth. This practice is totally different from that prevailing in the "modern societies". Thus, Here tobacco is loaded with heavy metals and often smoked compulsively : it reduces the respiratory capacity, wiping out the effects of sport, and pollutes the body from the respiratory and digestive tract.291119_i_am_smoking_a_fag

Well, the active ingredients of cannabis increases the permeability of cell membranes and allow substances "bizarre" good to go clean, which are brought by tobacco, cannabis or other sources of pollution : that is why cannabis has hallucinogenic effects. If it happens to go into the sanctuary of the brain, the best place protected from the body, at your ovaries or your testicles, it will damage ...

Do you still need to read what the "hard drugs" to your fertility ?


Do you have the right partner ?

The right partner in this phase of your life is one that does not contaminate you with STDs and use condoms without kick..

To prove, he will accept to be tested on HIV, Chlamydia, Syphilis before moving on to unprotected by condoms ... For the record, disease or sexually transmitted diseases will lead to killer diseases (AIDS and Syphilis), serious illness (Human Papillomavirus HPV, which can turn into cancer of the cervix) and finally sterilizing disease (HPV, Chlamydiae or E. coli) Following infection of the fallopian, of the uterine wall, cervical and prostate.

These tests are required before a civil marriage in France but, today, many of you skip this step and go directly to cohabitation and parenthood ...

Carefully select your method of contraception !

Here too the question of the partner may arise. Contraception is largely hormonal in France and run by women. Unfortunately, it replaces a natural cycle with a mask : how to tell if your fertility is correct when she can never speak ? How to tell if your cycle is regular, long or short, when they are little pills that give the tempo or worse when a patch, completely removes the implant ? Besides the cardiovascular dangers ...

Unfortunately hormonal contraception is about to extend to men as a form of chemical castration. For the time being, Studies are ongoing because of side effects.

Fortunately, d’autres options exist : IUD (DUI), the natural methods, spermicidal creams, vaginal caps ... Talk to your doctor !


2. Protect yourself during the design

Think of your relationship !

couple merYou want a baby with your partner. Not against him or without him. You're going to have pay attention to him.

More, you are now but a couple soon you also parents. You will move from a relationship 2 a relationship 3 : is much more complicated. You will also need your parents to return to their place of ancestors and your brothers-sisters than collateral : Your baby will go before them. The place will change each, you'll have to make room for newcomer and you may be jealous or envious of the love he will also ask the other parent in.

And if you're forced to go by using reproductive technologies, the problem is even more difficult. Before the arrival of the child, you have to give up the baby's sweet dream "home made under the duvet", baby designed nothing between you 2 and the mysteries of life. Instead, you must open the privacy of your bed and your body to a medical team, a gynecologist andrologist : you become a stallion and a filly with a battery of experts are examining the performance and expectations ... We recognize that there is humiliation in this. You dreamed of a child of you and you're in the middle of a fairground !To survive in these hostile conditions, you must keep in sight the goal : you love and you want to raise a family together. The important thing is the first condition, sine qua non : you love.

So whatever the course of the period of "test baby", remember to leave time for your marriage. Treat your privacy, desire, the love between you ... Do not sacrifice any the hope of children : the love between you is even more beautiful as it justifies the desire for children.

Keep your spirits !

No doubt you are as I was : pressed ! Our consumer society is that of instant gratification : you see an object that appeals to you, you pull out your credit card and you buy it. Or you're frustrated and you implement a strategy to quickly.

Fertility escape this mode of operation. Some get pregnant from stopping the pill (I wish), others wait a little, much, even a very long time like me (17 years ago !) Have nerves of steel and iron will is the first condition for your brain to know that baby's arrival is mandatory, that his place is ready…

You must continue to live, making plans, to take care of you and your spouse, to maintain social contact even if your friends-brothers-sisters-cousins-cousins ​​have children or during pregnancy. And each day you need to do something positive in your life to prepare for the arrival of baby : you make only positive thoughts, unrestricted, and acts that prepare you put behind his place. For example, a friend of mine started her baby at the end of the balance sheet of fertility ; pregnancy naturally came with the first IVF / ICSI ... Another cleared the future child's room, reserving the layout and decoration at the end of first quarter. A l’inverse, a "copinaute" has turned into a gym the room who could have become a nursery in her new home when she gave up to become a mother. The Bach Flowers, the prayers can help you managing emotions related to the period of your life. You can also join theassociation 4BFS who has made a specialty of helping women in this direction through positive thinking.

Eliminate thoughts related to failure also eliminates the possibility of failure : is the ABC of the Law of Attraction, positive thinking. The time is unknown, but the outcome is certain in your head : Baby is coming !


Look after your health

You already have a great lifestyle ? Good ! You offer all the chances to be quickly fertile !

You are stressed, tired, “overbookés” ? You do not have time to cook and you eat "on the run" almost anything ? You put the sport in future ? It's time to get back on track !

