Make a baby eating

We are what we eat ... It is obvious that it is good to remember

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, returned this assertion by stating that food should be the first drug.

But you what you eat ?

Eating the necessary fertility

To make a baby, one must have a healthy sperm and egg healthy in a supportive environment.

So the sperm must be able to survive unscathed through the center of vaginal-cervical selection. Then he will swim through the gynecological unit to the top of the tubes before kissing the egg fusionnellement, to abandon the motor apparatus and unite its genetic material to the female. The size difference between him and his sister is like a man standing in a building entrance 4 floors.

It takes energy, resistance marathon, effective fin, good homing and the ability to deploy its DNA properly.

The egg on the other hand is also moving a building. Very "yin", it leaves move by gravity and the fallopian. During the meeting with the sperm, women well, it will only open for elected ; at that time, the membrane becomes impermeable to any and, expelling the polar body, will eject its DNA too to make room for male DNA. And like many women, the egg will help if male DNA compacted to deploy to the scale and rapiècera few holes to be able to merge with him.

loveFertilization engaged, the tubes will continue to vibrate to advance the egg to the uterus kissed foster sugars where the mother's blood will bring everything needed him (and even superfluous !)

So if we summarize, it takes :

  • energy to move and merge : of carbohydrates, saturated fat
  • material to build : of protein
  • flexibility to swim, vibrate, adapt, open : vitamins and unsaturated lipids, omégas3 ...
  • antioxidants to prevent "rust that makes holes in the material"
  • pH at the right level to help the sperm and kill dangerous intruder…

And of course it all has to come from the base (future) parents in the right proportions !

Some bad examples : sterile tables

Among the deficient meals I've seen during my appointment, Here are some typical menus to avoid (I obviously caricature ...)

Menu 1

  • morning : pastries and coffee orange juice
  • noon : steak frites pastry
  • evening : quiche or pizza or flammekueche - salad - yogurt
  • daytime : nibbling cupcakes

Balance Sheet : where vitamins are ? and "good fat" ? dose of carbs / protein is there adequate ?

Menu 2

  • morning : cereals, milk, coffee with milk and orange juice
  • noon : embedded in the canteen with fatty foods and kept warm for a long time
  • evening : breaded fish / chips or pasta / ham or steak / mashed, bread / cheese, dairy dessert and / or chocolate
  • Snacking : biscuits

Balance Sheet : many foods still empty of vitamins and minerals, no antioxidants or omega 3, lipid poor quality ...

Menu 3

  • morning : nothing
  • Snacking : dried fruit, biscuits
  • noon : ham sandwich / butter / salad, coffee / cigarette
  • Snacking : beer and cupcakes
  • evening : vegetables - bread / bulgur / starch, fish or meat, vapors vegetables, pastry

Balance Sheet : too many carbohydrates, bad fats, a proportion of protein deficiency and lack of anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals ...

ustensiles de cuisine

What to put on his plate to have a baby ?

  • Good vegetables and good fruit !
  • Quality protein !
  • And the right amount of good fats and carbohydrates !
  • Fun too !
  • And of course, divide it right in the day ...

I'll tell you more when conference organized by enVie fruitful the 8 October in Paris.

(Registration with Secretary(arobase) or Estelle 06 85 11 61 70)

I will speak with Dr. Nathalie Iermann, Nutritionist. We remettrons some documents which guide available for download to members of the blog.


  1. Thank you for these menus to avoid exemplesde. You really need to prepare her body “as a sports” actually :-D. Mais pourquoi pas si on peut aider la nature 😉

    • It is the accumulation and repetition of these menus are a disaster, not an occasional deviation…
      If the food does not give us enough to live, where we find ?
      And yes, there is a fitness sports : pregnancy is a marathon followed by another race background with breastfeeding and sometimes preceded by a sprint as processing aid procreation.

  2. Thank you for this site and all power boards… j’ai 42 and I would finally put baby on the way…. delayed due to breast cancer :-(, healed but now cover…will boost the ovaries because they are poor reserve follicles…

    I also quit smoking but duuur…

    • Thank you for visiting.
      Quitting is rather easy : you stop well after each cigarette ! You are so driven…
      After what happened to you, your balanced diet is essential. You can download the guide for subscribers and a new set Paris conference in late November.

  3. Marie-Laure Lecca

    Hello and thank you for all that information. I've already been to several conferences, who are really great too ! J’ai 42 and already have had a baby, to 38 years, while all my dosages were really bad, my little active ovaries, avec andométriose … add a very poor semen in this table… From the first consulation in LDCs, before all these bad OF RESULTS exams (Recalibrated everywhere!) . Since 2 years, ALL, these problems are solved without exception !! But !! I did 5 early pregnancy with false ultra-early layer, diagnosed in LDCs (including following insemination in ideal conditions for all measurable parameters).
    It was explained to me that this is a problem of genetic, in short, at my age my ovocites are very few have all chromosomes “tidy”… From your food guide, we eat pretty well. Our follow LDCs attests that all lights are green… I do not know what to do more ? Thank you for giving me your feelings, if you've seen similar cases… I'd like to meet you in consultation… Marie Laure

  4. hello, je souhaiterai partager une recette qui m’a été donné par un herboriste à l’étranger pour booster ma fertilité; j’ai aujourd’hui 43 ans et 2 enfants à 32 ans et 39 ans et à 37 ans une fausse couche ! après des difficultés à tomber enceinte j’ai eu 3 grossesses non abouties en l’espace de 18 month. Malgré mon âge soit depuis mes 41 ans j’ai fait 3 grossesses malheureusement terminées en FC: mais je ne désespère pas c’est normal la qualité de mes ovocytes n’est plus au top et mon bilan d’infertilité moyen!
    voici les ingrédients:: du miel pur de thym bio, du pollen de fleurs, et mieux du pollen de palmier que l’on trouve facilement au maroc, de l’huile de nigelle pure + poudre de nigelle ( graine de cumin en poudre je crois) des gélules d’onagre 1ere pression à froid bio, 2 gélules de levure de bière et 1 sachet aspegic nourrisson.
    recipe: du 1er jour du cycle eu 14eme jour prendre 1cac de miel de thym +1 cac d’huile de nigelle 1 cac poudre de nigelle mélangé à 1cac de pollen de fleurs bio ou 1/4 de pollen de palmier ( très volatile).every morning + 2 gélules d’huile d’onagre 2gélules de levure de bière ( j’ajoute pour ma part l’acide folique prescrit par mon gyné) et un sachet aspegic nourrison à diluer ds 1 verre d’eau. m’a parlé de supprimer les excitants café thé et tous les sucres raffinés! c’est ce que j’ai fait et mon gyné n’en est pas revenu de mes 3 grossesses en 18 mois soit 1tous les 6 month ! je ne désespère pas, j’ai 43 ans et je continue à y croire et bien sûr l’herboriste m’a dit d’invoquer le Très Haut pour avoir un bébé: donc la recette est une part de dimension physiologique et de dimension spirituelle! s’il y avait une recette pour contrer les fc je suis preneuse! bien sûr il n’y en a pas! bonnes chances à toutes!et onne recette!

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