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LogoCarnavalArticlesHere is a new article is part of a series of articles, a new "Health Carnival", the theme of ecology. This series is federated by Ludivine Blog "The order and life".

You will find on his blog, extracts and links to other contributions to the study of this topic.


Encompassed within these terms "ecology fertility fertility fertility" so well known and yet so misunderstood ?

Let's start by reviewing the dictionary definitions from Wikipedia :

  • L’ecology, more than political action environmentalist, matches the domain of reflection is to study the interactions and their consequences between an individual (isolated or social group made up), and living environment : So she studied the relationships between living things, habitat, their environment and other living things.
  • The fertility is largely the ability to produce viable offspring and abundant. This term also applies to soil and plants.
  • The fertility is the ability to reproduce a human being, especially a female.
  • The infertility characterizes the complete impossibility of reproduction, by the male, or the female, or both.

We will therefore consider the interaction between our way of life, our environment and our ability to transmit life.

Our lifestyle plays on our ability to reproduce

Once again we will talk about your lifestyle.

C’est normal : reproductive function is an "upgrade" of the individual. It can be set up if the survival of the individual is provided ; on the other hand, when the child is under construction, survival of the species takes precedence over that of the mother, and therefore, new life then all it needs in the mother's body to build.

Sterility love anorexia, bulimia and other eating disturbances

To be fertile, so you must have an adequate supply, varied and rich enough, so that your body does not strongly marked deficiency. Once again, if you are waiting, your body will struggle to survive and avoid transmitting life as it is not certain to survive in its entirety.

This is especially true for us women : current fashion for thinness tends to trigger restrictive eating behaviors particularly the Food Energy, carbohydrates and fats. Spend his life to control his power opens the door to all food excesses and all differences compulsive, in the foreground with anorexia and bulimia.

imageOr lipids, especially omega 6 and omega 3, and other unsaturated fatty acids are components of vegetable oils ! The lipid is one of the two components of the cell membrane "biphospholipidique".

Without getting a course in cell biology, I urge you just to remember that fat gives flexibility to our cells and that the "good fats" provided by the organic vegetable oils cold pressed immediately usable.

A flexible membrane allows the exchange with the environment within easy : input of nutrients, de l'Oxygène, waste outlet… Shall we go to extrapolate that in the egg, a flexible membrane to allow drilling by the sperm ? The hatching in IVF is intended to remedy the membranes tightened too easy to let the sperm ! Anyway, fat is also a component of cholesterol that will later be converted to testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. So eat fat but good, bio !

Why eat organic to improve our fertility ?

Just because certified organic food is not produced in big bang of pesticides / fungicides chemical and fertilizer minerals ! Similarly, few dishes are more reasonable in salt, sugar and bad fats, overheated that these fats are inflexible and harden our cell membranes…

Or the way conventional industrial food production will leave "traces" in our food that will be enriched in pesticides and synthetic fungicides. For our organization, these elements are not comparable, they are useless at best and resemble our sex hormones at worst. This means that in any case our "treatment plant internal", I named the liver, will be mobilized to retreat and put off those unwanted. These are toxic so the tire unnecessarily. By the way, some will have our bodies lured by their similarity to the estrogen, endocrine disruption and the chain…

Needless to say that eating organic is also an opportunity to review your diet ? If you keep the junk food habits by switching to organic, you will not make miracles, at best you will limit the damage. Pizza every day, Organic or not, not give you the power balance between carbohydrates fat protein you need to prepare a new life. What to eat and cook over high heat while, grilled or fried, destroy the vitamins most fragile ... And the sanctity microwave oven, handy, when cooked evenly is a challenge, often he deserves to be brought to recycling : too old, it is no longer watertight and leaks like a sieve ! However its action on DNA is similar to that of microwaves emitted by our mobile phones, the WiFi antennas and other : microwaves break DNA and studies highlight the harmful effects of these tools on fertility fertility and embryo.

