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This non commercial site is designed as a resource place où vous trouverez des informations et des explications sur le mode de fonctionnement de la fertilité fécondité pour être enceinte rapidement à 25 years, to 35 ans ou à 40 years.
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Another useful item to start is when I "tested for you" products, books and therapies. Again this is to save you time by allowing you to bring an informed choice.


For the more curious and inquisitive, you have many articles on the functioning of fertility and the functioning of therapies : from my first blog, you will find them in the "Fertility, LDCs and Bio ". This section will interest you if you like to understand. Its development is learning that I did and now brings me to the naturopathic. In the same spirit, you also have the heading of “Definitions”.

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  1. Hello, I can not get the password to read the articles. thank you

    • Hello,
      Some pages are reserved for members.
      The access code sent by mail must be entered as is, en respectant TOUT : capital, space, punctuation (copy / paste is the best method…)
      Happy surfing ! 😉

  2. Hello,
    J lost my password…
    Could I return vs.?
    In advance thank you

  3. Hello
    I came across this site while surfing to find out about homeopathy because I am pma two years I have 28 years and my teddy 32 for exactly 3 year we try no problem neither in one nor in the other. This site seems to me great and full of good tips.

  4. Hello all
    I came across your blog pax chance because I seek ways to get pregnant. I have a lazy ovary (the doctors say polikystiques ovary syndrome) and I wish I had little more natural and more of the drugs prescribed by doctors. so if you could give me some advice on natural substances to take to boost my fertility I would be very grateful.

    • Hello,
      The first thing to do is check your diet and your environment. Here may already be miracles !
      In terms of natural substances, they are not necessarily compatible with medication…
      Cordially, Fabienne

  5. PS: Fabienne expensive I find your site great and what you do for your fellow remarkable.

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