Overcome the fear of birth and aim orgasmic birth ! (Part I)

"You will give birth in pain !”

The first time I heard of orgasmic birth, I did not understand, or rather I thought I had misheard. Fortunately, I was training on Symptothermal cycle monitoring, in full confidence.

Like all nulliparous (that's how the medical world calls women who have never given birth), I heard many stories Birth without putting on reality.

The problem with these stories is that they can be so scared in some they can cause a lock sterility. If giving birth is so dangerous, so excruciatingly painful, so better become sterile, adopt (a child or even a dog) and let others take the risks.

Let's explore the subject of myth, of reality and a hidden truth ...


Yes ?

Small review of urban legends delivery

(sensitive soul, nulliparous rocked sweet illusions : skip to the next track !)

Mes Amies, like the women in my family, I have all talked about pain : Given my reality nulliparous, it looks like a finger to pull without anesthesia ! (Ca is heard in a Terminal comparison.) Some say they have heaped insults their husbands for having put speakers uttering words they do not even think about, have him out of the delivery room under the invectives.

Others speak of endless waiting, taking cold be immobilized (one brought her knitting ...) shaken or cramps masterful… in calves !

In these stories, the pain is accompanied if possible bloodshed and placenta due out long after the baby finally signing issue. Poetically, a friend had compared to a huge veal liver and explained to me the uterus where her gynecologist was foraging party looking for missing pieces that could infect ...

Ah oui, there are also more or less strong uterine bleeding. A friend told me she sat on a pile of towels during 10 days because no protection was not enough and being on the edge of the stunning all time. A cousin of my husband is dead even before transfusion, Missed hours in the delivery room, lack of care (a Tribunal le Juge !)

And the work that lasts for hours and hours or not fire ! As my grandmother telling the doctor had jumped on his stomach to make the baby out (it is forbidden, worry.) Myself, I was born on appointment : 3 weeks later convinced the obstetrician (obstetrician gynecologist) Mom put on a drip of who knows what to induce labor. I even heard of contractions during 24 hours in some women.

Last happiness : the uterus which takes place ! Specific contractions that accompany this process are the sweet name of blades ...


Oui et names !

Let's be serious : nature is made, détricotons legends parturition ...

Back on the terrible pain.

In the West and in particular in France, women giving birth at home to a small fifties. She was assisted by "matrons", neighboring often, Women who experience this particular support, who could keep a cool head (My maternal great grandmother was ...) The midwife or family doctor had if there was a risk, if midwives could not afford. The birth took place between women and they did what was best to do.

From the time of Louis XIV, the position of the birth became elongated. It was not that the mother is more comfortable, not : it was better for the practitioner on the process that took place ! Or the king who had "get an eyeful" (for the king, I do not know if it's still a legend, but for the comfort of the practitioner, sure ... )

The disadvantage of the recumbent position is that it blocks the lower back. Or at birth, ligaments are extremely relaxed by hormones and bones of the sacrum and pelvis will have enough slack to let baby go. But if the mother is lying, the process can not be properly.

Aujourd’hui, more rooms birth no longer a bed of classic birth but a kind of chair to get help from natural gravity. Care teams can afford to pay more attention to the physiological aspect as the security aspect is organized. De là, it is more easily accepted that a woman runs, walking during labor there has 20 or 40 years.

A study by the National College of French Gynecologists and Obstetricians even occurred in 2008 to study the differences between the squatting position (intuitive), seat, supine (offending) or side (recommended after delivery.)

Talking insults and other hazards at work

If the couple is experiencing tensions related to the arrival of the baby, with such a significant imbalance in the child's desire, a disengagement of the, it is normal that development comes a day or another !

Or l'ocytocine, the famous hormone delivery, puts women in a daze, an altered state of consciousness as can hypnosis. It is then connected in instinctive fashion, it is the center of emotional control and animal takes orders (at least temporarily) and she says she has the heart without even realizing it and without taking precautions.

Well, the notion of time is completely distorted in this particular state of consciousness. A bit like the minutes become endless when waiting, except that here it is the opposite.

Of course, some babies arrive after term : often there is a good objective reason for this timeout. Some cord tied around the neck, others come after treatment to help "keep the pregnancy" (as progesterone injections) or in a mother terrorized by urban legends ! (cf. supra)


This is not a bloodbath and the placenta becomes useless !

You think your rules are already Niagara Falls and the birth is worse ? To objectify, I inform you that for the majority of women bleeding correspond to approximately 25 ml of de. C’est 1/10 glass mustard !

Pregnancy has been in the home of another being inside a living. Why it takes 1 liter of extra blood to feed oxygen and nutrients. And placenta is the specific body set up by the baby for this mission. Once baby in your arms, while it is no longer necessary to be.

The placenta should be removed in its entirety : the famous "puerperal fever" that once carried the mothers were due to infections caused by a piece of placenta is not eliminated. Caregivers therefore ensure that it is completely expelled when issuing.

As for bleeding, they logically accompany the placenta and will continue while the uterus will return to its original size and position. They usually last 6 weeks (they are called "lochia"), This leaves time to phase out redundant. Once, women celebrated the end with "relevailles" the 40th day after birth up solemnly in church.

The uterus return more quickly when breastfeeding : sucking milk secretion and generates leads at the same time specific uterine contractions that put in place. The woman feels but it is mostly focused on the child within and feel can be rude and not necessarily painful ...

Not !

Orgasmic birth : when the joy of birth is also physiological ...

A source of a new urban legend ?

I'll talk about in a future article !



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