Finally, eating organic is a militant act, yes : we want to maintain our environment of plants and animals healthy for the Earth remains in good health and pass to our children and. It reminds me of a joke I started with my colleagues in conversation at the table on pollution : "Why would I do an effort ? I have no children who leave the planet while, after me the deluge !"As luck, we are two out of forty employees to eat organic, and, to date, we have no children.


And food supplements fertility pregnancy ovulation in all this ?

We are now in trade, in stores and online, more boxes of "miracle pills" supposed to complete our power for a purpose, in this case fertility fertility or ovulation pregnancy : what to think ?

I suggest you make a very simple classification of these supplements : the chemical and organic. We can assume that what is chemical will be more difficult to assimilate the organic. For organic, our body knows how to use it as the chemical, our cells have the user manual.

For example we will find an organic extracts of plant or animal : of fish oils for omega cold sea 3, vegetable oils, leaves or powdered root.

In chemical, we Minerals, vitamins and amino acids in D and L. To explain the L and D, As life knows only the form L, chemistry also produces the form D, its mirror, will be, according to the amino acid, toxic to the liver and / or nerves and / or kidneys…

Structure de la L-Arginine Structure de la D-Arginine
L-ArginineAmino acid useful for virility : erection and semen volume (it reflects the light to the left Left - levorotatory) D-ArginineAmino acid does not exist in nature and toxic (it reflects the light in the drift to the right - clockwise)

The classification is very simple but the distinction is more complicated because ..., some chemical components will be easily extracted from plants, without changing their nature (such as vitamin E is soluble in fat), and others will be enriched with organic chemicals ("Based on natural" for example !) The danger is always to be found to ingest products that will load the liver, penetrate the filter of the kidney or poison our nerve cells : three, only the liver can regenerate itself really.

Give a recognition mode in an article like this is too hard !

I suggest you focus on plants and natural products and, if possible, plants that grow where you live, or near. We are individuals who live in a natural environment by eating living things, plants or animals : Ecology leads us to focus on what grows around us. D’ailleurs, plants in our environment are often more active for us as exotic plants - unless the property does not exist in a plant to your home, of course. Eg for vitamin C, if you are in the Caribbean : take acerola cherries ! You live in France and around the Mediterranean basin : prefer juice and sea buckthorn oil ... And let the vitamin C synthesis to your para-pharmacy.

And foremost, but really before you take anything in addition, the daily diet should be designed to provide you with what you need ! Ask here for the free guide "Vitamins and trace elements to design" ; discuss your diet with your nutritionist, your gynecologist, dietitian(not), your naturopath ... They will also guide you from dietary supplements.

Medicine is also a factor in the reproductive ecology

Until the late nineteenth century, it was important that a couple be very fruitful in order to ensure the perpetuation of the species. Lack of knowledge, the weakness of the therapeutic, l'ignorance de l'asepsis, lack of access to medical, all competed to a high infant and maternal mortality. A child must spend the first stages of life for a chance to reach adulthood. Then, barring accidents or difficult delivery, probably he would live into old age "normal."

imageBefore 1820, it happened so frequently that a woman gives birth 4 time, only 2 of her children survive, it dies after the layers of the 4th birth, her husband marries another woman (unmarried widow or already) which would also 4 to 6 children. Arrived at the age of first marriages, on these 8 to 10 children from 2 beds, there remained 4 living, whose 2 remain unmarried, no vocation for marriage, called by the priesthood, orders or simply too difficult to find a spouse with ! I made the statement many times in my genealogy amount. The fertility rate in this period was imperative to be high for the population is maintained. D’ailleurs, population growth was very low ... The company then could not sustain many more individuals.

Then came the era of technological scale, which also affected medicine. And in my genealogy, as probably in yours, women survive their coats and children reach adulthood. The most prolific couples are even having to do with birth control by separate room ! And the grandmother of my grandmother to 1880 summoned her husband not to touch it after having 21 children financially ..., physically, psychologically, they could no longer raise so many children.

