Determine fertile periods by the Billings method

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"Development there 40 years ago by Australian doctors, Billings method is a method of knowledge and control of fertility by observing the natural rhythms of female cycle.


It is invaluable for couples who wish to postpone or choose when planning a pregnancy, but it makes many services to fertile couples hypo or struggle to have children.

The woman learns to identify and assess the cervical mucus that flows naturally from the cervix to the vulva during the fertile period ; Women can then locate the beginning and the end of his fertile period lasts an average of 2 days to more than one week (with all possible exceptions), and so the couple can choose the best time to have a union.

The couple notes every night observations of women on a board with color symbols, allowing it to properly monitor the progress of the cycle ; so, every day, Women can say : “I'm infertile” or “I am potentially fruitful”. Often, the discovery potential of the fertile woman unlocks situations of unexplained infertility.

Learning the Billings method is simple and fast, but it must be done with a home monitor approved by the Billings Centre France, This guarantees a serious and comprehensive training. Teaching is provided voluntarily.

Contact information monitors in homes near you by visiting the website of Billings France section “regional contacts”.

I would add that the Billings method is a simple to implement and free ; it requires just observe daily changes in body, even when it has understood the method, even after several years of practice, and until menopause..

It can be used by all premenopausal women, even in peri-menopause or breastfeeding, it is regular or irregular cycles..

The information available on the website will help you understand the basics of this method, if your spouse is totally recalcitrant to engage in dialogue on this topic (teaching).

However only the training on an individual basis by a couple of monitors will bring you the tricks and explanations to derive the full benefit.

This training will allow you to torque (re)engage your fertility and your desire for children. Note that the extreme, great shame if one of the spouses, training can be followed by a single member of the couple.

Rating 2 never 2009 : see also Article “Billings, Symptothermie, natural methods of fertility monitoring” that explains these techniques…

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  1. hello,

    I started a temperature curve for the first time this month, and no luck I have a cold large ! can you tell me if this would invalidate my curve ? where I peak and I'm only on Day 9 (here 36.3 and this morning 37) What do you think ? I'm having some trouble understanding if ovulation has occurred or will occur ?
    thank you again for this site

    • Hello,
      What can really distort, it is the fever…
      Better temperature correlate with other indices such as the position and cervical mucus to be sure of the presence of ovulation.
      Soon, Fabienne

  2. I have ovulated on day 14 things seem to regulate, it is not for this cycle but I keep morale and we start to believe for the month of March (Saint Joseph will give us a little boost !)

  3. Hello , I come Towards You as I heard about your site , and I would like to know more. Thanks in advance to inform me more.

  4. Hi Fabienne

    For info oiens the section above on the billings method does not work ……..

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