“Fertility, 60 advice” Marie Borrel

This little book published on a good quality paper (hence the initial price ?) is a collection of mistakes not to make good resolutions and to implement when the desire for children is a pressing, out of or in connection with the PMA.

The humor in the writing chair of each board. The structure of the book is based on 20 strictly female advice, 20 male and 20 valid for 2 the couple ; these distinctions are sometimes a bit "far fetched".

Each part takes a little story of "scenario", Each board contains an explanatory paragraph, a box "for more information" and a summary "two words". At the end, one page takes an address book and a short bibliography.

In short, This nice little book, readable, is interesting for a first contact with the hygiene of life and care for expectant parents, or just as a reminder !


Themes advice

Family In short

The 20 advice woman

1 Food Building on the white meat, fruits and vegetables
2 Weight Being underweight is accompanied by deficiencies
3 Weight Being overweight interferes with the hormonal cycle
4 Stress Stress does not leave room for desire for children
5 Timing Identify the fertile period with the cervical mucus
6 Food Use a cooking method friendly nutrients
7 Timing Identify the fertile period with the temperature curve
8 Life Contraception previous generates deficiencies and then return to fertility is variable
9 Food Dietary supplement with vitamin B9 to better replicate DNA
10 Food Dietary supplement with vitamin B12 to better replicate DNA
11 Food Dietary supplement with B6 deficiency which appears with too much estrogen and prevents the absorption of magnesium
12 Timing Identify the fertile period of ovulation with a kit
13 Plants Herbal medicine has an effect on fertility but takes on prescription
14 Food Magnesium (which assimilation is linked to the B6) justifies a supplement to fight against stress
15 Food The acidity kills sperm and the risk of fungal infections
16 Timing Taking time to recover from a pregnancy before starting another
17 Technical Acupuncture may boost fertility, improve hormonal balance and relax the uterus
18 Technical The "pee stop" the pelvic muscle and can feel the intimate secretions to determine the fertile phase
19 Food Iron is essential during pregnancy but takes on prescription
20 Food The pro-vitamin A "beta carotene" plant should not be confused with the animal vitamin A, the "retinol"

The 20 advice man

1 Stress Be indulgent to the Olympic marathon as the sperm are
2 Weight Obesity negatively influences testosterone and libido, and in weight can decrease sperm quality and quantity
3 Food Zinc is the friend of the sperm because it is used in the spermatogenesis
4 Food Vitamin C is a major antioxidant
5 Life Biking well equipped to protect the testicles
6 Food Selenium is an antioxidant, a scavenger of heavy metals and undesirable increase in motility
7 Stress Infertility can also come from man
8 Food The Cretan diet, which housekeeping circulation promotes good irrigation testicular
9 Stress Yoga helps to stay focused on self
10 Technical Acupressure can boost energy by pressing the points of the navel, wrist and the junction tibia / fibula
11 Life Beware of "chemicals" or methyl ethyl glycol ethers that block sperm maturation
12 Life Avoid heavy metals (of cigarettes or cans of more than a year)
13 Stress Using Bach Flowers for stressing
14 Life Escape hormonal pollutants, especially phthalates (oilcloth / softening of PVC in plastic food packaging in particular oil, margarine, butter, meat / toy plastic coating)
15 Life Keep the testes cool (cool localized) and take cool showers if needed
16 Life Make the effort against a wall helps irrigate the lower body, except hypertension
17 Food Protect themselves from oxidation preserves its genetic
18 Food Eating organic pesticides to protect
19 Life Lead interferes with the sense of direction of sperm
20 Food Le Co-enzyme Q10, antioxidant, promotes sperm motility

The 20 couple of tips

1 Life Stop smoking ! For man, tobacco increases 250% oxidative damage to DNA and for Women, it decreases estrogen
2 Life Make love more often, or once daily, increases fertility
3 Technical Behave themselves, make the right position, would work better method "Alexander".
4 Technical Negative ions stimulate the endocrine system
5 Food To detoxify pollutants to drive while drinking water and eating fiber
6 Life Consulter infertility is still
7 Food Alcohol lowers testosterone levels in women and disturb chromosome separation during mitosis / meiosis
8 Timing The biological clock sets a limit fertility but varies more or less over the life
9 Life Sport regulates hormones, but the human sweat, responsible for pheromone, increases LH and therefore ovulation
10 Stress It often takes time to design
11 Timing Spring supports the design
12 Stress The desire of the unconscious child and interfere with fertility
13 Food Ginger may boost desire
14 Life Some trades are pollutants and a deficiency in antioxidants increases the damage.
15 Technical The micro physiotherapy can relieve blockages simply old massage
16 Life Getting enough sleep allows normal physiological functioning
17 Life The desire for children should not be the only cement the couple
18 Food Supplement their diet with vitamins and minerals
19 Stress Identify techniques to avoid relaxing infertility stress
20 Life The drug damages the sperm and the baby.

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  1. thank you m indicate at what frequency should I take this medicine
    lycopodium clavatum 9 ch
    gelsemium 9 ch
    tribulus terrestris

    • No idea, I am not a homeopath. You must refer to the book “Fertility, 60 advice” since it seems that the formula will be published…
      Cordially, Fabienne

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