Today too, medicine contributes to fertility-fertility through the development of mitigation techniques in the context of the GPA. The only limit to the opportunities seem to be ethical and legal then turn ... When it can not find how to cure, reproductive health around the problem. So, for a low sperm, there will be preparing, concentration and sperm insemination or in vitro fertilization with intracytoplasmic injection. And for blocked tubes, too damaged for surgery, IVF has been developed.

Our social interactions can occur on the fertility factors contribute to fertility and infertility

"Beware of toxic thoughts" that poison your fertility fertility !

Without robots, We have programs mental as well as we have physical and physiological programming. A simple example is the ritual that allows you inevitably going to sleep deeply or who, on the contrary, ensures a perfect clock for a day full of energy and momentum.

Set yourself to make a baby

So, if you are confident(and) you have difficulty conceiving, then you will have difficulty conceiving. Your body will arrange for that follow the direction given by your mind.

More subtly, sometimes relatives you imply that you may encounter difficulties in conceiving, at a certain stage of pregnancy or in education : according to the love and the credibility that you give them, your subconscious will do is to make them lie, is to apply the programming they have sent you.

Obviously if you are able to integrate the programs initiated by other, you are more able to set you yourself ... That is why our mothers and grandmothers always recommend "Do something else, the baby will come alone !"The obsession with procreation is as obsessed with falling asleep : just want to sleep at all costs that sleep fled ...

A type of programming will require toxic or obsessive much harder to be replaced by a positive programming in favor of birth. You'll need to use techniques of psychological, hypnosis, coaching with trained professionals.

Assume your sex to get pregnant !

Still evident, Western society blurs the differences between the sexes. But if the waters down to work and lead a new kind of division of labor at home, She does not deny the femininity or masculinity ! If you behave like the man of the couple, if you are one of those women who "wear the pants" when your spouse is subject, you probably live very well together but your fertility program-fertility is lost in the cultural references of our company acquired in childhood.

Create space for the expression of your fertility fertility

Allow time for your future child to make him want to come

When your schedule is overloaded, When you spend your life running from one appointment to another, activity (more) professional to another, where would you put the time to care for a child - whether your first or fourth ? D’ailleurs, have you ever have time to take care of your partner ? Or you pass on to the rhythm of "metro-boulot-dodo-tomb" ?

imageI remember well a patient during my last puncture. She was in the middle of the corridor camisole at 10:30 am in the process of asking when would turn, ranting because it was not anesthetized (She had planned a general anesthetic) : she had a meeting inevitable 14h and it was out of question to be late or absent ! The nurse and I had talked about : the verdict was a foregone conclusion. The poor ... If it had not been the ability to take the time to conceive, how could she later hatching and rearing ?

Your brain knows if you are already "overwhelmed(and)-full-overbooké(and)"You can not add a child to your schedule. D’ailleurs, While some couples explode after childbirth, sometimes it's also because the child took the time previously devoted to the father, which will console himself elsewhere ... I've seen with childhood friends of my husband.

This is why time I opted to publish only 1 to 2 articles a month since each item wonder 6 to 10 hours !

Prepare for him a place

And housing ? Or sit baby when he has left the nest the mother's womb ? In the hallway between the dressing room and bathroom, in the living room between the sofa and the table, in your room with you, in the room with his older brother, or in a room just for him ?

imageOf course some babies fall from the sky as if the stork had dropped by mistake and will arrive any circumstances and local geography.

But everyone is not so rude ! And if you invite friends in a yard, it must be really true friends, close and a little bohemian for a chance to see them one day – or they came to help transform the site into housing ...

Brief, if you plan to "store your baby" among the boxes, the hall or stay, it is clear that your brain will receive the information that you have no room for him, it will clutter, it is too. And if your brain engram this program, it will immediately be reflected in your program and fertile in your body will become resistant to reproduction.

Preparing a child's room or reserve a space for the nursery is a psycho-magic act strong : your partner and you are up to the fertility-fertility in your home. Have you ever looked at it that way ?

