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Concern about the disease 10 % to 15 % women and is a leading cause of female infertility.

It consists of the migration to different parts of the abdomen of endometrial cells : located outside the uterine cavity, it will continue to monitor the menstrual cycle causing pain and blood bags. In severe cases, cells migrate to the kidney : the blood can no longer flow through natural means, pocket will be created. The surgery will be inevitable.

Several hypotheses exist about the origin of endometriosis

  • too much estrogen,
  • too much stress,
  • nutritional deficiencies (or poor quality nutrients chosen),
  • a monthly flow backwards into the fallopian,
  • weak pelvic making them vulnerable to infections such as candidiasis…
  • the addition of more of these factors ?

According to traditional Chinese medicine, it would be caused by a blockage, stagnation of energy flow in the body… related to bladder meridian.

L’acupuncture (or techniques of acupressure – shiatsu or reflexology) could thus help improve the situation.

Similarly urine therapy could “reset the biological”. This therapy, however, requires some care of implementation, preferably through the way homeopathic iso therapy

Finally, proponents of biological decoding, which have the merit of the causes of psychosomatic illnesses even if their procedure may leave wondering if doubtful, speculates that the uterus, where the construction of motherhood, is the domain of women. In the case of endometriosis, the “nest”, home is elsewhere : would cause a problem area (with the husband, the mother, one person playing these roles symbolically…)

Some measures of lifestyle and nutrition can be recommended. A scientific study published in March 2010 Human Reproduction without also appears to establish a link between the quality of fat intake and the risk of developing endometriosis.

Strategies for healthy living

Balancing the level of estrogen with

  1. more fiber
  2. bitter foods to help the intestines (chicory, radicchio, cabbage, cauliflower, Broco, turnips… )
  3. less saturated fat, meat, dairy
  4. less sugar, chocolate, caffeine, alcohol,
  5. more foods rich in phytoestrogens (alfalfa, parsley, pulses, fennel) that will "fool" the physiological sensors of estrogen by occupying the place.

All these foods help the kidneys to remove the estrogen…

Reduce inflammation by

  1. eating fruits rich in vit C and bioflavonoids (pulp and inner skin of citrus fruits), grapes with beautiful, bays
  2. take daily lives and mineral supplements : A-C-E zinc, magnesium and selenium
  3. take daily omega of AGE 3 and evening primrose oil (3 to 6 capsules / day of evening primrose, here also regulates estrogen !)
  4. avoid hydrogenated oils including margarine.
  5. regular physical activity but not tiring during menstruation.

These elements are the same as those recommended in LDCs…

(Main source : Zita West)

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You suffer from endometriosis ? A question, reaction, testimony : You have the floor below !

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  1. Hello,
    J ai 23 years and now I'm desperate
    J have always had extremely painful with rules 3-4 days per month of respite
    But here overnight, s is the pain never stopped
    When we speak, this is exactly 2 years I sulfur non stop 7/7jrs 24/24h. I'm exhausted, I am under continuous luthenil, it's going to 1 that year and I take nothing at all
    The pain is the same, doctors can not go further in their diagnosis because I'm still a virgin. J did the MRI, ultrasound, to tell me that they are not but that there is a suspicion of endometriosis. I am confident in j, d in all symptoms have unfortunately
    Pain in intestines, pain with urination, and above what I waste life, this horrible lower abdominal pain that never stops s
    I do not know what to do or who to contact m. My doctor told me that the only solution would be the morphine but I do not want to get the, I wish that I was healed and that it relieves me.

    J I need your help, No this is not a life

    Thank you

    • Hello,
      You general guidance in this article that can already help you.
      I suggest you go privately via the contact form available on the “about”.
      Cordially, Fabienne

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