And tomorrow IVF ?

In vitro fertilization performed in vivo

One technique under development could bear this name so strange…

In fact a Swiss company ANECOVA has developed a capsule in which the gametes are placed recovered by the usual techniques
PMA. The capsule is then placed in the uterus of the mother during 24 hours and fertilization is the most natural in the best possible. The very thin membrane allows the exchange between the inside of the capsule and the uterus so that the embryos are actually in their natural environment.

After this period, the capsule is recovered and embryos counted.

A new transfer is, this time without capsule, to allow the establishment of a, two or three embryos while the embryos are put on hold by

The first newspaper articles were published at Christmas 2006 and the appointment of the company in November 2007 a “Technology Pioneer 2008” lets you know that these are teams
Belgian (Paul Devroey MAF-VUB), Swiss (Patrick Aebischer, EPFL you), and Spanish (Carlos Simón IVI Valencia) who conducted the first clinical studies (studies
Pre-clinical studies have been conducted on cattle.)

Initially announced for 2008, it seems that marketing is really expected in Europe
the last months of the year or early next year : just look at the job openings to realize that the recruitment of “Sales Manager” is being
in May 2008…

Ability tests embryos

The North American test
The test, developed by a team of North American McGill University Yale et, is being
development and should be released soon. Referred initially ViaTestTM-E, it allows the biochemical analysis of the culture medium in which embryos can develop a comparison
statistics with special software to identify the person or persons who will be able to locate.
Currently, the selection is made by a simple visual examination.
Its great advantage is not to be intrusive to the embryos and not to risk damaging them.

The aim is to reduce multiple births.
The marketing will be handled by Molecular Biometrics Lcc as the E-ViaTest.
Clinical trials have begun in April 2007 and it was also announced for commercialization in the second half 2008.

The European test
This test is based on Professor Henry Leese's work University of York.
A study of the amino acids present in the culture medium of embryos can also be determined by their ability to develop and reached the stage of blastocyst. Studies
Preliminary were carried out on human mammals.
Some rates correspond to an arrest of development and other damage to the blastocyst stage : the ceiling and floor rate. The range is almost identical for
different species studied, industrial application can.
By the way, this study found that the embryos could communicate with each other : a group culture provides more than blastocyst embryos by separating, much like
if there was a ripple effect, emulation or as if a good rate corrected the wrong rate of other.
Clinical studies of this test took place in Novocellus 2006, marketing should be ensured by Angletechnologies

The test of the oocytes

An announcement on 11 April 2008 at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology suggests a test to identify the presence or absence in an oocyte of a marker that predicts whether the embryo obtained with the oocyte will be able to implement and give .

The marker is involved in immune tolerance and would therefore better acceptance by the uterus of the embryo.

Here too the aim is to reduce multiple pregnancies.

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  1. Left by : domipiano le08/06/2008 à 15h59

    It always comes back to the principle of the graft,foreign body passes or breaks,implanted or not …whew,it was time,it is a great advance all that !!!!! bisou,I Eurécouilles ! Dom

    • Exactly Domi.
      That is why some doctors give the cortisone, of gamma globulin for “calmer” the immune system… réimplantent some of pronuclei on day 12 h (here prevents the embryos when they hang in an oven of the couple do not like it), or they do make bites hcg post-transfer embryos to believe that others are already established (since a hyper-stimulation does not profile…)
      Strongly that everything that happens ! It will just save time because we would be additional costs but we hope a return on investment…

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