Adults return to their role as "big" for the child to be "small"

Expecting a child, perhaps literally or just in a symbolic meaning ... Are you sure(and) not already have one who holds this position ? The usual joke is that the husband is a "big kid" but in the expression, you will notice the "big" !

Sometimes in a couple, one partner acts as the parent of the other, which then becomes a child - often spoiled elsewhere. Often still, the spouse child was a child somewhat neglected by his parents, compete with other children , or it has remained immature and continues to be mothered in common life ... so I remember my grandmother who was leading her second husband by the nose and make him his every whim : it would 12 years, it would not have behaved otherwise ! But in their defense, They were married after their fertile period and both had a very stressful widowhood…

Sometimes, Instead of the child is taken by a brother or sister who will ask so much attention, energy to assist, educate them that are no more steps for "getting pregnant pregnancy" ... Remember the song of Celine Hugues Aufrey where even room for a "nice boyfriend" was taken : "Tell me Celine, the years have gone, why did you ever think about getting married, all my sisters who lived here you're the one without a husband ... "

Finally, place can be occupied by a parent : it centralizes all the attention, you have to be very caring, Clearly assist ..., must be the parent of its parent ! If this can be understood in end of life, 3-4th at age, and even should be implemented as part of family solidarity between generations of parents who have played their role well, it is totally inappropriate when parents are relatively young and relatively healthy ! Each place : they are big and small you.

Obviously here, we do not address family relationships twisted totally opposed to a healthy ecology in our human relationships. Relations "normal" let us all have to heal wounds, Needless to say, the others will require ongoing care to allow to assume a parental role.

A good technique to understand the interactions not visible in our families is that of "Family Constellations" developed by Bert Hellinger, I speak to you again soon.

In conclusion

I invite you to reflect on your ecology of fertility fertility fertility !

For my part, I know that my problem is now that of space-time : little homemaker, I am a hyper-active and professional bad rangeuse !
I worked a lot and already solved other bad programs and bad habits ... My husband shares this problem of space-time and still has a few improvements to his lifestyle, but for him, both intersect.
So I have to limit my on-activity to leave me time "relaxation"And rid the" little room ".


And you ?

What actions will you implement to improve your fertility after this article ? Write them below for you now "engage" !

To go further :

On the psychological aspect, I offer two readings to reflect on your ecology of fertility-sterility-fertility :

      • my article "Reflections on the psychology of fertility
      • and a book "The locks of fertility unconscious" on the roles, written by a psychoanalyst in service of assisted reproduction medicalized. Over the many stories she tells, you will see couples caricatures highlight the various locks that blocks fertility-fertility. This book opens doors to understanding the psychological mechanisms that lead to infertility… (If you want to buy it, you will help me maintain this blog using the link below)

The action of microwave, magnetic fields and microwave frequencies : you can read my article "Image quality and seminal"Who speaks and also visit a inspection body scientific.

And of course to think about your diet, ask following the free guide "Vitamins and trace the design" !

Photo credits : "Trampoline Springs" by Photography_Gal, Organic gardening in Munich - Schwabing, Arginine on Wikipedia, "The Family Tree, The Family tree Oil on Canvas "by creative location, "Clock suspended" by zigazou76, "Villandry" by Sergio Photo, "A Mademoiselle" the JL62

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  1. Thank you and bravo, Fabienne, for this article, and deep commitment. I like your approach to the subject of fertility and to liaise with the ecology… I passed the age of fertility within the meaning of the word, but I can tell you that with my two children, adopted due to infertility (but was it the root cause ? like, I will make an article one of these days), I show fertility educational and obsessively green. I want to convey respect for the earth and those who inhabit it and that's a whole program…

    • Hi Bernadette,

      I confess that when I was about ecology I thought more about our planet and suffering…
      But it's true that we are bound to our home and our neighbors more than we think : interactions we need to be taken into account.

      As you say so, fertility is also an act of the mind : raising children, you convey to them your way of being, you give them references on which to grow, think and live.
      It is also important that a genetic makeup that determines only part of the evolution of body.


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