A "test baby" requires a liver in good shape to handle the sex hormones, good oxygenation cell to eliminate waste and promote cell division, good nutrition to provide the nutrients needed to build a new life, positive morale to make room for success and the child ... See the beginning of this article, to "preserve your fertility before thinking design" to help your situation fertile !

Escape to disease

You are full "test baby" and a epidemic rages around you ? Make prevention ! Stay away from infectious, sleep well, eat more properly left to supplement natural vitamin C to boost your immune system !

A fever is dangerous for your sperm : them that do not support well the temperatures above 36 ° C, here they are surrounded by the "temperature" of 2 at 4 ° C above normal. The consequences will affect any semen analysis performed in the following quarter.

As for you, Mrs., Your gynecologist should check your immunity to rubella at the balance sheet or balance sheet premarital fertility. Remember that the disease crosses the placenta and attack the child, causing damage. Otherwise, If you are not pregnant, in case of infectious disease, only your doctor will decide whether to take you puncture ovarienne…pills

Last point : attention to side effects drugs ! Read the notices. Remember to tell your pharmacist, physician or radiologist you are likely to be pregnant or want to be a dad. And, you, Mrs., ibuprofen flee after a painful puncture.


3. Protect your health and your unborn child

Eliminate harmful products "Reach" !

DDTDirective "Reach" of the European Union has established a list of products harmful to health and human fertility.

These are mainly from the petrochemical industry. Phthalates, Bisphenol A is the best known. These are mostly artificial mimetic hormone estrogen send the message to the body : they are called "xenoestrogens".

Some other products will also contain heavy metals such as lead and cadmium from cigarette. They accumulate in tissues, and they are often responsible for problems in the DNA duplication in the father as much as in the embryo. They cause fetal malformations making the embryo too handicapped to be viable and therefore miscarriages…


Drink Light !

The first point is to control water : fresh water, cooking water but also water, coffee, tea and herbal teas ! Early in pregnancy, the best water is water from Volvic, Spa, Mont Roucous : short mineral water with a very low "dry residue".

Of course, tap water is safe to drink under bacteriological. It is also extremely well controlled. Unfortunately, Water is a recycled product. And while cleaning wastewater, a category of pollutants is poorly eliminated : drugs. These molecules are not well fine degraded by various processes in the.

The treated water thus retains traces of drugs from different families and in particular :

  • anticancer drugs that are for an individual carcinogens
  • therefore mainly of contraceptive hormones estrogen-like.
  • pesticides provided by the runoff ...

The current prevalence of micro-penis and hypospadias in newborn boys may be closer to a maternal consumption of tap water during pregnancy, others as "xenoestrogens".

Other water pollutants pose cancer risks at all stages of life.

etoile de neigeSpring water is less than mineral water followed and generally contains more minerals than the three sources mentioned above (if you find a water source less mineralized than those three, thank you for the comments indicate.) Yet the human need to absorb the minerals already treated plants : you do not eat more stones than I ! The only exception is the thermal water used in treatment : conditions very special collection at Griffin allow the body to benefit from the minerals directly.

A l’inverse, water is used in the body to clean our cells of their waste : have you ever tried to clean your windows with muddy water ? A highly mineralized water will load the kidneys. During pregnancy, they are asked to enough that you avoid the unnecessarily tiring ...

Beware of Diseases and Vaccines

You are pregnant. Your child is being built and it is sensitive to many products. It is as fragile against certain diseases such as rubella famous. Many drugs are dangerous for him : Your doctor will be extremely careful ... He may even use homeopathy, even if the usually described, because it is one of the few products admitted to low risk in pregnancy.

But what do you know the impact of vaccines on the development of your baby ? They are "boiled" in pieces of bacteria mixed media, accelerator effect, Clearly the Conservatives ..., pieces of genetic code and chemicals ! If you need to get vaccinated, your doctor will weigh the risk / benefit before deciding or not to perform the injection. Remember to tell him that you are pregnant as it can not be seen ...

Escape the excitement and stay Zen !

Chesi - Fotos CC_thumb[2]Is your child warm, protected in your belly. He hears your voice, his father. He plays with your hand when it moves in your belly. It is against your guts, close to your heart : it is actually in the privacy of your body. It is not cut you, He is in you.

A strong emotion, great joy or frustration, will change your metabolism. The heart will beat faster, intestines jig, the voice up in the acute nervousness or down in the grave grief. Your child is at the forefront !

Baby is under construction : the embryonic brain is, while the gray cells are present in the early stem cell differentiation ; synaptic connections come especially with the experience of life outside.

This strong emotion you feel, you know the origin. He also feels the, confused, unexplained. Then, a fleeting emotion may leave an imprint, maybe not, but what an emotion sustainable, especially if it is negative ?

You will find help with Flower Essences to manage your emotions, or breathing techniques like yoga, Martial Arts, or relaxation therapy. But even the best prevention is to stay quietly at home !


And you, how do you implement prevention for your fertility ? Thank you for posting a comment in response to this article…

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Sources : This article is a summary written from my readings available in “Back to Basics”

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